1) Atheists aren’t brainwashed because we aren’t delusioned into believing in things without evidence.

2) Not believing in something without evidence is not brainwashing. That’s called “common sense, or not being gullible”.

3) Atheists don’t have to believe in any certain thing to be true, they just know religion and God are not true, or agnostically see God as unrealistic.

-They’re open to aliens, or evolution
-They’re open to the big bang theory, but could care less if it was another cosmological model
-Abiogenesis could be from meteors, or primordial soup

4) If someone becomes an Atheist at some point it isn’t brainwashing, but a rationalization.

5) Such factors that cause people to have a “rationalization”:

a) The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old

b) Evolution is PROVEN real:

– Fossils
– Old bones

c) The bible is:

-historically untrue
-unneccessary in peoples lives
-a scam

d) There is no reason to believe that an afterlife is anything but a fabrication because:

-People are afraid of their own mortality.
-They can’t mentally deal with reality of death (their own life, lost loved ones)
-Making up stories of an afterlife are the perfect way to take advantage of exploiting these fears and manipulating people.
-The concept of “hell” is ridiculous.

e) The bible, book of mormon and the koran all have the following:

-The same unproven supernatural
-None of these religions are any more reliable, or believable than the other.

As shown:


f) Even if there were a God, there is no reason to believe it would care, or be anything like as depicted in any religion.

g) The concept of “The devil” is nonsensical, contradictory, unproven and obviously something made up to put fear into people.


h) That religious people are observed denying evidence and ignoring reason.

i) Religious leaders are observed saying things like:
-All you need is faith
-Reason is a whore
-Reason is the enemy
-The bible is all the proof you need
-You know God exists
-Doubting your faith is a sin

All the above here in “i)” are obviously logic defying statements which make no sense and merely tell people to not doubt, or think, or you will realize that your religion makes no sense, is not real and is a scam.