Religion AND belief in god are nothing more than brainwashing. I am writing this article to explain and reason several points to SHOW this and I challenge religious believers to prove otherwise.

These are my observations as someone who was extremely brainwashed to religion til 14 years old and has over 30 years experience observing religious brainwashing and how it works.


– There is no proof of any religion being true.

a) No solid evidence

b) No conclusive proof of any supernatural entity in any religion being true, nothing.

c) Hearsay is not evidence when it’s over a 1000 years ago with no historically accurate evidence of video visual, or reliable testimoney.

d) How could any reasonable, logical thinking person still believe in that religion unless they are BRAINWASHED to it!!!


-What is brainwashing?

a) Well simply put, it is when someone has been programmed without their knowledge to only think and accept a reality and way of thinking that isn’t their own.

b) Like if someone was raised to hate black people and grew up doing so, but if raised differently by someone else and a different social interaction, then would co-exist peacefully, with no hate, or feeling any difference as a human being towards them.

– The second example of non-hatred of the above hypothetical scenerio is of course the normal way of thinking, as all people are equal and all people open to thinking and behaving the same way and have the same potential of capabilities.

– To actually teach someone to hate, feel superior to, or fear someone who is in every way an equal human being to them, can ONLY be described as brainwashing.

– Being raised to believe that gays, Atheists, different religions and people who enjoy sex freely, are evil, or worthy of death sentences can ONLY be described as BRAINWASHING.


-Religious people cannot deny that brainwashing exists. There are examples of it everywhere that they can’t deny.

a) A christian religious person can’t deny that muslim suicide bombings are brainwashing and that muslim women raised to believe they are inferior and sub-ordinate are brainwashing.

b) Just like a muslim can’t deny that a christian thinking Jesus is god, or the son of god is brainwashing. It sounds ridiculous to them.


– If religious people are shown evidence that their religion is not true, they refuse to accept the evidence.

a) If they are shown solid proof and evidence and still say there is no truth, or evidence then that is nothing but denial.

b) What else could that be? That IS brainwashing!


-If religious people are unable to find any fault in their entire religion, or their god then that is definitely brainwashing.

a) They are unable to find fault in contradiction after contradiction in their religion.

b) They can’t see that their religions have evil acts and displays of human atrocities, even though Atheists clearly show them the bible quotes, then that IS brainwashing!


-Science explains everything relevant yet religious people refuse to accept:

a) Evolution, even though it’s proven through DNA analysis, fossils and modern examples.

b) The big bang even though it’s evidenced with the Hubble telescope.

c) Panspermia and abiogenesis, even though it’s been documented and proven.

d) Astronomy, which shows that there are many Earthlike planets all over the universe and that Earth and humans are not as special as they’d like to think.

e) Chemistry which shows how the elements work and how they combine to make compounds which show everything around us and carbon dating and other methods to show that Earth really is billions of years old.

f) Biology which shows that only science heals and cures not religion.

Yet factual, proven, documented facts are irrelevant to religious people because their brains have been rewired to only accept the false realities that they have been programmed to believe without them even being aware.


-If someone is brainwashed, the person does not know they are brainwashed.

a) The same brainwashing that infects the minds of the brainwashed people, is what prevents them from becoming unbrainwashed.

b) An example would be someone who is a thief for a living.
– The person doesn’t know how to live without stealing to survive.
– The theft as a way of existing and surviving and any other way of living is unthinkable.
– The stealing lifestyle prevents the person from not stealing OR knowing any better
– It has become their way of thinking and they have dismissed all arguments in their mind that what they are doing is their version of “wrong”.


-Religious people can’t deny that religious indoctrination and upbringing are brainwashing.

a) They are telling the child not only WHAT to think, but HOW to think regarding THEIR religion.

b) Through repeated upbringing of what to think and forcing attitudes and fears into kids, they are programmed into a routine way of thinking and taught to disgard facts and to fear hell and think that they will go to heaven.

c) If someone is given a religion from their families, religious people need to see that it is no coincidence that they believe the same religion as their families. It is simple geography.

d) Examples:
– The christian bible belt in the United States has no muslims in it
-Iran has no christians because it is a death sentence to not be a muslim there

Who goes to hell and who is angering Yahweh, or Allah?


-People do brainwash themselves also.

a) They constantly feed their own delusions about God by willingly accepting absurd evidence supporting their beliefs

b) While at the same time disregarding, or ignoring real evidence of scientific contradictions to what religious people believe and real factual evidence debunking their religion as fraud.

10) Why someone would brainwash themselves:

a) They fear dying and the end of their existence is too much to take, so they have to convince themselves they can achieve immortality by worshipping a god and in desperation envelope themselves in that particular religion out of fear.

b) They simply fall for the fact that their religion is so common and the majority way of thinking in society and see that “so many people could not be wrong”. They keep telling themselves this over and over in their head.

c) They are just weak and can’t get through life on their own.

– The person then creates an “omnipotent imaginary friend” who acts as a sort of “sponsor” for them.
– This imaginary friend they have which they call “god” tells them everything they want to hear.
– They are basically praising themselves.
– They act in a certain behavior which is the combination of a child behaving for a parent to get what it wants and low level subordinates of sadistic crime boss that they fear.


-Religious people think they can say that “Atheists are brainwashed too”:

a) Then please explain HOW an Atheist is brainwashed to not believing the same 2999 gods that religious people don’t believe in except for the one god, or gods of that specific belief the religious person has.

b) If religious people try to say that Atheists are brainwashed to NOT believe in gods by scientifically explained evidence that has been verified, studied and proven, then how are religious people NOT brainwashed by something that has no explanation, no evidence and proven not to even be true?

c) There’s no evidence of anything in the bible being true, or supernaturally true.
– There are many examples showing God to be nothing but a psychopath and a narcissist in the bible. Christians still say how loving god is though.

On these brainwashing points I say that the evidence speaks for itself.

As shown:

Atheism is reality!

Belief in gods and religions is brainwashing and delusion.