Let’s really put this into perspective shall we?

So religious parents! You don’t consider what you’re doing to your kids indoctrination, or brainwashing?

Indoctrinating children to religion is wrong. This article is put together to tell parents not only WHY it’s wrong, but to show you that what you are doing IS indoctrination and brainwashing.

1) Maybe you don’t know what indoctrination is.

a)) -Websters online dictionary says this:

“1 : to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments : teach 2 : to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle

b)) -Wikipedia says this:

“Indoctrination is the process of inculcating ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology (see doctrine).[1] It is often distinguished from education by the fact that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned.[2] As such the term may be used pejoratively, often in the context of education, political opinions, theology or religious dogma. The term is closely linked to socialization; in common discourse, indoctrination is often associated with negative connotations, while socialization refers to cultural or educational learning.”

It also has a section called “religious indoctrination” do feel free to read that on your own.


c))-The simplest way in my own words to explain indoctrination, is harsh sounding but the actual bottom line truth:

“Training kids to only accept YOUR opinions, to manipulate their thinking by trusting you and forcefeeding them to only think a certain way and NEVER question it! To rewire their brain and reject all logic that might contradict THAT way of thinking!”

2) So you don’t see how your child is indoctrinated? You don’t see how it’s a problem raising a kid to believe your beliefs as they are the “right thing to do”?

Well let’s go over some examples with kids who’s parents think just like you do.

a)) Muslim suicide martyrs!

(1)- Young boys and girls brought up to believe that their number one goal in life is to die for Allah so they get into heaven.

(2)- Do all muslims do this? Of course not. Does it happen though to millions of children in some places of the world right now as we speak. Of course it does and you’re delusional to think it doesn’t.

Here’s a short little example:

In case you thought the above video was not real:


This short video is real also:

(3)- Do the above childrens parents think they are indoctrinating their kids? Maybe some. We can only assume though that the childrens parents were taught this mentality by their parents.

(4)- If every child grows up thinking in this mentality and has at Least 3 children of their own, well that’s a lot of people willing to die as Martyrs to get into heaven.

b))-Faith healing victims

(1)- Parents decide that their belief is enough to heal their childrens ailments thinking that they have a sense of “magic powers” that will look after them.

(2)- As an Atheist, or just a living, breathing, healthy, full-grown adult, I think about how angry I would be at my parents if I died knowing that I died because of their stupidity!

(3)- I would of course say to them “don’t pray for me! Call me an ambulance, or get me to the hospital RIGHT NOW!”

(4)- Kids do not have this option because they are taught not to know any better.

(5)- Kids of faith healing parents are taught that everything is going to be just fine. That medicine, doctors and hospitals are unnecessary and all they need is prayer and “god’s love” and “magic”.

Here is a story regarding a 1998 study they did BACK THEN in 1998 and had 172 recorded child deaths. Imagine how many deaths have been since:


And this clip of a faith healing couple who lost TWO kids because of faith healing:

I only hope their SEVEN other kids learn from this and know to go to specialists. Unless of course they don’t and they kill their children cause they refused medical treatment also.

(6)- Most likely they will not learn, just like their parents did not learn. The indoctrination and rejection of logic runs too deep.

(7)- Indoctrination as demonstrated in the above clip has caused permanent mental scarring on the parents where they were unable to learn and killed more than one kid because that is what indoctrination does.

(8)- A demonstration AGAIN that indoctrination impairs thinking in general.

c))-Racism and hatred

WOW! That’s a big one. Let’s take some time to list a few of the big ones.

[1]- Hatred of homosexuals

[a]- Quite common all over the world due to religious beliefs.

[b]- Some countries make being gay a death penalty.

[c]- Some religious people reading this sentence right now will NOT have a problem with the sentence above this one because of indoctrination.

[d]- Being gay is not a choice and people cannot help the fact that they are gay and if god didn’t want people to be gay then it wouldn’t have made them that way. (Using logic)

[e]- Hating gay people makes no sense and they are who they are.

[f]- Hating gays and wishing them death because they think that god wants them to be that way, only makes the person hating the gay people a bigot and PROVES they are indoctrinated.

Please tell me HOW these people aren’t the way they are because of brainwashing:

Here is a story of men who tried so hard to cover up being gay that they were actually HUGE anti-gay supporters:


[g]- Evidence that if someone is gay that it isn’t a choice. It’s only something that can be covered up and hidden. They can be bi-sexual, but they’re not gonna be NOT gay.

[h]- Even though I am an Atheist, let’s set the fact aside that I don’t believe in God in the slightest possible bit, but let’s just state the fact that I’m a free thinker who doesn’t hate anyone based on nationality, or their sexual preference.

[i] An Atheist, an agnostic, or even a deist (someone who believes god made the universe, but that’s it, no religion, or afterlife) will raise a child to know right from wrong, not because a religion set rules of what to think, but to think for themselves.

[j]- A free thinker is accountable for themselves and their own choices and decisions and if the freethinker chooses to hate someone, then the freethinker will at least have a reason, not because a religion says to, or because of how someone is born.

d))- Hating nationalities and bloodlines

[1]- Anti-semitism is ridiculous yet people seriously hate Jewish people because they believe that people in their bloodline killed god’s son, who never (according to the story) died anyway.

[2]- The hatred of Jews by hitler and the nazi’s in World War 2 killed millions and to have this mentality because of a simple bloodline someone has is ridiculous, evil and has no hint of making sense.

[3]- If someone never knew their parents, or even if they did know the parents, yet one, or both parents committed a horrible, evil crime, what logical reason would there be to hate their kid? The kid is innocent.

[4]- Indoctrinating kids to believe such nonsense and convincing them that they should be hateful and even kill, can ONLY be described as evil. To convince them because of their bloodline is defying logic which is the problem of indoctrination. Children are mentally trained to NOT use logic.

3) Seeing these examples, how can anyone now trust their thinking about their own religion?

a))- By being unable to grasp the above question as a simple question of logic, but instead read it as a personal attack, you have just proved that you yourself are indoctrinated.

b))- If someone is indoctrinated to religion then I highly doubt that me telling them in this article will change their thinking and make them not be religious anymore, but that wasn’t the point.

c))- The point was to show the harms of indoctrination and that being a freethinker is the far better option.

d))- Why is it that parents don’t introduce religion to them when they are 18, 17, or even 16?

e))- If the answers to the above question in your heads is:

“Then they might/won’t believe my religion”


“They won’t grow up to be a good person, or the person I wanted them to be”

Then you’ve just proved 2 things…

[1] That you yourself know that religious belief is only brainwashing and that is the only reason you, or they believe it. That IS indoctrination.

[2] That you are indoctrinated to think that anyone who isn’t religious is a bad person.

f))- Think to yourself if you were isolated from the outside world (for whatever reason) but still had a general education, a life similar to your own, but not introduced to the concept of God, or whatever religion you presently believe in real life) til you were 18 years old.

g))- Would you question the belief?

h))- Would you ask why whoever told you about God and that religion believed it to be true?

i))- What if they presented you islam, or hindu, or buddhism, scientology, or whatever religion you don’t practice instead? Would you believe that as an adult who never heard of, or thought of gods, or religions before?

j))- If your answer to the above question is “yes” (the religion you believe in in real life) would make sense, you believe it and the other religions you would not, then you’re not being honest with yourself and that is more proof that you are indoctrinated and brainwashed.

4) One of the worst parts about indoctrination is what the indoctrination does in general to the mind and way of thinking.

a))- What is called “faith” in God means believing something without evidence.

b))- Training kids through repetition and other methods to NOT question “faith” is also a way to teach kids to not question other things in life.

c))- If your argument for your faith is:

[1] God had to have made everything (I don’t agree for many reasons, but okay).

[2] Evolution can’t be real. Things can’t just form by themselves into other things like monkeys into humans (okay, again I don’t agree on this and have seen research and scientific opinions that state otherwise, but that is your view)

e))- Someone who ONLY believes [1] and [2] is called a “deist” as mentioned earlier.

f))- A deist isn’t an Atheist, or an agnostic, or even someone who has a religion.

g))- A deist simply has an opinion of the above mentioned [1] and [2], nothing else. Something that really isn’t from indoctrination, but not impossible to be a belief that is indoctrinated to.

h))- Looking at [1] and [2] by themselves however are harmless little ways of filling in the blanks.

i))- [1] and [2] by themselves do not involve wars, or hatred, or silly rules, like how to dress, or eat.

j))- Does deism have side effects of scarring thinking? Only when it comes to being lazy maybe and training people to simply not do research, but not other than that.

So where does the indoctrination start with religion as opposed to deism?

k))- Of course you know the answer to that would be the specific history of religions which would be given by the parent(s).

l))- The history of religions of course has a supernatural background of no evidence to support.

m))- The indoctrination involves conditioning the mind to have a codependence to a certain way of thinking.

n))- The certain way of codependent thinking mentioned involves usually an afterlife and an unacceptance that simply living and dying are all there is.

o))- Being mentally conditioned to not be able to deal with the concept of REALLY dying makes being trapped in that way of thinking harder to escape.

5) What about Atheists who find religion later on in life you might ask? Is that indoctrination?

a))- Yes, but very different.

[1] Kids who are raised and indoctrinated young are influenced and conditioned and programmed by people they trust, respect and believe. Without the kids knowledge because what the kid is taught is ALL the kid knows!

[2] Adult, or even teenage Atheists who turn to religion later in life are:
(a)-indoctrinated by society
(b)- too mentally weak in coping with death and simply not existing
(c)- too mentally weak to get through life and need a (don’t be mad at me for saying) imaginary friend
(d)- not given all the facts
(e)- tricked into the old “better safe than sorry attitude” about “hell”
(f)- (don’t be mad about this one) alcohol and substance addictions and 12 step recovery processes

In the above section of [2] it brings up some noticably good points after reading it.

(a)- There is no way to simply state what is wrong with religion without it sounding like an attack on it.

(b)- There is no way to not sound insulting to religious people by saying “religion is indoctrination”, or saying “religion is brainwashing”.

(c)- What Atheists (usually) mean when they say “indoctrination” and “brainwashing” they mean as a CONDITION not an insult, or attack.

(d)- With religious people merely taking indoctrination and brainwashing as attacks, or insults, communication is lost.

6) If you try and use the same argument about “Atheists are the ones who are brainwashed by evolution” here’s why that doesn’t work:

a))- An Atheist, or even an agnostic, doesn’t have to believe in Evolution to be an Atheist.

b))- An Atheist can simply say “I don’t know where we came from. It could be evolution, or aliens, or we’re interstellar space travelers who crash landed here, but I don’t know which, but I know it had nothing to do with nonsensical, unproven gods”. That person can still be an Atheist.

c))- An Atheist simply doesn’t believe things without evidence.

d))- How can people be brainwashed to nothing?

e))- Not accepting a mere unproven myth on faith alone isn’t called “being illogical” or “brainwashed”, it’s simply called “being skeptical towards both non-sensical AND unproven information”. Mostly it’s called “being rational”.

f))- Atheists think of themselves as not being gullible. How really CAN you be gullible if you don’t believe something that doesn’t make sense and has no evidence?

g))- Religious people can counter and say that what Atheists understand to be true through evidence doesn’t make sense to the religious people, but as Lawrence Krauss says:

“The lack of understanding something isn’t evidence for God. It’s evidence for a lack of understanding.”
–Lawrence M. Krauss

h))- Scientific evidence disproving religious creationism increases every day.

i))- Evidence of gods ever even existing never increases, nor does the evidence of historical truths of backgrounds of religions.

j))- Again, how can someone be brainwashed for simply not accepting conclusive evidence, yet is willing to change their opinion upon sufficient proof?

7) If you aren’t a free thinker then you’re a slave of your own indoctrination.

a))- If you’ve read this article and realized you aren’t a freethinker and your thoughts are not your own, then realize that indoctrination IS brainwashing.

b))- How has brainwashing ever been a good thing from anything you’ve heard of in the past?

c))- Why would you brainwash your children?

Please tell me if these children are brainwashed, or not?:


If nothing in this article has gotten through to you about how wrong it is to indoctrinate kids to your religion, then you truly have won the debate just by simply not getting what I was saying.

I am truly not a match for your ignorance to logic and unwillingness to listen. Your indoctrination only proves itself by not being able to grasp the concept of itself.

You can only now laugh at me for even trying to make any sense to you right? It’s not like you were going to actually read this article and accept what it says, or watch the videos and understand and read the attached news stories and see my side of things.

That’s something a logical person would do, not a person of faith, OR indoctrination.

I can only angrily say that indoctrination of kids is ABUSE and by doing so you have robbed them of the ability to think for themselves, to rationalize their own conclusions and have TAUGHT THEM to accept things on FAITH.

Faith won’t always be about religion in their life but you have taught them that it is okay to have faith and to use it!

Faith in religion is one thing, but faith that they don’t have to go to the doctor, or pay their taxes, or wear a seatbelt is another.

Hope you’re patting yourself on the back for winning…. CHILD ABUSER.