Do you have faith in invisible bunnies from space?

I had a christian tell me this yesterday on my blog:

“Every human being has rejected God by determining to live their own way and not his.”

I then wrote this to them and I encourage other Atheists to ask someone this same scenerio should they ever hear that above delusional statement.

-While you are sleeping, every night, invisible bunny rabbits who crash landed from outerspace, sneak into your bedroom and mind meld with you.

– The bunnies need to extract the salt from the bottom of your feet in order to power their space ship.

– The bunnies tell you that at an unknown point in time they will have enough foot salt and will power their spaceship which can do anything and give you immortality and supreme happiness as a reward for helping them.

– You’ve never seen the bunnies, touched them, or even felt them take the salt from your feet though.

– 15 years go by and they still don’t have enough foot salt, but continually remind you that they will make you immortal, when they have enough foot salt, but say “any day now”.

– They say “any day now” every day for 15 years.

– When you wake up in the morning though you are never quite sure if they really were there, or it was just a dream.

– The bunnies say “they LOVE YOU and will try to make good things randomly happen for you because they love the fact that you do exactly like they ask and wear thick wooly socks all year round and don’t wash your feet, so they’re all sweaty, smelly and salty”.

Now the big question…..

– Do you tell yourself that it’s just a dream and get a pedicure and start washing your smelly feet?

– Did you lose faith?

– Have you rejected the invisible bunnies, or did you just decide that it really was just a strange dream you have every night?

– Or did you reject the invisible space bunnies and the immortality they offered because you selfishly wanted nice smelling, non-calloused feet?

Sound familiar? It should.