I had a a religious believer tell me how come not one single person ever told them they were brainwashed. I then quite easily thought of these reasons listed below.

After writing some out, I found it extremely hard to see how they couldn’t have thought of any of them by themselves and then I reminded myself that I am the freethinker and they are self-enslaved victims to something that has no proof, or evidence and makes no sense.

Why nobody would tell you you are brainwashed:

a) You’ll be insulted and offended.

b) You’ll be angry.

c) They knew you wouldn’t believe them so why would they waste their time?

d) They too are brainwashed to religion.

e) Think of this scenerio:

-A psychiatrist tells you you’re brainwashed to your religion.

-You are insulted and offended and complain and accuse him of…. whatever.

Meaning that people are afraid of commiting career suicide and that’s simply the truth.

f) People couldn’t be bothered to tell you cause it just isn’t worth it.

g) They’re your friends and want to keep it that way.

h) They’re your family and don’t want to tell you because they wouldn’t want to disappoint you, fight with you, upset you, or distance themselves from you.

i) They find religious people annoying and do not wish to be annoyed by bringing it up.

j) They are oblivious to the fact because they are blind to the harm religion does to the world and to people.

l) They aren’t aware of the harms of religion the way smokers aren’t aware of the harms of smoking.

m) They are in denial and aren’t paying attention.

n) They are afraid of you and don’t want to tell you.

o) They tell you but you don’t pay attention because you are brainwashed.

p) They have told you but you don’t remember.

r) The only people you hang out with are brainwashed believers also.

s) You don’t talk to many Atheists.

t) It doesn’t come up in conversation with the people who would tell you.

u) They don’t care about you enough to tell you.

v) They chose other words but mean the same thing as brainwashed:

– Indoctrinated

– Socially conditioned

– Mentally conditioned

– Hypnotized by religion

– Delusioned

– Religiously deceived

– Subliminally mislead

– Mentally self enslaved

w) They are the ones who are brainwashing you.

x) You thought they were just kidding.

y) The people who told you were too beneath you in your opinion to even give it any consideration of acknowledgement.

z) The conversation just never came up.

And though I ran out of letters the fact that they are probably just lying to me because like their religion the truth is too hard to face!