As an angry Atheist I only have the following points to say. And when I say “I’m an angry Atheist” I don’t mean that all Atheists are angry, just speaking for myself because I’m VERY angry.

– Myself and many other Atheists speakout against religion and really hate it.

– What would it take for us to stop speaking out against your belief?

– Well let me list a few.

1) Would you like to believe in God?

Fine. I really wouldn’t care if you….

a) Believe in God, but just get rid of your religion which is based on non-factual made up nonsense which any well researched Atheist can show you in multiple sources how your religion is made up and not true.

b) Believe in God if you want, but stop spreading your religion to kids and other people.

c) Believe in God, but realize that your religion is harmful, is child abuse by robbing children of the ability to think and that it sets back society by limiting peoples potential and thinking and you must seperate yourself from whatever religion your have.

d) Believe in God, but keep it to yourself and stop talking about it.

2) You wanna believe in an afterlife?

Fine. I wouldn’t really care if you….

a) Believe in an afterlife, but keep it to yourself and get rid of your religion which isn’t true and just believe there’s an afterlife.

b) Believe in an afterlife, but don’t wish for an end to the real one that you have, or look forward to a next one.

c) Believe in an afterlife, but don’t spread it to kids, who kill themselves thinking they will see dead loved ones again, or spread and evolve that afterlife belief into a religion somehow.

3) Wanna pray to God with cute little prayers that good things will happen for you?

Fine. I really wouldn’t care if you….

a) Pray to God, but realize that your entire religion is a lie and get rid of the religion.

b) Pray to God then, but keep it to yourself and don’t encourage others to do so.

c) Pray to God then, but don’t let anyone see you doing it, especially kids, just quietly and innocently keep it to yourself and like I said, “get rid of your religion”.

4) Wanna delude yourself into thinking that being a really good person gets you into heaven, or some special place because of how you lived your life?

Fine. I wouldn’t have a problem if you….

a) Think being good will get you into heaven, but get rid of your religion since it’s all a lie and deludes you into not knowing what’s right and wrong since religion consists of bigotry and ridiculous rules that God never said.

b) Think being good will get you into heaven, but don’t spread it to kids and corrupt their thought processes.

c) Think being good will get you into heaven, but just keep it to yourself and lose your religion.

5) Wanna delude yourself and say that God created the universe and all life?

Fine. I wouldn’t care if you….

a) Think God created the universe and all life, but not based on any religion, but through the scientific ways that scientists already know to be true through evidence, like the big bang, or evolution and others.

b) Think God created the universe and all life. Fine, just keep this opinion to yourself and out of school classrooms and other peoples minds.

c) Think God created the universe? Fine, Just keep this opinion to yourself, even if you can’t accept the endless amount of %100 proof and evidence.

6) You wanna hate someone?

Fine. I wouldn’t have a problem if….

a) You wanna hate someone because you have a legitimate reason, not because you have a religion that causes you to hate someone.

b) You wanna hate someone because that person actually gives you a reason to hate them, not because of how they are born, or what their heritage is.

Now having said this. What are the problems I have with religion in case you can’t understand from reading what I wrote above….

1) Religion causes people to kill to appease a god & millions die every year in a god’s name.

a) Billions have died to appease a god throughout the milleniums.

b) Human sacrifices.

c) Religious wars like Jihads,

d) Suicide bombers and martydom.

2) I fear religion as should you, because radicals are out to kill YOU & EVERYBODY you know all FOR their god.

a) If you don’t believe this then you’re living in a fantasy world.

b) Religions and holy books are filled with bigotry, hatred and telling you who to kill and why.

3) People waste their lives for nothing. They could have reached their potential, but never will. So sad.

a) Religion is anti-science and anti-truth.

b) Religion wastes peoples time that they could have actually done important things.

4) Religion causes people to hate & to cause suffering to others & encourages it.

a) If you say that isn’t true, or doesn’t apply to you then you’re a liar, or blind.

b) If you say that’s not true then you don’t watch the news, or live in reality whatsoever.

5) Religion causes people to just be weak & pathetic.

a) It causes people to not find inner strength.

b) It causes more brainwashing to people because they can’t get through life without an imaginary crutch.

c) It holds them back from modern thinking of todays world and mentally handicaps them in the real world.

6) Religion hinders progress in society.

a) Such as discouraging science & stem cell research. This causes millions to die because religion won’t allow many sciences to function.

b) Also telling people evolution and the big bang aren’t real.

c) Religion teaches people to be anti-science and to turn to faith instead of facts.

d) Religion causes health problems and puts people at risk

– Jehovah’s witnesses refuse blood transfusions

– Fasting

– Faith healing and refusing modern medicine and treatment

– Rabbis licking blood off babies circumcised penises (yeah I couldn’t believe they did that either)

– Unfortunately many many others

7) Religion is slavery and addictive.

a) People are slaves to a non-existent master.

b) People have brainwashed and conditioned themselves to be UNABLE to mentally deal with the truth.

c) People are living a lie and who wants to live a lie and have no idea they are living a lie?

8) Religion takes away peoples rights.

a) Gays everywhere

b) Woman in muslim countries

c) Child marriages.

d) People of other religions or lack of religions.


I hope that any non-religious people reading this enjoyed it and found it interesting.

I also hope that any religious people reading this now have a better perspective of you through our eyes and how we see you.

I hope you see that all Atheists really have a problem with is your religion and why we have the problem of your religion.

I hope that you see that the problem Atheists have isn’t intolerence, but that we feel helpless to remove this religion from you and we want to, but you won’t let us. You won’t let us stop you from destroying the world and not even knowing you are a victim.

As angry New Atheist Greta Christina brilliantly says:

“Atheists’ anger doesn’t prove that we’re selfish, or joyless, or miserable. It shows that we have compassion, and a sense of justice. We’re angry because we see terrible harm all around us, and we feel desperately motivated to stop it.”