Ok religious believers. You wanna talk about invisible beings and unprovable myths and tell me that there are things I can’t prove and that my reason, evidence and science are no match for your faith? Well two can play at that game.

You either believe this is possible, or don’t believe anything at all.

1) Satan and God are actually the same being.

2) Demons are just angels who God the devil sent down to Earth to be punished for simply annoying God and God beat them and deformed them.

– The angels are nothing more than cloned servants that it created scientifically with advanced technology.

3) Jesus really was a nobody, but the devil/God used Jesus as nothing more than a distraction to people, merely because it was amused.

– Ever wonder why Jesus and Yahweh are so completely different?

4) There is no such thing as a soul, or hell, but God/the devil just truly is the psychopathic narcissist the bible describes it as in the old testament.

5) The devil/God really just loves to mess with people.

6) The devil/God isn’t really omnipotent, but just really powerful and loves being obnoxious to humans.

7) The devil/God isn’t even around anymore and it got bored with this planet, or died.

8) It really does love to be worshipped though, but is powerless to do anything for anybody, like life after death, or changing anyones outcome positively, or even answering prayers.

9) God/the devil’s powers are ONLY capable of evil things, or misery.

10) God/the devil really never did anything like create the universe and God/the devil is just some space entity and is quite evil and laughs at people for being so stupid and thinking it has their best interests in mind whatsoever.

11) That feeling people claim to have that they say is “the holy spirit”, is just some stupid tingly feeling the God/the devil shoots into people just to amuse itself.

– Of course I don’t believe that “feeling” they say they have is anything more than delusion, or they are just making it up.

12) What if that tingly feeling that believers describe as “the holy spirit” is really just God/the devil farting on them and it is actually laughing at people as it does this and saying what a bunch of losers believers who are getting farted on really are.

13) What if any of this were true? Would believers ever know they worshipped such a despicable, or worthless being?

14) If they knew this scenerio was true would they still waste their time worshipping it?

How are these scenerios any less likely than the one that christians believe in when the God of the old testament cannot be said isn’t a complete psychopathic narcissist?

They aren’t. The scenerios above have the same amount of likelyhood and possibility as anything in any religion.

Think the above scenerios are ridiculous? Well congradulations then, because you just experienced how Atheists feel about your religion and all the other religions you don’t believe in!