So I’ve made a list of some time wasting statements here that religious believer people say. When I say time wasting I mean things religious believers say without knowing the facts, because they refuse to listen and refuse to learn.

1) Atheism is a religion.

2) You’re not Atheist, you’re agnostic.

3) You have to have faith to be an Atheist.

4) If I’m wrong I have nothing to worry about, but if you’re wrong….

5) Evolution is just a theory.

6) No one’s ever seen evolution happen.

7) The bible is %100 true

8) You can’t prove God doesn’t exist

9) Life can’t come from nothing.

10) Atheists have no morals because you need to believe in a god to be a good person.

11) No serious bible scholar says Jesus didn’t exist.

12) Nothing can’t come from nothing


So let’s examine these:

1) No Atheism is not a religion, it’s the lack of religion.

a) Atheists aren’t bound by any belief and are open to evidence as it is presented.

b) Having a religion is nothing more than believing something without evidence, or being gullible and believing something without a rational reason

2) There are 2 types of Atheists:

Agnostic Atheists (99% certain)

Gnostic Atheists (100% certain)

a) This is as ridiculous as saying I’m 99% certain there are no such thing as flying unicorns, to I am 100% certain there are no such thing as flying unicorns.

b) Again people are Atheists whether they are %100, or 99% because of the following:

– There is no evidence of gods
– All religions have no evidence they are real
– All religions make no sense
– The universe has been scientifically explained to not need a god, or a creator
– Religion and belief in gods are nothing more than brainwashing
– Many other reasons

c) Again, this is just a tactic used to deflect and waste time.

d) Don’t confuse “agnosticim” with “deism”.

– I really couldn’t care less if you are a deist unless your name is Deepak Chopra.

3) No you don’t need faith to be an Atheist, here’s why:

a) Atheists know all religions are not real for multiple reasons:

– Religions are not factually, or historically true
– Religions make no sense logically
– Lack of evidence of any gods, or religions being true
– Obvious that religions are invented to control and prey upon people
– The evidence that people are brainwashed and mentally conditioned to have a dependency and cognitive dissonance to their religion
– Science has shown that gods are not necessary for any functions of the universe

b) What religious time wasters call “Atheistic faith” Atheists call:

– Not being gullible to nonsensical things that have no evidence
– Not believing in the same 2999 gods that the religious believer doesn’t believe in, but we just go one more than them
– Not denying that religions are just brainwashing
– Being able to grasp reality because of scientific evidence and logic and not choosing a reassuring lie, over an inconvenient and uncomfortable truth

c) Again, just a reminder that this is just a deflection and is to waste time, because religious believers have no arguments, no evidence and no rational reasons for believing.

d) I couldn’t resist adding this story also:

Since religious faith = brainwashing

4) Religious believers are wrong and have a lot to worry about.

a) How are they wrong?

– There are multiple pieces of evidence that show their religion to be a made up fabrication and scam, but they refuse to acknowledge it, or read it when it is presented

– They are brainwashed in one, or more ways that they simply refuse to acknowledge and refuse to accept it

b) What do religious people have to fear?

– That they are being taken advantage of
– That they are doing more harm to the world than good and don’t even know it
– That they are living a lie
– That they will never reach their full potential because they wasted it on their religion
– That they are child abusers and doing the same thing to their children that they had done to them, which is indoctrinate them to be unable to think for themselves and to live a harmful lie

c) Atheists have nothing to worry about because:

– We know and acknowledge things that religious people are simply unable to acknowledge, but they refuse to look, or investigate
– Religious believers are either are too weak to accept the truth, or too mentally conditioned to be unable to deal with the reality that they have been living a lie
– Instead of Pascal’s wager, we have This:

“An Atheists Wager
(The counter to Pascal’s Wager)

You should live your life and try to make the world a better place for your being in it, whether or not you believe in God.

If there is no God, you have lost nothing and will be remembered fondly by those you left behind.

If there is a benevolent God, he will judge you on your merits and not just on whether or not you believed in him.”
–Michael Martin

5) Evolution is FACT and as real as anything that you can touch and feel.

a) Do your research instead of listening to uneducated idiots.

Let me help you get started:

Compared to:

b) Yes we have transitional fossils so please don’t believe those liars who say that we don’t.

c) Life can exist almost anywhere in the universe. It just has to evolve.

6) Actually yes we have seen evolution happen.

a) We see it in the lab every day with viruses, or did you not know why you had to get a flu shot every year.

b) Charles Darwin saw it right from the start.

c) Here are some examples of stuff we observe happening TODAY:

d) Evolution in humans has been proven also:

7) The bible is 97% untrue and that’s just me being generous.

a) There is no evidence of anything in the bible being true.

b) Archaeological history and science shows the bible to be very untrue.

That goes for christianity also:

c) The bible like everything in it is simply recycled and made up from other religions, or other stories within itself.

That goes for the devil also.

8) We don’t have to prove gods exist, because that’s the people who claim gods exist’s job. Atheists aren’t the ones saying something exists without evidence.

a) You only believe in your particular god of your particular religion because you are brainwashed to believe in it through human weakness, or child indoctrination.

Which god?

b) There is no evidence gods exists and you can’t prove they do because there’s nothing.

c) It’s called the null hypothesis.

It means that since that there is absolutely no evidence of something, then until otherwise stated, or evidence actually appears (which there isn’t) is proven false.

d) There is nothing that says that even if a god existed, that it would be your particular god anyways.

– You only believe in that god because you are brainwashed to THAT particular god due to circumstantial geography
– There’s nothing that makes any sense about your religion, or god, but you are too stubborn, or brainwashed to notice

9) This we can agree on, life can’t come from nothing, it comes from abiogenesis in one form, or another.

a) Saying that life can’t spontaneously form does not make that statement true either.

– Are the odds high? Yes, but the universe is infinitely huge, with infinite means of generating life.
– It happens and always has happened, EVERYWHERE!

From Space:

On Earth things happened using the elements that came from space.

b) Saying that it can’t be proven life can grow on Earth is absurd when abiogenesis is clearly possible, but it’s so slow and with so much life on the planet now, it’s difficult to observe.

Simple life has been around for billions of years, but evolved:

It evolved.

10) Atheists have morals of course and we actually have better morals than religious people.

a) There are far less Atheists in jails. The percentage is .021% actually.

b) Secular charities contribute more than religious charities by a landslide!

Atheist billionaire charities:

Also the happiest, most peaceful and economically best countries are mostly non-religious.

c) I’ll also add that Atheists don’t kill people because they are gay, marry children and behead people because they aren’t Atheists.

d) Also, Atheists do good because we want to, not because we want rewards, or fear an imaginary sky creature if we don’t do good things.

11) Yes several serious bible scholars say that Jesus didn’t exist and despite how many times people say that doesn’t make it true.

a) Robert Price, Richard Carrier, DM Murdock are just 3 great ones, there are several more.

– Awesome credentials
– Look up their work

b) Bart Ehrman is an Atheist who is one of the top bible scholars in the world and exposes the bible for the nonsense that it is.

If you watch this video, Ehrman pretty much destroys christianity:

You’d swear listening he didn’t believe Jesus existed, but apparently he thinks he was historically real, but a meaningless nothing that evolved on hearsay after his death. He knows Jesus wasn’t God though.

c) So there you have it:

– You have credible people who should absolutely be taken seriously when they say Jesus is just recycled myth
– You have Atheist scholars who believe Jesus was not God, just historical and quite meaningless and evolved through hearsay
– You also have your people who say Jesus was made up by the church for the soul purpose of manipulation and power

12) Atheists aren’t saying the universe came from nothing.

a) Religious believers however ARE saying that, but they are hypocritical and grasping at straws since they have no evidence, they can’t prove they aren’t brainwashed and Atheists constantly show their religions to be frauds.

– All 30,000 different sects of christianity and all the different muslim religions and all the different religions in general.

b) Religious believers are saying that God created everything from nothing and that God has always existing.

– This makes no sense and is VERY hypocritical.

c) The big bang created everything through the introduction of TIME!

I talk about it all clearly here:


Well I hope that clears up the time wasting and sets things straight about how religious people are just time wasting about reality and are just looking to deflect, ignore and deny the truth!