So I was asked by a religious believer person, “why should I believe in the Big Bang when it sounds just as ridiculous to me as an all knowing, all powerful “God” does to you?”

I was then called a hypocrite for dismissing their belief as silly nonsense, while trying to FORCE them into my beliefs as if I were some sort of “self-righteous bully”.

In my defense and the defense of Atheists everywhere, let me try to explain these 2 issues I’ve listed below.

a) The difference in The Big Bang and creationism and why The Big Bang has credibility and creationism has none.

b) Why myself & others are not being hypocrites dismissing creationism and discouraging believers from believing it

I am hoping this is an effective communication tool and rationalizes the truth to put things in proper perspective!


First off, let’s make things as simple as possible.

#1) There are many religions on Earth. Many have their own creation story.

a) The only reason religious people believe their version is because that is the one they were geographically brainwashed to in one form or another.

For more on religion being brainwashing please read these articles I did to understand the way brainwashing works:

No I’m not a doctor or psychologist, but all I list in the above articles and this one you’re reading now are from my personal experience:

> Of religious brainwashing from 30 years of debating against religion socially with people.

> My 4 years of debating constantly on Twitter and having done my research to more effectively know what I was talking about and constantly making myself a better communicater.

> My experience of being brainwashed for many years also to religion and remembering my own thought processes.

I am more than willing to debate the truth of my brainwashing articles with anyone to confirm it’s logical and factual truth

#2) The belief, or religion they have still has no credibility, or validation in truth, in fact it has the opposite.

a) There is strong evidence for example the bible is complete fraud.

b) I’m also more than happy to show evidence of the bible being fraud, if anyone feels I’m being a hypocrite, being dishonest, or some kind of delusional hatemonger.

c) They of course can present me with their evidence of proof of the bible, as long as it isn’t anything fraudulent from the now deseased conartist Ron Wyatt.

#3) Religious people generally do not argue with other religious people if they say “they believe in the Big Bang, but that God created the Big Bang”.

a) The above mentioned reasoning they use in 3 is itself hypocrisy.

b) Whether they believe god created the Big Bang, or not, they are saying the same thing, “magic did it”.

#4) The Big Bang is a scientifically sound theory, approved, observed and scientifically theorized by credited physicists, astronomers and scientists.

#5) God has no scientific backing or mathematical calculation that makes it even remotely credible.

a) Gods of any religion are simply believed only due to brainwashing from location and upbringing.

b) The level of brainwashing subjected to a person also plays a strong factor.

#6) The fact that religious people argue about the Big Bang either being untrue, or part of “god’s wonderful work” is ONLY because they are fishing for actual evidence of God and it is their only thing they have left.

a) The above statement is based on the fact that there is no proof of God.

b) Also no proof of the religious supernatural background of any belief, but plenty that discredits them.

c) It always comes down to “well God had to be responsible….” as their only bit of proof and argument.

d) Insisting on “god had to have done it” not only doesn’t prove anything, but doesn’t prove their belief, or any other belief.

#7) A christian giving no evidence, or argument besides “God had to have been responsible” is basically saying “I could be an infidel and the muslim Allah is responsible and not the christian Yahweh”, or Jesus, or vice versa.

a) So not only does that particular religious person NOT have an argument to support THEIR OWN religion, but that it could technically even be another religion’s god responsible and not theirs.

b) Again though the brainwashing prevents the religious person from even thinking any doubt of any kind, because they have been mentally conditioned not to doubt.

#8) There is the fact that religious people don’t consider that even IF they were right (hypothetically speaking of course) and there was a God, or intelligence behind creation. Who says it would even be around, still alive, or seriously even know of our existence?

a) Are you conscious of a bacteria on your skin? Either way, belief in any gods existence is not evidence of any god, or religious truth in ANY religion. Belief is just that, BELIEF.

b) Believing in something does not make it true. No amount of belief makes something true.

c) So, let’s say (just for the sake of saying) that an intelligence “created” the universe, or Earth, or was even behind evolution maybe. What says an indication that it is even responsible for any religion, is still alive, or cares, or thinks about us? None.

d) Before any religious people say it. “Jesus dying on a cross” was not proof of a god caring. Jesus was a fictional character, based on contradictory stories that made no sense and had no factual truth.

e) I await proof Jesus was real and not a made up story. Please send.

#9) The Big Bang actually has observational evidence to support itself. All it simply takes is looking it up on the internet. NASA has some links, so does Wikipedia.

a) The Hubble telescope has observational proof of how the universe is moving expanding & shaped as well as other evidence observed and detected with other devices and methods.

b) Do I know exactly what they mean, or what they’re talking about in their evidence? No I will be honest, I do not, but am willing to read it and grasp a rough idea of what they mean at least.

c) Many religious people will NOT even attempt to understand, or see the perspective of the Atheist.

d) I will humbly only assume that it is because they are ignorant and refuse to listen, or afraid and unable to mentally deal with the truth.

e) NASA and credible, well educated scientists who back up what they are saying have no biased agenda against religion, or beliefs, they simply provide scientific proof and come to multiple agreed conclusions.

f) I might not completely understand their evidence in support of the Big Bang Theory, but what cannot be denied is that if (hypothetically) either myself, or a religious person did COMPLETELY understand the evidence provided, that both of us might be COMPLETELY convinced from the conclusion from the evidence presented.

g) The above point indicates that religious people are basing their faith and “wishful thinking” on something that they have no idea of coming to the conclusions to, that obviously a group of well educated people with BILLIONS of dollars of equipment did in fact come to a CONCLUSION.

h) The religious people’s argument in general about all things dealing with God is usually something about “not knowing something in order to prove god exists”. Let’s try the same tactic religious people use then:


i) I won’t lie and say that didn’t feel good writing the above prepared statement considering how often that time wasting tactic has been used to debate me and avoid actually talking about how their belief has no proof and makes no sense.

j) The difference though when I use it is that I am stating a factual truth and confronting them to face a FACT, while religious people do it to simply avoid talking about how there are NO FACTS on their behalf.

k) I will also add that the majority of brainwashed religious scientists with a grasp on the cosmological field also agree that the universe was created by the Big Bang.

#10) Science welcomes religious people to prove it wrong, while religious people insist that they are right and nothing else.

a) So did God maybe make the Big Bang? If it did, that doesnt prove any religion, or provide any evidence of it existing.

b) It wouldn’t explain being against foreskins if God made them, hating gays if it made them, or any other thing that a religion says God hates.

c) Why would God seriously care what anyone does?

d) The fact of the size of the universe and the insignificance of us and Earth in comparison, leaves people not only basking in it’s wonderment, but also developing an insignificance complex.

e) Religious people are conditioned to feel far more important than they are and not being able to accept the truth.

f) Is similar to maybe being rich and in love with someone for years and thinking they love them. The truth was though that the person NEVER loved them and had been out to use them and take their money from the beginning. Hard to mentally accept, but true.

g) Someone not being able to mentally accept the truth, does not make the truth false!


I hope that whoever is reading this has a better perspective on my thinking and most Atheists, but mostly I hope it helped them “self-reflect” and see what I have observed as “flaws” and reasons for THEIR thinking and their denial!

Should anyone find ANYTHING I myself have stated that is incorrect and mere opinion. I highly welcome what you have to say. Please tweet them to me.

I look forward to your info.