So I had a christian submit an article to me about how New Atheists think of themselves as superior. I responded back but copied and pasted the interaction below with some small changes


“The use of this question by the “New Atheists” is an example of a “straw man fallacy” – they set up something to knock down which is not the God Christians believe in.”

A) The statement above provides an interesting link from an admitted Atheist who is complaining about “The New Atheists” (Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennett) and how he doesn’t agree with how the New Atheists pass themselves off as “superior” and says that term “Atheists” means simply “non-belief in gods and religion.

Here is that article:

>>> As I am reading this article I see that I myself fit the description of “New Atheist”.

>>> I see the harms done of religion and have good reason to say I think all religion is something to be hated and feared. As a rule I will do my very, very best to not hate the person and will remind myself that they are merely “victims” of the “religious faith virus” and “religious disease”.

>>> I make a specific list as to these reasons here in a list of how and why I wouldn’t be bothered by religious people with what they say and do:

As for New Atheists suggesting Atheists are superior to religious people, please answer these questions:

>>> Which of these examples below doesn’t count as being superior to a religious person:

[a] I know what actual right and wrong are because I can make the determination out for myself. (I know this to be true because I myself was brainwashed to religion once).

[b] I am conditioned to find my own inner strength because I have relied on self improvement, self-reliance, turning to real people and ACTUALLY SOLVING MY OWN PROBLEMS RATHER THAN PRAYING FOR HELP!

[c] I don’t believe in ghosts, or that supernatural sky daddies are watching me, or that magical beings are judging me to be “guilty of thought crime”.

[d] I know that I am not a slave of a lie and why anyone should think that I shouldn’t feel good about being a freethinker is absolutely mind-blowing!

[e] I don’t hate people because of my religion (which I don’t have) such as gays, or a different religion, or debauchary, or color, or their hereditary background!

[f] I know that if I hate someone it’s because of my own reasons, not cause an imaginary being says so.

[g] My free time is mine and I’m not one of the “brainwashed self-enslaved” who spends it at a church when I could be sleeping in, doing something recreational or working.

[h] I can eat what I want and not base it on a religion. Not kosher, halal, fasting.

[i] I am more secure about my health. I am not in danger from FAITH HEALERS, fasting or Jehovah’s witnessess refusing to give and take blood. Plus many others of course.

[j] I am not a child abuser and that is what indoctrination is and if I am religious then that is what I would be doing, indoctrinating them and raping their minds from thinking for themselves and brainwashing them to be self-enslaved, zombie godbots!

>>> The list is immense but I am free of all the many things that hinder you and you don’t realize it and all the things that you aren’t hindered and conflicted by from other religions.

>>> I am superior to religious people because of my Atheism and they are incapable of even grasping how, or why that is true! This is because their religious brainwashing won’t allow them to see it.

>>> One of the New Atheists named Christopher Hitchens had several quotes that were right on the mark.

Here is one of them:

“Name a moral statement or action, uttered or performed by a religious person that could not have been uttered or performed by an unbeliever. I am still waiting for a response to this. It carries an incidental corollary: think of a wicked action or statement that derived directly from religious faith, and you know what? There is no tongue-tied silence at THAT point. Everybody can instantly think of an example.”