Jesus’s Sacrifice is what I’m calling this and I’m again exposing how religious people have no arguments, how they have no evidence and make no point whatsoever.

I took this from this web page:

“Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?”

> I have no idea, or possible explanation, so let’s hope the answer is believable

“The reason Jesus had to die for our sins was so that we could be forgiven and go to be with the Lord. Jesus is God in flesh (John 1:1,14; Col. 2:9) and only God can satisfy the Law requirements of a perfect life and perfect sacrifice that cleanses us of our sins.”

a) This makes no sense.

b) Why would God care about what anyone did? It wouldn’t, it’s God.

c) Why would people need to be forgiven for being the way God made them?

d) How does God killing himself to save people from himself make any sense? IT DOESN’T!!!

e) Why would God seriously waste it’s time giving itself a human body when it already knows everything and is omnipotent?

f) Do people not see that God is kind of a freak wanting sacrifices if this were real?

g) Does anybody ever think of WHY God needs sacrifices?

h) Why would God seriously care that the sacrifice is perfect, or not?

i) So basically this is what the above quote from the web page is saying.

>> [1] God is an evil, blood thirsty psychopath who loves human sacrifices.

>> [2] God likes it better when the person that is getting sacrificed is also him.

>> [3] God likes it when you kill him and torture him.

>> [4] God wanted to be tortured and killed.

>> [5] God could have showed everyone his true power and stopped the Romans from killing him as the Hebrew bible had “prophesized” the Messiah was a great and mighty warrior, but instead chose to make people believe with no evidence and a really warped sense of priorities.

j) Why would we be cleansed of sin? This not only makes no sense, but it leaves us wondering why God needs, or likes people to be killed so badly?

k) Seriously though, why would God kill himself? Because people are so horrible?

“All people have sinned against God.”

a) Why would God even care what anybody does?

b) That’s a serious character flaw and a flaw of a very pathetic entity.

c) Why would something that is an omnipotent being and master of the universe create beings that “sin” against it?

d) Why would a supreme being think and act so illogically?

e) Let’s look up “sin”.

– So a “sin” is an “offense” against God.

– As if God would care about any of the things that that the bible says is an “offense” against God.

– Why would God seriously care if a guy is uncircumcised, or if someone swears, or behaves sexually active in anyway other than for creating babies?

– Why would a superior and supreme being like “God” care if someone is gay, or not?

– If God didn’t want men to have gay sex then why is their g-spot up their rectums? That really makes sense!

f) A supreme being wouldn’t be so petty and ridiculous.

“But, God is infinitely holy and righteous.”

a) Uh, if God is the supreme and ONLY supernatural power in the universe then it IS what is “holy” and the only magical source of “holy power”.

b) God is far from righteous, or logical if it creates flawed beings that “sin”.

c) God is far from righteous if it desires human sacrifice so much that it has to sacrifice itself.

d) God is far from righteous if it for any reason thinks people should have been punished at any point in time in history for simply how God created them in the 1st place.

e) God causing the 2 bears to kill 42 children for calling a man “baldy” is not justified as righteous, but more of what one would define as “an evil psychopath”.

f) Noah’s Ark’s great big flood was not righteous even a little.

“He must punish the sinner, the Law- breaker.”

a) Ok, this goes back to what I was saying before about why God would seriously even care about what people did?

b) There is no logical reason why God would care the slightest bit about what people do.

c) Why would God create people for the single purpose of punishing them if it already knew what they would do?

d) If your answer is “freewill” then ask yourself “if there is freewill in heaven?”

e) “Freewill” is not an answer by the way and still does not answer the question of why God would create people just to punish them.

f) If your answer is “because God wants people who naturally love it and to have a relationship with it.”

– Give your head a smack thinking that the omnipotent master of the universe could ever be lonely, or feel lonely.

g) Ask yourself this question….

– If you were “God” the omnipotent, omniscient master and creator of the universe, would you be lonely?

“If He didn’t, then His law is not Law for there is no law that is a law without a punishment.”

a) “Laws” are things that society makes in cultures, or we call certain factual workings of reality “laws” like the “4 laws of thermodynamics” and others.

b) God however isn’t reality.

c) God is a delusional “Boogie-man” inserted into our minds by brainwashing and childhood indoctrination.

d) Satan is just an additional Boogie-man to scare people.

e) Why would people create this delusion and go through all this?

-Control and power mostly at one time, but now today it’s mostly about money.

f) Without brainwashing and indoctrination there is no religion and without religion there is no god.

– For more on brainwashing and childhood indoctrination see these articles I did to make things simple:

“The punishment for breaking the Law is death, separation from God.”

a) This general statement above is completely absurd. I mean think about it. Actually think.

b) Think of the Trillions throughout history who never knew about christianity, who were overall good, caring and decent people.

c) If there were a God wouldn’t it logically, give unquestionable and undeniable proof of it’s existence, such as common interaction and viewability?

d) No, the bible is not proof of anything, it is not accurate and nothing in it ever happened and is nothing but contradictional stories of nonsense and delusional stupidity.

e) How is that possible you say that something like this bible conspiracy
could happen, or exist if that were true?

– Brainwashing.

– The fact that so many christians haven’t read the bible and are unaware.

– Many sane and rational people who are christian and even very religious will read the bible and see it for the nonsense that it is and at least become agnostic, or skeptic.

– Churches and evangelists do everything in their power to blind people from the truth in order for them to make a fortune. 71 BILLON a year actually in just the unpaid taxes.

– That 71 BILLION mentioned is just in what ISN’T paid in taxes, so imagine how much is made in total.

– With the figures mentioned above can you understand now why it’s so important for these business people to fuel the delusion?

f) Imagine all you had to do to be a millionaire was to tell a lie?

g) It worked for Bernie Madoff who stole and blew over 65 BILLION dollars from
people. Like Jesus, people had faith in him too.

“Therefore, we sinners need a way to escape the righteous judgment of God.”

a) No one is a sinner because God doesn’t exist.

b) There are certain things that are designated as “evil” by society, which are either evolved, or devolved, by how much religious influence is added to devolve it and how much non-religious influence is added to EVOLVE it.

c) Here’s some examples of things that evolved and aren’t around anymore.

d) Now as I was saying before, everything in the bible is a lie and the bible is all about your God which has no evidence at all to anything in the bible being true.

e) There is no such thing as sin.

– There is only right and wrong as determined by socially evolved standards.

“Since we are stained by sin and cannot keep the Law of God, then the only one who could do what we cannot is God Himself.”

a) This is ridiculous and cannot be acknowledged by a logical thinking person.

b) Please tell me which makes more sense, the quote above, or this one from comedian Steven Wright.

“I saw a sign at a gas station. It said ‘help wanted’. There was another sign below it that said ‘self service’. So I hired myself. Then I made myself the boss. I gave myself a raise. I paid myself. Then I quit.”

c) So according to the religious logic quote ABOVE the Steven Wright quote….

– Even though God made us (not factual and scientific evolution) God holds us accountable for how he made us, even though God knew we would be that way?

– Since we were born to do silly things like swear, have college orgies, tell the manager at McDonald’s there was a hair in your burger so that you might get free stuff and also sometimes sing the odd Ozzy Osbourne song, God would have no reason to do any of that because God hates all of that and God would never do what it hates.

– If I were God I would make polka music a sin and would make the saying the word “slacks” a sin (I hate the word slacks).

– If I were God I’d make the 10 commandments about things that would actually make people better, not mostly about me and my ego and other stupid nonsense.

Like this:

Mine is much better.

Or George Carlin:

“That is why Jesus is God in flesh. He is both divine and human.”

a) Let’s get something straight, there is no actual evidence of the following.

– That Jesus wasn’t a made up fabrication.

– That Jesus was God.

– That Jesus even came back from the dead.

– That any of the stories about Jesus were even true and not a Roman conspiracy for political purposes, control, power and money.

– That any of the New Testament were even legitimate and not fiction.

– That all the stories written in the New Testament weren’t just complete exaggerations based on hearsay.

– That there wasn’t a plausible explanations for every single thing written regarding Jesus and his entire life.

“He was made under the Law (Gal. 4:4) and He fulfilled it perfectly.”

a) There is no “law” that it is referring to, because “the law” means “not sinning against God”.

b) Since there is no God, there is no sin.

c) Since there is no sin, there is no ridiculous “no sinning against God law.”

d) There is just simple right, or wrong.

e) Where does “right and wrong” come from then?

-Right and wrong come from 3 things.

#1- “The Golden Rule”

#2- Common sense

#3- Religion….. which unlike 1 and 2 give a different view of right and wrong and ones not based on logic, but of myth and delusion

f) If society ONLY based right and wrong on #1 and #2 then the world would be a much happier place throughout history.

“Therefore, His sacrifice to God the Father on our behalf is of infinite value….”

a) This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

b) No body has even said what the sacrifice even accomplished.

c) Seriously, if any christians are reading this, realize that you have been duped and the fault is yours for not getting it.

d) Ok christians. So let’s play things your way and use both “divine” possibilities as have been suggested:

> #1) Jesus is God

-So he had himself tortured and killed even though he knew it would happen because why?

– God was going to destroy the world unless we tortured and killed him as Jesus?

– Since you can’t really kill God and the fact that Jesus supposedly came back after 3 days means that there was no sacrifice.

> #2)> Jesus is the SON of God

– So Jesus willingly allowed himself to be tortured and killed because why?

– Oh because he loved us? Oh okay so let’s examine this logic.

– People believe that God’s “son” stood up to his father God in our defense and said “hey Dad, I know these humans you created are torturing and killing me, but because I’m willingly allowing them to do this, spare their souls from sending them to Hell, or destroying the world.”

– The logic of God having a “son” in the 1st place makes no sense.

– So if God has “angels” that makes Jesus like “a super angel”?

– So all this is saying is that God really just hates us and wants to kill us all because we do silly little things like sex, drugs and swear.

– All this really says is that God could care less and really just wants to kill us all, but that people actually think God exists, cares about us and answers prayers.

– If God allowed it’s own son to be tortured and crucified then obviously it couldn’t care less about us.

– Since there is no evidence any of the above is true, or anything that christians believe, how can anybody take this religion, or any religion seriously?

“….and is sufficient to cleanse all people from their sins and undo the offense to God.”

a) Ok, so does anybody actually think about HOW, or WHY that is?

b) 1st off, there is no such thing as “a soul”.

– They’ve done scientific studies and determined that a “soul” is absolute nonsense.

c) Offense to God? What offense? Being born the way God supposedly made us? Seriously?

d) Is it that old Adam and Eve story?

– Are we born carrying their sin from eating a stupid apple?

– That is idiocy.

– If there were a God and the whole Adam and Eve story were true wouldn’t that just make God kind of an idiot?

– An apple? Speechless.

– Evolution absolutely debunks the Adam and Eve story and is 100% true.

The simple fact of the matter is the following.

Now listen carefully:

a) There is no such thing as God

b) Jesus either didn’t exist at all, or he was just a man and NOT GOD and also not the son of God.

c) People are brainwashed to believe their religion and brainwashing is the only reason they believe in their religion AND their specific gods.

d) There is no such thing as a soul and the only life you have is this ONE!

e) Part of your brainwashing is that you have been mentally conditioned to dismiss logic and anything that isn’t what you have been programmed to believe.

f) You must be strong and rise up above this mental slavery and if you truly want to save the world and make it a better place, then you’ll wake up yourself and others and step out of the past and into the future!

g) Mankind must stop setting itself back by crippling itself with this delusional handicap of society, for we know through experience that what religion does not do is bring peace, or love.

h) Religion divides, controls and deludes people!