Many Atheists tell me I’m too mean to religious people.

-Why do they say that I’m too mean to religious people?

a) I call them crazy.

b) I call them stupid.

c) I call them deluded.

d) I call them out on their deflection when I know they’re deflecting.

e) I call them out on their lies when I know they’re lying.

f) I call them “religies”.

Why do I call them crazy?

a) Because religion is not rational and is a delusion.

b) Because religion is nonsensical insanity, as are all the religions that they don’t believe in are to them.

c) There is no sane reason to believe any religion.

d) There is no sane reason to believe completely illogical and completely disproven stories with no evidence whatsoever that they are true.

Why do I call them delusional?

a) They believe completely irrational and illogical stories and claims.

b) These stories have no evidence.

c) These stories are shown to NOT be true.

d) They ARE delusional.

I don’t allow them to deflect and I do get angry when they insist on doing so.

a) If I ask a question which I know exposes them to be wrong then I will keep asking it.

b) If they don’t answer then they know that the question will prove them wrong if they don’t answer it.

c) Religious people are not used to getting asked the questions that I ask them and know that my questions expose their religion as nothing more than a delusion.

d) It’s much easier to simply just not answer and pretend that they aren’t deflecting, then to answer and admit the truth to me.

e) They will simply deflect and answer a question with a question.

– If I ask them to prove they aren’t brainwashed, they will reply “prove YOU aren’t brainwashed?”

– Which caused me to write this article:

– I ask them to prove anything in their religion is true, for which they then ask me to prove that it isn’t.

– I will then bombard them with evidence about how it isn’t true with several articles, for which they will simply ignore and pretend they never read them, or simply do nothing more than DISMISS what I send them.

f) They will simply say things like “they won’t waste their time reading biased Atheist propaganda”.

So what’s the big difference between me and all these friendly debating philosophy Atheists out there?

a) These Atheists refuse to push the big issues.

– That religious people are brainwashed.

– How are they brainwashed?

– How they are not brainwashed (getting the religious people to prove they aren’t).

– What caused them to be brainwashed?

– Why they refuse to accept the fact they are brainwashed?

b) I’m frankly quite uneducated really.

– I graduated highschool over 25 years ago

– Although I have always been a great speller I really do not have the greatest vocabulary.

– In one 49 minute brilliant Atheist video talking about the philosophy of religious thinking, in the video I counted 29 words that when I joined Twitter 4 years ago I had never heard before and had no idea what they meant.

– 70% of the words I wrote down I still have not looked up and have no idea what they mean.

– Some of the words below I doubt I even spelled them correctly, but did my best to look them up, but couldn’t find them.

Let me list them:

Dunning Kruger effect
Fringe groups
Induction (problem of induction)

All these words really are irrelevant really and whether or not they are brainwashed really is the only relevant issue.

c) They treat this debating religious people like it’s a game, or a sport.

– This isn’t a sport, this is war.

– If you are too afraid of offending someone and think that it’s more important to make friends rather than actually ask the important questions then you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

– If you are too afraid of offending someone, when they are obviously jerking you around and simply deflecting, then why do you even bother? You are wasting everyone’s time.

– This isn’t like a school spelling bee, this is saving the world from a disease that is trying to destroy it.

d) What issues do they debate about instead?

– Anything to do with God’s existence and morals

– The Big Bang, or the creation of the universe.

– Intelligent design.

– Many other irrelevant debating topics.

e) I don’t do this for fun, it’s lost it’s fun a long time ago.

– I do this because there are innocent people being harmed and I have to be a voice that stands up for them.

– I can think of a hundred things I’d rather be doing other than debating crazy religious people, but because religion is the most evil thing on the face of the Earth, I feel compelled to fight against it!

– The Atheists I’m talking about however do this for fun, like it’s a game and nothing else.

6) So do I try to be nicer?

a) I AM nice and will always try to treat people with kindness and respect.

b) Religious people will most often be condescending and rude.

– They act that way in order to deflect, change the topic and not answer important questions.

c) Everyone has a breaking point, if they wish to treat me like an idiot, I’ll treat them the same way by pointing out their deflection and their refusal to confront, or answer issues.

d) They are used to deflecting and used to avoidance, but aren’t used to getting called out on it.

e) The last thing that you should ever do is treat someone like their religion is normal because it isn’t.

f) Their religion is not something that should be respected and there is no such reason that it should be respected.

g) Their religion should be treated for what it is, which is something that is a disease and something that is also the most evil thing on the planet.

So am I wrong for saying the philosophy and scientific topics I mentioned in 5d are irrelevant?

– No I’m not wrong and here’s why:

a) Because if the person is a better debater:

-then the argument can easily go in the wrong direction by using several effective and polished techniques.

b) Such techniques would be:

– Lying about things that the other person can’t verify.

– Having a better memory about what the person said and just for facts in general.

– Bombarding the person with things that the other person wasn’t prepared for.

c) William Lame Craig, who is the ultimate Sith lord of dishonest, misleading and sneaky debating, is evidence of this.

– Looking at this debate here, Bart Ehrman destroys Craig:

– Ehrman had a better memory than Craig which few people do.

– Ehrman constantly called out Craig on his dishonesty and exposed it in vicious fashion, pulling no punches.

– Ehrman addressed every single issue that Craig said and actually used Craig’s own words against Craig.

– Many world renowned scholars of this topic and field would have been easily crushed by Craig regarding all the issues and topics addressed here in this debate.

– Richard Carrier who is in my opinion just as knowledgable as Ehrman about the bible and history and far more superior regarding science and math, lost a debate to Craig, not because Craig was right, but simply because Craig was a better debater.

d) It’s no different than a top dollar lawyer who is able to get someone off scott free, even though the person was guiltier than Adolph Hitler was of killing the Jews.

Another issue is that often the debates are regarding unprovable things.

a) If things can’t be proven then why bother?

b) Again, something that even can’t be proven can be won in a debate with the right debater who is skilled enough.

c) Debates are pointless regarding unprovable things that depend on faith.

So how is my technique better by addressing brainwashing?

a) Confronting brainwashing is what is going to cause the person to self evaluate themselves and their religion.

b) There’s no debate involved, there’s simply answering questions and causing them to convince themselves they have been brainwashed.

c) There’s no debate because the whole issue is one sided and exposes the truth straight up.

So if the other person is a better debater can they not also win a debate regarding brainwashing?

a) Well no, because there are so many questions that work against the religious believers, but none to the Atheists.

– The Atheists are completely immune.

Here is a list of some of these reality confronting questions:

b) The questions listed here in a) show that religious people merely need to face the truth about what the answers to the questions tell them.

– There is no debate

– There’s simply answer the questions til they prove the Atheist right.

c) The best they can do by honestly answering the questions is say that they are going to believe in DEISM, since that really can’t be disproven.

– Who cares if they’re a deist?

– Well unless you’re name is Deepak.

So what is it that makes me angry and “mean” to religious people again?

a) Deflection

b) Avoidance

c) Being insulting and condescending to me.

d) Pretending they answered everything when they didn’t answer the brainwashing questions.

e) Playing dumb and pretending they aren’t doing a and b.

What’s the worst part about the Atheists who waste time and don’t deservingly tell off the religious people who are guilty of the defection methods?

a) The are religious ENABLERS!

b) Religious thinking should never be encouraged, or treated like it is anything but what it is.

– A mental condition that is destroying the world.

– A lie that is destroying the world.

c) If you are an enabler then you are part of the problem the same way someone tells an alcoholic they don’t have a problem.

– By not telling someone their religion is a problem is the same as telling a severe alcoholic that they are a “functioning alcoholic”.

The fact remains that religion is the problem and not belief in “God” but a personal God is what causes the harm.

– The harm is the religion’s gods.

– The problem is brainwashing.

– The bigger problem is not enough people addressing the brainwashing issues.

– The source is not enough people sticking to it and stopping the deflection.