The pupose of this article is basically to make some points about one of the biggest brainwashing motivators to people being religious and that is the delusion of an afterlife.

These are some of my arguments and points:

1) Think of if and when we create an android.

a) Like Data from Star Trek, but for real.

b) We can’t say that isn’t possible, it’s happening, as in it’s going to happen.

c) The reality is that since religion has set society back over a thousand years in the advancement of science and technology, that artificial intelligence robots might have been everywhere by now.

d) Artificial intelligence exists already and in fact grows every day in how advanced it is.

e) So let’s say that we create one, or several that are so life-like and so independent of thought that they can experience emotions, be moody and that it really would be impossible to tell the difference.

f) Say the robot is shut off and never turned on again and even dismantled and the parts and chips are melted down.

g) Now the question remains, do religious christians think that the machine’s conciousness exists, or goes to an electric afterlife?

– If yes, then explain why?

– If no, then explain why?

– There is only one rational reason to answer with and that is to say that there is no possible reason to think that artificial intelligence goes to an afterlife.

h) When Data dies in Star Trek: Nemesis

– Is this fantasy and science fiction? Yes

– Is the reality of something like Data existing and sacrificing itself impossible?
> No, in fact such technology and artificial intelligence is most likely here already, but we are unaware.

i) Is it impossible for artificial life to even create their own morals, determine what it itself believes to be right, or wrong?
> I see no logical reasons how that is impossible either.

j) As shown here, creating life isn’t just about abiogenesis, or panspermia, or evolution, but of the simple matter of thought and purpose.

2) So what have I come to the conclusion of?

That there are 3 kinds of life:

a) Those that organically, or biologically exist:

– Viruses
– Algae
– Fungus

to slightly more evolved

– earth worms

b) To thinking, or decision making organic life

– Some that just are instinctual
– Some that are capable of emotion
– Some that have advanced language

c) To artificial intellience

– That’s self aware
– Problem solving
– Has real emotions
– Is indistinguishable from a human mind
– Something that if disguised as an organic intelligent being couldn’t be observed to be artificial intelligence in any way

3) So does this make life meaningless, or unimportant?

a) No and yes.

b) It depends on how you look at things.

c) That was not my purpose for this article was to say life is meaningless.

d) I know I don’t think my life is meaningless, or the people I care about.

e) Everybody has meaning to someone, or to themselves.

4) Is it sad that there’s no afterlife and when you die, you really do die?

a) Again that depends.

b) Some people really couldn’t care about if they die, they don’t want to die, but they accept that when they die, they really do cease to exist.

c) Nobody wants to lose loved ones and the thought of losing someone and never seeing them again can be unbearable.

d) A religious person who has been programmed and conditioned to not be able to deal with anything other THAN going to an afterlife, is simply a person who is addicted to the hope of a delusion.

e) Living, or the desire to live is an instinct humans have at any point of the day.

f) For many people who are depressed, or suicidal, the only thing that stops them is the actual physical PAIN of dying.

g) The overall general view of myself and the world in general is that it’s pretty sad that there’s no afterlife, because life is so short.

5) The reality of things we don’t want to acknowledge, or the things we can’t deny:

a) All religions are made up and if you actually truly and honestly did your research you would see that there is no truth to any of them.

b) The promise of an afterlife is nothing more than a form of control.

c) There is no evidence that an afterlife exists.

d) There is no reason to think that an afterlife exists.

e) An afterlife is an invention created out of human weakness because some people use it as a mental self defense mechanism because they can’t deal with reality.

f) Just like religion itself, no matter how much faith you have in an afterlife does not make it true.

g) The universe owes nobody anything.

h) Being dead will be just like before you were born.
– Remember that? Exactly.

6) So why would I write such a cold and morbid article?

a) Because reward or fear of an afterlife is one of the biggest motivators of religion and keeping people religious.

b) Because religion is the most evil, destructive and harmful thing on the planet and I needed to attack religion at it’s source.

c) Because too many people are too willing to throw this ONE life away because they think that they have another one lined up.

d) Because the more people that get freed from this horrible disease appropriately called “the faith virus” then the less people there will be who are mentally conditioned to be unable to deal with death.

7) There is no devil, there is no hell.

a) The devil and hell are just things recycled and reused out of untrue stories, delusions, lies, myths and ignorance about how the universe really works.

b) Something to scare you into obedience, besides God.

c) Think about the entire concept of how the devil, or hell makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

d) If you were the devil don’t you think you would have better things to do than motivate people to masturbate, litter and listen to Marilyn Manson, or Slayer?

8) Science disproves “the soul”

Reality is reality and no amount of faith can change something that isn’t real.

Deal with it!