Why is religion fear?

Well as an Atheist and former christian of over 30 years of not being religious, I have seen that belief in religion is one of 2 things. Brainwashing and fear.

Since I do enough on here about brainwashing, I think it time to add an article on fear. Fear being the basis of much of religious brainwashing.

1) Why is fear the basis of brainwashing?

a) Because people are taught to fear something that isn’t true and has no evidence.

b) There are always people engulfed in their religion only because of fear.

2) What are things they fear because of their religion?

a) They are made to fear hell even though hell is a complete fabrication.

b) They fear not seeing loved ones again and lie to themselves that they will see them again in an afterlife.

c) They fear their own mortality and can simply just not deal with the end of their existence,

– This is something that religions themselves have created and more and more they are mentally conditioned to be unable to deal with reality and have developed a codependency to a lie.

3) Where is the harm in all the fear?

a) The harm is when the fear causes people to think irrationally.

b) The harm is when people fear things that aren’t real and have stopped dealing with things that are real.

c) The harm is the fear itself, the psychological fear that people walk around having.

d) The harm is when people hurt other people because they thought that if they didn’t, that a god would punish them.

4) How can religious people give up their fear?

a) By realizing that the fear they have is the same thing a child fears about monsters under the bed. Nothing.

– The same as fearing Santa won’t bring you any presents if you’re bad.

b) By studying and researching to see that there is no factual truth to their religion and that it is a fabricated lie.

c) By seeing that nothing in their religion makes sense and that everything in it contradicts itself, or classifies itself as evil.

d) By realizing that the only power your religion has on you is through it’s fear and without that fear religion has no power over you, or anyone.

e) By realizing that those fears that your religion puts into you were created specifically to manipulate and control you.

5) Why is life better without religious fear?

a) Because who wants to fear a lie?

b) Because you are not spreading that fear to innocent children and committing child abuse by making them afraid of things that aren’t real.

c) Because yourself and others can focus on REAL things that they SHOULD fear, but they don’t.

– Fearing that you are being a bigot and hating people for no reason.

– Fearing that all the money you give the church is being scammed from you.

– Fearing that you have been living a lie.

– Fearing that religion is not only harmful but is the most destructive thing on Earth

d) Because who likes to be afraid?

So that sums it up really.

Religion + lies = fear

Whether you realize your religion is a lie, or not, the fact remains that life is much better without religious fear.

The fact remains that without fear religion has no power.