This is something that I challenge any religious person to prove wrong.

1) There is no evidence any religion is real.

a) They are unproven.

b) They make no sense.

c) They have no evidence anything “divine” is real in any of their stories.

2) There is no proof of gods, or “God”.

3) Even if there were a god that created the universe, there is no logical reason to believe it is any god in any religion.

4) Afterlives are inventions to control people in order to scare them into obeying and funding religions.

a) Hell.

b) Fearing non-existence.

5) Religions are created for 2 reasons and that is to control people and make money.

6) There is strong EVIDENCE that all religions aren’t real, but religious people refuse to listen and examine the historical evidence.

7) ANY and ALL evidence of either gods, or religions being real, or true that you hear from apologists are meaningless.

a) They are lies that you are believing without you researching.

b) They are OPINIONS that you are taking for facts, but opinions are not proof of anything.

c) They are dismissing evidence against them and doing nothing, but just simply dismissing it.

– Dismissing something does not make something untrue unless there is evidence something is untrue.

(People dismissed the fact that Bernie Madoff was a fraud, but it didn’t make things untrue that he was a fraud)

8) Religion is brainwashing in one form, or another.

a) Child indoctrination.


b) Being victims of one form of being mentally, or emotionally vulnerable.

9) All religions are evil and harmful for multiple numbers of reasons.

a) Religious people will justify any and every negative thing about their religion because they have been brainwashed to do so.

b) Non-religious people do not commit crimes for a god of non-religion, but religious people commit atrocites of gods by the millions every day.

10) Science explains and disproves all religions.

a) Evolution. (Completely proven)

b) Cosmology. (Big Bang observed, explained)

c) DNA. (Proves evolution)

d) Archaeology. (Exposes truth)

e) Multiply PROVEN forms of dating things to show they are millions to BILLIONS of years old. (If apologists tell you otherwise then do your research to see that the apologists are lying)

f) Abiogenesis.
– Panspermia (proven to have life)
– Primordial soup (simplicity evolved into complexity).

g) History. (We see that religions are just stories backed by nothing and contradicted by history)

h) Chemistry. (Fusion from exploding super novas that were created from suns by the hydrogen and helium of the big bang).

i) Astronomy. (We observe other planets that could support life, we observe natural occuring events explaining things)

j) Psychology (brainwashing).

11) No amount of faith makes something true.

a) It’s called “faith” because it’s not knowledge.

b) “Faith” is nothing more than wanting something to be true.

c) “Faith” is not a reason to believe in something, it is the LACK of a reason to believe in something.


This is the truth whether you are willing to accept it, or not.

Let’s sum it up for you.

a) All apologists are liars and because they are brainwashed they will mislead you, they will also deflect being confronted with the truth.

b) Apologists are not to be trusted and know that you only hear what you want to hear.

c) Religion is big money and if you think people don’t DEPEND on you being gullible and stupid then you really are blind.

d) People are better off without religion and so is the world in general and the evidence of all the non-religious countries being happier, more peaceful and economically successful then any other countries speaks for itself.

e) It’s not that you can’t accept the truth to all the things I’ve mentioned here, but you refuse to.

I can’t make things any clearer for you!