Okay well I wrote this article to list several things that truly do prove how religious people are ignorant for a multiple number of reasons.

I wrote this for religious people to look at this and self reflect on themselves how anything I say in this entire article isn’t true.

I also wrote this article to help fellow Atheists out so that they have a sort of checklist to see that with so many ignorant religious people in the world that they truly aren’t losing their minds.


Well let’s start off with the size of the universe. Does anybody know how many GALAXIES their are?

a) Our solar system is in the milkyway galaxy.

b) There are approximately 400 BILLION stars in the milky way galaxy.

c) With 100 BILLION galaxies in the universe.

d) 93 BILLION light years across from one side to the other.



How is this not ignorant to think we are alone in the universe and that other life can’t be created, or exist?


How is it not ignorant to see how out of all the planets in all the galaxies, that an all knowing, all powerful creator of the universe chose Earth:

a) And only cares about a certain type of religion follower (theirs).

b) That has it’s entire holy book based on a tiny little area that is less than .05% of the entire surface of the Earth.

c) Which has:
– Volcanoes
– Earthquakes
– Avalanches
– Floods
– Cyclones
– Landslides
– Tsunamis
– Droughts
– Lightning
– Wildfires
– Tornadoes
– Hailstones
– Heatwaves
– Cold spells
– Deadly viruses
– Hit with solar flares
– Hit with meteors

d) Wouldn’t the Earth somehow be shielded against all in “c” if it was both created by an intelligent being?


Then in the most unbelievable forms of narcissistic ignorance possible:

a) That out of thousands of completely unbelievably different religions throughout history theirs happens to be the right one.

b) That as millions of people die of natural disasters every year they think God cares.

c) Out of the millions of starving people who are innocent and praying for help that they think that there is some all knowing God that loves them.


They refuse to accept EVIDENCE that scientists show them.

a) How life is formed.

b) How the universe was formed.

c) How old the Earth is and why.

d) How evolution is true and it works.

e) How the universe doesn’t need an intelligence behind it’s creation.

f) How there is no evidence of a God whatsoever.

g) How there was no great flood and Noah’s Ark was impossible.


They refuse to accept, acknowledge the history of what’s true.

a) There is no evidence of anything in the bible, or koran being true with any of it’s divine stories.

b) There is strong evidence of the bible and koran being untrue.

c) The dates of the old testament being written were written hundreds to THOUSANDS of years after they said they were created.

d) The old testament is shown to be plagiarized and copycatted from other completely different religions.

e) There is no record of Jesus outside of the bible in the entire first century.

f) There is strong evidence that Jesus:

– Didn’t exist at all.

– Was a meaningless nobody if he did.

– Was recycled myth from other religions.

– Was a fabrication created to replace Jewish laws and influence.

g) That religions are nothing more than tools of brainwashing used to control people and make money.


Religious people are also really ignorant because they are blind to the fact that the world doesn’t need religion.

a) Holy wars and wars in general are divided by and caused by religion.

– Hatred of Jews.

– Not believing in same religion.

– Muslims are taught that infidels and non-believers must be killed til only muslims are left.

– Teaching people that insane dictators are actually gods.

b) The most peaceful peaceful countries in the world are the ones with mostly non-religious populations.

c) The US constitution was created to keep religion out of politics and for good reason.

d) All the world needs is:

– Peace.

– Freedom.

– Science.

– Education.

– Birth control.

– Disease control and prevention.

– World hunger fought against.

– To expand into outer space.

– Laws based on human rights and equality

e) The world just needs people who want to help the world and make it better and there are plenty of those.

f) The world is 1000 years behind technologically because of religion.

– Religion has always been anti-science.

– Science was blasphemy.

– It makes people satisfied with not knowing things.

– Scientific discoveries had people tortured and killed.

– It made people think that magic was responsible for everything when there is no such thing as magic.

– Religion made people into priests instead of scientists, engineers and people who could have actually been productive in society.


Religious people are blind to the fact that the world would have been a better place without religion.

a) Without witch hunts.

b) Without The crusades.

c) Without the spread of AIDS without condoms.

d) The persecution of women.

e) The persecution of homosexuals.

f) Religious wars.

g) Religious massacres.

h) Religious terrorist attacks.

i) Human sacrifices to gods.

j) Interfering with science & medicine.

l) Blasphemy laws.

m) Human rights violations because of religion.

n) Religious torture.


As for religious people thinking there is an afterlife.

a) There is no evidence of an afterlife.

b) People are so determined to throw this one and only life away thinking they will get another one.

c) Every religion has a different version of an afterlife.

d) People only believe the version they are taught.

e) If religious people actually did the research they would see that all versions of afterlives are just made up and recycled and changed throughout history.

f) If religious people actually stepped back they would see that they have been mentally conditioned to have a codependency on a religious afterlife.


Religious people are really ignorant because they cannot accept that their religion is nothing but a scam and something to take advantage of innocent people.

a) Evangelists become millionaires.

b) Religions NEED gullible people to believe their lies.

c) Without people believing, then they don’t make any money.

d) Evangelists don’t even need to believe, they just need people to believe so they can continue to control them and take advantage of them.

e) God if it did exist would not need money.

f) Religious people don’t seem to get it when preachers are telling them to ignore evidence that works against religion, that they are telling them to ignore THE TRUTH!


Religious people are too ignorant to acknowledge that they are brainwashed.

a) That they have been programmed to believe and fear a delusion since birth through child indoctrination.


b) That the reasons they believe was because they were caught up in some form of being emotional, or mentally vulnerable.

c) They can’t see that other religions that are completely different from theirs are just as brainwashed and just as fanatical to something that has just as much evidence as their religion.

– No evidence.

– Just as much evidence nonsense.


Religious people are ignorant is because they just won’t listen and just won’t give the slightest bit of effort into hearing the truth, or looking at evidence.

a) They fear the truth.

b) It is nothing more than deflection.


Religious people only hear what they want to hear.

a) Apologists only give opinions, but do not give facts.

b) Religious people take apologists OPINIONS as facts when in fact they are nothing but meaningless words.

c) Evangelists and apologists lie to them, but they don’t research to see that they are lying to them.

d) Apologists if you actually take their lectures and break everything down you will see that they really are saying absolutely nothing at all.



I really don’t know how else to explain to people how religious people are ignorant.

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible

a) Religion is nothing but lies and brainwashing.

b) If you are religious then you believe lies and are brainwashed.

c) If you realized you were lied to and realized you are brainwashed then you wouldn’t be religious.

d) If you refuse to research and you refuse to open yourself to the possibility that you have been brainwashed and lied to about your religion, then you truly are AN IGNORANT PERSON!!