Ok, so here we are stuck with christianity. A religion that is so vile, evil and destructive that it now resembles a virus. A virus that brainwashes and brain damages people to a delusional and deceptively destructive reality.

Well islam is just as bad, but let’s stick to the Jesus story.

1) What do we know about Jesus?

a) There is no evidence of Jesus in the entire 1st century except for non-sensical contradictory gospels.

b) The gospels writers are unknown.

c) That the writers of the gospels never knew anybody in any of the stories told.

d) The names of the 4 gospels were not the authors.

e) The gospels were written 40-65 years later and based completely on hearsay.

f) The earliest copies of the gospels (and there are only copies) were hundreds of years later.

Shown here:


g) The gospel writers were not there when anything happened.

h) Matthew and Luke were copied from Mark.

i) Some of gospels have been altered many years later and there are many proven forgeries in the new testament passed off as supposedly real.




j) The only source claiming talking about Jesus was Paul and christianity really is only based on his letters really since the gospels were nothing but hearsay and everything I just listed in a-i.

k) These are the painful Truths of christianity.


2) So since there really is no evidence of Jesus really and much of history contradicts the new testament, we have only 3 possibilities.

a) Jesus never existed at all.

b) Jesus was a meaningless nobody.

c) Jesus was not divine in any way.

3) I will now however list some plausible explanations of Jesus.

a) Jesus was a conspiracy created by the romans and Paul was the mastermind and instrument.


b) Was Jesus created by the roman family the Flavians over many years for their own purposes?


c) That Jesus’s twin brother Judas was mistaken for Jesus and the stories escalated.


d) Modeled after Hercules.


e) Modeled after Mithras.


f) Countless arguments that add up into one big undeniable fact.


That explain how and why Jesus did NOT EXIST!

4) Also reminding everyone that Jesus and christianity make just as much sense as any other religion that christians don’t believe, or they think is ridiculous.

a) Christianity has the same amount of evidence as anything else being true in the form of a religion, WHICH IS NONE!

b) All religions are just as delusional.


c) A crazy religion is just as crazy as any other religion, so much that it is probably just plagarizing a crazy religion you don’t believe in.


Like mormonism:


5) There really is no logic in the existence of God of any religion, but regardless of that there is nothing that says that even if there was a God that any particular religion would be true.

a) All logic of a God existing logically indicate there isn’t a God and definitely not any religions version of their one almighty creator being.


b) Even if hypothetically a God did exist, there is nothing to logically indicate that that God would be the God of ANY religion.


c) If anyone reads Exodus in the bible they will ESPECIALLY see that the God in Exodus is anything but omnipotent, anything but loving, anything but all knowing and anything but logical, or intelligent.

d) If anybody reads the new testament you see that Jesus, or “his father” are anything but all knowing, loving, logical, or intelligent.

6) Plausible and realistic explanations regarding christianity are not even that hard to think of.

a) If any christian actually sat down and thought about it they could think of many different possibilities of Jesus, or christianity that involved no supernatural, or divine factors they would be surprised what they come up with.

b) I sat down a few months ago and thought of this scenario:


– It was pretty easy.

– Do try one yourself.



a) I hope you clearly see that there is no plausible reality of Jesus, or christianity being true, or Jesus being God, or the son of God.

b) I hope you start to see that the only reason you accept the unplausible is because you are brainwashed.

c) I hope you actually start accepting the facts that christianity like any other religion ISN’T TRUE!

d) Mostly though I hope you are like this ex evangelist who set out on a 4 year mission to learn everything he possibly could about religion, science and history.


He’s an Atheist now.

e) I only tell you this because I care about you and the world and until you break free of your religion, then you will be unable to see how you and your religion are what is destroying it.

– You might even thank me.