Ok, christians let me just run this by you okay. Let me meet you half way.

1) Let’s say that Jesus was a real person.

2) Let’s say that Jesus was not really a con-artist, but not really that honest.

3) Let’s say that Jesus was a very smooth guy.

4) Let’s say that Jesus knew what to say and how to say it.

5) Let’s say that Jesus started a little group and told people he was God.

6) Let’s say that Jesus knew what to say and how to say it, simply because it isn’t that hard to know right from wrong and common sense.

7) Let’s say that Jesus had a grasp on the Hebrew bible (old testament).

8) Let’s say that Jesus was merely using the scam as a tool to get people to listen to him and be under his control.

9) Let’s say that it really isn’t that hard back then for people to believe the supernatural and were just gullible.

10) Let’s say that James and Peter were in on the scam that Jesus had.

11) Let’s say that Jesus really wasn’t that big of a deal at that time, but there were a few people who were gullible, say maybe just 20 people at most.

12) Let’s say that these people were really just not that bright, didn’t really have much going on and weren’t that educated.

13) Let’s just say that it really isn’t that hard even today to make people believe that you’re some supernatural prophet.

Here’s some examples:




Hey and look who else people thought was God…. CHARLES MANSON!

14) Let’s say that Jesus angered the Roman’s and they simply ordered his arrest, trial and found him guilty.

15) Let’s say that Jesus really didn’t want that to happen and was just a scared man who was painfully executed.

16) Let’s say that James and Peter really didn’t want this to happen and were sad and disappointed that their little money making and control operation they had with James’s brother Jesus was in jeopardy.

17) Let’s say that James and Peter decided to use this to their advantage and turn a bad thing into a good thing.

18) Let’s say that a few things happened to Jesus’s body.

a)> It never left and decomposed.

b)> Jesus body never went to a tomb, but a simple shallow grave, like the common criminal that the Romans thought Jesus was. (Paul never mentioned Joseph of Arimethea and the tomb in any of his letters).

c)> People didn’t even know where he was buried.

d)> The body was stolen.

e)> The body was burned.

19) Let’s say that James and Peter organized the resurrection using word of mouth and that there were no eyewitnesses, but James and Peter said there were.

20) Let’s say that Jesus had a twin brother named Jude.

a)> The book of Thomas that was taken out of the bible in the 3rd century clearly says Jesus had a twin brother named “Judas”.


b)> Judas was Jesus’s IDENTICAL twin.

21) Let’s say that people witnessed Jude instead of Jesus.

22) Let’s say that Paul was working for the Roman government and really was killing christians for the Romans.

Okay, so let’s say then that one of two things happened.

A} He realized what a great scam that James and Peter had going and wanted his piece of the pie.

> Paul knew what to do and how to do it!

> Scamming and deceiving people really isn’t that hard.


B} Paul AND the Roman government saw this as an advantage to manipulate people, control them and make a ton of money.

– He told people he had visions.

– Instead of killing Peter and James right away he used them as puppets and continued their scam, but took them from the top of the scam to more than half way.

– He let them know that their scam was no longer their scam, but HIS scam and the Romans and if they didn’t like it…. TOUGH!


Paul’s letters were no different than Joseph Smith’s golden plates of mormonism.

Paul’s letters were also no different than Mohammed and the koran which he said that the angel Gabriel told him what to write over a 20 year process.


I want you to look at scenerios 1-22 and tell me what doesn’t sound completely realistic, then look at examples A and B and tell me how you don’t believe them, but millions of devout people do.

Then remember how billions of devout religious believers think everything about christianity is laughable and that only a fool would believe it!

Something to think about isn’t it?