I wrote this because a religious person had said to me that my articles had not done anything to sway them into becoming Atheist.

The truth is that the religious person most likely had not read any of the articles, even though they said they were just the same old Atheist arguments. Of course they would not tell me “why”.

So I wrote this because it dawned on me that even if the religous person did “read” the articles, their brainwashing might still hinder themselves from actually applying what I was saying to them. They have been trained to shut out doubt of faith and trained not to listen, or accept simple logic.

I will now ask a series of questions for religious people to ask themselves. This is meant for them to face facts and accept simple truths.

The undeniable truth about how they are brainwashed.


-The only reason they believe in god is because they are brainwashed.

-The only reason they follow their particular religion is because they are brainwashed.

-The only reason they ignore simple scientific evidence is because they are brainwashed.

-They are slaves to a non-existent lie.

-That they truly don’t know right from wrong because they are brainwashed.

-That true freedom can only be acheived by becoming Atheist/agnostic and knowing that what you are doing is from your own thoughts, not because you live in fear of something.

Questions (all done in yes, or no)

1) Do you only believe in only your specific god?

2) Were there any other religions that you tried before you picked yours?

3) Are you able to find faults in your religion, or mistakes?

4) Have you ever looked up the history books and tried to find historical proof of the bible, outside of the bible?

5) Have you ever thought about the only reason you believe is because you are indoctrinated, or brainwashed when caught while vulnerable?

6) Is it impossible that the bible is a fraud and a scam?

7) Do you think that 93% of the scientific community that believes in evolution and have evidence are lying?

8) Do you think scientists and scholars are lying when they say there is no evidence for anything in the bible and things like the Exodus and Moses never existed?

9) Would your life be any different if you realized the truth about your entire religion being a lie?

10) If you are so determined that God exists and created the universe and had something to do with creating life, then maybe you could just be a deist then, since all religions are confirmed not true?

Now if your answers were….

1) Yes:

– Isn’t it funny that that ‘s the religion you were raised with, or only believe because that’s the one you embraced when you were emotionally vulnerable?


– Then you must be insane to have more than one all powerful God.

– Allah and Yahweh are two completely different cups of tea.

2) Yes:

– Is there any evidence of your new religion?

– What makes your new religion any more believable than your old religion?


– How do you know that you haven’t been brainwashed and mentally conditioned to only believe your religion?

3) Yes:

– Your religion is flawed and non-sensical and makes no sense and your brainwashing bipasses your thinking into condoning nonsense and unethical acts.


– Then you have just definitely proved you are brainwashed because there are thousands of things wrong with your religion.

– There are thousands of reasons why the bible and koran:

a) Make no sense.

b) Are completely immoral,

c) Are complete lies.

d) Have no historic value.

e) Are extremely harmful.

4) Yes:

– Then you must be believing things without evidence because there isn’t any.

– Believing things without evidence is insanity and complete evidence of brainwashing.

– Believing things without evidence is completely illogical and makes no sense.


– If you didn’t look then you should know that that is because there isn’t any proof and that the bible is a lie and a scam.

– If you didn’t look then it’s because you’re either too stupid to do so, or you’re too much of a coward to see the truth, that you’ve been living a lie and simply can’t deal with the truth.

5) Yes:

– How is it impossible that you aren’t?

– Did you ask yourself these questions?



– Why not?

– How is it impossible?

– Prove to me that you aren’t brainwashed?

I show here how Atheists AREN’T brainwashed, now please do the same:


I’d love to hear your defense of how you know you aren’t brainwashed.

6) Yes:

– The bible is definitely a lie and a scam and you are right to say that it’s possible because it is a lie and a scam.


– Please just ask and I will send you countless pieces of unbiased, factual info regarding how the bible…

a) Has no evidence for anything in it being real.

b) How history says that it never happened.

c) How the bible was used as a tool to manipulate, control and make money, not do anything else but that.

7) Yes:

– How can you say this if you are not a scientist?

– Fossils prove evolution.

– DNA analysis prove evolution.

– We can observe it happening in animals today:



– They have no reason to lie.

– Evolution is simply observable evidence.


Compared to:


– You have proved that you are brainwashed to not listen to evidence and programmed to enslave yourself and keep yourself a prisoner in your own mind.


– So you believe they are just wrong?

– You just proved yourself brainwashed again.

– There is 100% proof that evolution is real and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, or an idiot.

(Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron)

8) Yes:

– The archaeologists and scholars are mostly christian and simply report what they find and nothing else.

– Even christians report Ron Wyatt to be a complete fraud as shown on this christian website:



– Then why do you still believe your religion?

– That makes no sense then and have just again proved that you are brainwashed.

9) Yes:

– Why?

– How?


– Then you just proved how insignificant and unimportant religion is.

10) Yes:

– No one would even care that you believed in a God intelligently creating anything.

– If you just stopped believing in your religion you would no longer be a slave to something that has no evidence and is the most harmful and evil thing on Earth.

– If you were a deist but gave up your religion then you would actually be able to see how harmful and evil religion really is, but still believe in God.


– Then please show me evidence that your religion, or bible are real.

– There is no evidence for any religion being true.

– Anyone who tells you there is evidence their religion is true is either a liar, or giving you information they have been lied to about.


Having read this and you are a religious person, here is what I hope you get out of this article:

a) That you see that your religion is really nothing more than brainwashing.

b) That you realize that you have just been stubborn and will now start looking at evidence of both historical and scientific significance.

c) That you will realize through research that your religion is a lie and that you have been following a lie.

d) You will realize how unnecessary and harmful your religion is and you will escape from it like I did.

I can only hope.