When Philosophy Is Pointless And Civility Is Irrelevant

I have lately been called a bad philosopher and an uncivil debater.

I have also been told that my articles are just angry rants.

I also have been told I am guilty of logical fallacies.

So let’s address these issues then shall we.


1) I never claimed to be a philosopher.

2) I list things.

a) Is there such a thing as a “lister”?

b) I give examples.

c) I point things out.

d) I section everything.

e) I take a topic and say everything I want to say about it to make a point.

f) I share information.

3) The definition of Philosophy;

philosophy [fi läs′ə fē]noun
Philosophy is a set of ideals, standards or beliefs used to describe behavior and thought.


a) Do I talk about IDEALS?

– Not really.

– Ideals should just be common sense and the only way we don’t know correct, or moral ideals is through brainwashing.

– I mostly just talk about brainwashing and exposing the harms of it.

– I mostly point out the harms of brainwashing and exposing brainwashing.

– Brainwashing is the cause of religion.

– Religion is what hinders people’s morals from knowing right, or wrong.

– Brainwashing and religion are what give people the ability to have their own ideals.

b) Again, STANDARDS are really irrelevant and whether I talk about standards of right, or wrong, I’m usually talking about how brainwashing is responsible for how people cannot properly have standards.

c) As for talking about BELIEF.

– I talk about religious brainwashing.

– I talk about how there is no way of knowing what you think unless you self evaluate yourself and the world around you.

d) So I guess I’m a philosopher then.

– Wonderful, but I’m really not trying to be a philosopher (insert predictable comment here) I’m just trying to show people things and make them face the truth.

– If the definition of everything I talk about, or LIST is about brainwashing then I guess that’s my philosophy since brainwashing is behind it all.

– My philosophy is that all religion is nothing but brainwashing. Happy?

4) I simply list truths and expose the questions that people can’t deny and it’s pretty basic really.

a) All religion is brainwashing, or child indoctrination.

– I repeatedly list the reasons of why it’s harmful.

– How to spot brainwashing.

– How to know it’s real.

b) I repeatedly state how people have no evidence of anything in any religion and I LIST how they don’t.

– This isn’t philosophy this is stating factual truth.

– There is no evidence any religion is real and I expose how there isn’t.

– There is evidence how religion ISN’T true and I LIST that too.

5) I expose how people are lying.

– Also how they are not saying anything at all with what they claim they are saying (also a form of lying).

– I point out when people are simply saying OPINION and nothing else.

– This isn’t philosophy this is simply pointing out dishonesty.

6) I don’t use hundreds of philosophical words to talk about irrelevant, meaningless points.

It’s pretty clear and basic everything I say:

a) Why religion is brainwashing.

b) How they are brainwashed.

c) Religions are lies.

d) How they are lies.

e) What are the lies that are being used as evidence.

7) I really couldn’t give a flabbergasted frenchfry what anyone thinks about my philosophy since I really am not trying to be philosophical.

a) I’m pointing out things I observe.

b) I’m exposing truth and dishonesty.

c) I’m confronting people with things that nobody confronts them with, or talks about:

– Brainwashing.

– Facts.

– Lies and dishonesty.


d) Take your “you’re a horrible philosopher” statement and stick it in the same place your head is stuck!


1) Who’s debating? Not me.

a) I gave up debating on my blog months ago because of too much deflecting, lying, time wasting and overall dishonesty from people.

– It was too frustrating.

– It was too time consuming.

– The lying, deflection, dishonesty and time wasting just got to be too much for me to listen to and respond to.

b) Everyone has their breaking point.

– You can only take so much getting lied to, deflection and having your time wasted.

c) If you don’t tell the person the truth about their dishonesty, lying and deflection then you really aren’t helping.

– You are allowing them to think that it’s ok to behave this way.

– You are allowing them to continue to do so and think that no one will call them out on this.

d) I gave up because of the time wasting and deflection from what is important.

Which is:

– Brainwashing.

– Evidence of their religion and holy books being real, or unreal.

e) Nothing else other than brainwashing and evidence really matters.

2) On Twitter I don’t need to be civil.

a) It really is irrelevant if I wasn’t planning on debating the person anyway.

b) If I want to tell someone off and curse at them on Twitter because they are a scumbag for one reason, or another then I will do so.

– Who says I want to debate them?

– If they wish to then debate me after I told them off about something, then I will of course attempt to be as civil as I can for as long as I can.

– If I am uncivil with them it’s because I know that debating them is impossible for one reason, or another.

3) If someone wants to be uncivil to me that’s fine.

a) Maybe I’m out of line and need to be set straight about something.

b) Maybe they think I’m a threat to their religion.

– If that’s the case then I’m flattered.

c) If they aren’t doing it to be misleading and genuinely have something important to say then that really is all that matters!

– I just want them to answer questions, rude, or not.

– I want them to tell me how they aren’t brainwashed.

– I want to hear their evidence.

– I can simply be uncivil back, tune it out, or whatever I choose.

– Just give me answers.

4) Again, I’m not a philosopher.

a) Never claimed to be, whether you think I am, or not.

b) I am an exposer of truth and facts.

c) I am someone who speaks his mind.

d) I am someone who encourages others to speak their mind and tell it like it is:

– Dishonesty is not okay.

– Deflecting is pointless and cowardly.

– Believing things without evidence is stupidity.

– Brainwashing other people through being a predator of some form of mental and emotional vulnerability is evil and if you do this you are a scumbag.

– Indoctrinating children to believe in a religion, is child abuse.

If you want to say these are “philosophies” well whatever, just don’t waste my time. I want answers and evidence, not nit-picky and irrelevant comments about how I come across.

5) Why don’t you just grow a pair?

a) Awww Was I mean to you?

– You poor thing.

– There there.

b) Welcome to Twitter.

– Not always civil. SURPRISE!

c) Welcome to the real world.

– Not always civil.

– The whole world just recently became uncivil suddenly overnight.

– For thousands of years people were civil and this “uncivil” thing that people do just suddenly started happening.

– People just started being uncivil sometime last week.

6) I show people things and expect them to show me things.

a) Again that isn’t debating whether it’s civil, or not.

b) Either prove you aren’t brainwashed, or that you have evidence, or aren’t whatever insult I’m calling you, or don’t do, or say whatever it is that I’m insulting you for in the first place anymore.

– Then don’t be surprised!


1) Ever thought maybe you’re just too stupid to understand what I’m saying?

a) I get several compliments daily about my articles from people who clearly understand them.

– Interesting that you don’t.

b) It really isn’t that hard to read and understand since everything is sectioned.

c) You’re really either lying, or dumb.

– Probably both.

2) I’ve caught people who say this ranting thing several times lying.

– They forget that I can see which country has read my articles on my blog stats.

– They somehow think I believe they can read my articles in 30 seconds.

– They forget that they already told me they don’t read my articles, so how would they know what they say if they don’t read them?

3) Even if my articles WERE just ranting (which they aren’t but if they were) they would still have the following….

a) Addressing every issue on the topic.

b) Being as infomative as can be.

c) Made to not having to say something later on because I already said it.

4) They aren’t ranting articles though and if someone says the articles are just ranting and they did read it….

a) They really don’t have a grasp on focusing on what the real problems and issues are.

b) Whether they THINK the articles are rants, or not:

– They still do expose the issues and expose the truth.

– People still do compliment me on them a lot and retweet them.

– They also tell me they aren’t angry rants, but brilliant pieces of work.

5) I like what I have written.

a) I like how I word the articles.

b) I feel I put everything into focus and perspective for people and also for myself.

c) I feel that I answer questions for people that people need to read.

d) Mostly I feel that I ask the right questions.

– This is how I became an agnostic, then an Atheist.

– This is how other people become an agnostic, or an Atheist, or maybe even a deist.

– You ask questions.

6) If you think my articles are just ranting:

a) You probably don’t wish to accept the truth.

– Philosophy overall is a big waste of time when talking about religion.

– You aren’t asking the right questions.

– All that really matters talking about is:

> Brainwashing.

> Evidence.

> Exposing lying and dishonesty.

b) You are just deflecting.

7) If you think my articles are hateful:

a) You probably are lying.

– Like I said already about catching people lying.

b) I hate what religion does but I feel I have good reason:

– Murder.

– Bigotry.

– Oppression of woman and gays.

– Anti-science.

– War.

– Atrocities and human rights violations.

– People are slaves to a lie.

– People are being scammed.

– People waste their lives for nothing.

– Religion weakens people and causes them to NOT have inner strength.

– Child marriages.

– Terrorism.

– Insane cults.

– Human sacrifices.

– Brainwashing.

– Ridiculous blasphemy executions.

– Genocides.

– Slavery justified by religions.

– Child indoctrination.

– Suicide martyrs.

– Honor killings.

– The fact that I am hated all over the world and mistrusted because I am an Atheist.

– The fact that in so many places in the world it is illegal to be an Atheist, or another religion.

– The fact that in so many places in the world if I am an Atheist, or another religion I can be put to death.

c) Please tell me if there’s anything listed above in “b” that you don’t hate?

d) Please tell me if there’s something I listed in “b” that you don’t think is worthy of talking, or writing about?

e) My articles might suggest I hate certain things, but with good reason

8) I do hate some apologists and evangelists for several reasons.

a) Some are scammers.

b) Some are liars.

c) Some are overall evil because of their religion and their religion has made them incurably evil.

d) I list every reason why I might hate something about an evangelist, or apologist I mention.

e) If I am hateful of something, or someone I always have a good reason.


1) I am only aware that I have been accused of the annoying “genetic fallacy”.

a) Here is the defintion:


b) I often will state how religions are in general determined by geography.

c) I often will state how the child will grow up believing the same gods and religions as their parents.

d) I often will state how the only reason the person is brainwashed to a religion is because their parents brainwashed them and their parents had also brainwashed them and so on

e) All of b-d are true most of the time, but there are exceptions.

– So what? Not many.

– It’s generally true.

– People don’t generally just become religious themselves. Duh.

f) Religious people will simply not address the brainwashing issues by saying “genetic fallacy”.

– This does not make this issue not true.

– It just means that there are some exceptions.

– It is nothing more than deflection.

g) Getting attacked by a great white shark while surfing won’t always kill you either, but as a general rule they usually will kill you if one attacks you.

– Just because some people don’t die from getting attacked by a great white shark doesn’t mean that it’s not highly probable that it will kill you.

– It’s the same thing with child indoctrination to religion.

h) Child indoctrination from parents is why religion exists.

– If people try to simply dismiss it and say it’s irrelevant, then it is simply deflection and nothing else.

– If people try to DENY that if children weren’t allowed to be exposed to religion until they were 18 that we’d be living in a much different world, then they are lying and wasting your time, or just stupid.

2) If people want to say I have straw man arguments with things such as C:7b above, well they can say that if they want to, if it makes them feel better.

a) It doesn’t make them untrue problems.

b) They are just deflecting.



1) I just wanted to comment on how pathetic Twitter has become with all these ridiculous and obnoxious philosophers that have suddenly appeared.

2) Religious debating isn’t a game and that is how it has become. Like a team sport of irrelevant and meaningless nonsense.

a) Show evidence

b) Deal with the brainwashing issues

c) Nothing else matters but “a” and “b”.

3) Never treat a religious person like their behavior is anything else but insane, because all religions are quite insane.

a) Whether you are kind to them about it is irrelevant.

b) Despite what people say, I do try to be nice, but when you confront people with their deflection and dishonesty you will find them not to be very civil themselves.

c) By encouraging religious thinking and behavior you are being an ENABLER.

d) By being an enabler you are not helping them and you are not helping the children who will be indoctrinated and the older people who will be brainwashed and deceived.

4) Philosophy is about bending the truth and being a convincing liar.

a) I tell the truth and nothing else.

b) Here is a highly respected christian philosopher saying gays shouldn’t be happy being themselves:


c) Here is the same christian philosopher saying why it’s ok for God to murder children and why Yahweh is real and not Allah:


I’m amused that the same people who say I rant and am hateful do not say the same thing about the christian philosopher above in “b” and “c”.