So it dawned on me that many religious people had something in common with me. We both have a PURPOSE.

It dawned on me that religious people were constantly saying that their religion gives them purpose. Although it is a delusional purpose for a multiple number of reasons, I realized some similarities between what I do and what they do.

1) I am obsessed with fighting religion and doing the following:

a) Above all making people into Atheists.

b) Being quite satisfied if they become agnostics.

c) Accepting if they are merely deists.

– Who cares if they’re deists?

– As long as they aren’t religious.

– If all they do is believe some intelligence created the universe then who really cares?

2) A Jehovah’s witness said something to me the other day (I love JWs by the way because when they come to you it’s like Twitter in real life)

a) “Our religion demands that we spread the good news about the new system of God”

b) “If you knew you could save someone by getting them to listen, wouldn’t you feel obligated to help save them?”

3) Well if that really was the case and they wanted to help people they could do the following…

a) Charity work

b) Volunteer work

c) Join a group that stands for a cause.

– Big brother

– Mothers against drunk driving

– Green peace

– PETA (for animals, but you gotta love em)

– So many helpful organizations.

3) I myself am kind of hypocritical in the sense that I don’t actively participate in organizational work, but I do the following.

a) I contribute to many charities monthly.

b) I freely give money away to friends in need, or strangers.

c) I rescue stray animals from time to time, give them full medical attention from the vet and find them homes.

4) I did everything I mention above in 3 before I became a full-time Atheist activist 4 years ago and I still do them.

a) It gave me purpose then.

b) It gives me purpose now.

5) What has changed since I became an active, obsessed and driven Atheist?

a) I have PURPOSE speaking out and fighting against religion.

b) I feel the PURPOSE of fighting religion has taken over my life and it pretty much is all I’m focusing on at least 15 hours of my day, every day.

c) I feel like I am a slave to the PURPOSE of fighting religion.

– I would like to close my Twitter accounts and blog and never write another word regarding Atheism and religion.

– I find that as much as I’d like to, I really can’t.

– I know that if people like me do not speak up and speak loudly that this horrible disease called religion will not only take over the world, but will also destroy it.

6) If religious people think they would have no purpose in life without their religion…

a) They are just saying that to justify their delusion.

b) They are giving excuses not to give any credit to the possibility that they have been living a lie.

c) They are not considering the many things that they could be doing that would give them purpose.

7) As an Atheist my life has great purpose.

a) My life is to make the world a better place and help out whenever I can.

b) My life is about speaking out against the horrible disease we call religion.

c) Whether I do “b” is irrelevant whether, or not I do it, but if I do “a” is all that really matters.

d) If I were living 100 years in the future, then fighting and speaking out against religion would not even be a problem because religion is predicted to be eradicated by then and “b” wouldn’t even exist, only “a”.

8) If someone doesn’t think they have a purpose in life, whether they are religious, or not….

a) They aren’t trying hard to find a purpose.

b) There really isn’t anything they care about.

c) They’re too lazy to do anything.

d) They have been brainwashed so badly that they really haven’t realized the nonsense of finding a PURPOSE without a religion.

9) What are the harms of the PURPOSES that religion gives?

a) It gives people the PURPOSE of promoting bigotry and hate.

– Oppression of gays

– Oppression of women

– Oppression of different religions and Atheists

b) It gives people the PURPOSE of destroying the world and not even realizing it.

– Anti- science.

– Believing people are your enemies because you believe an imaginary, non-existent being tells you they are.

– It makes people not use logic and realistic solutions and instead use prayer and delusional guidance from a delusional non-existent being.

– It over populates the world illogically
> Anti-birth control
> Anti-abortion

c) It manipulates the person to think that unless you kiss God’s rear end and go to heaven then there isn’t a purpose.

– This is a condition that is programmed and built up over time.

– It’s a condition that they wouldn’t have unless they were brainwashed to feel that way.

10) So how is my PURPOSE of fighting religion better than a religious person’s purpose of wasting their life on their religion?

a) Atheists only fight religion because religion is harmful.

b) The harm of religion is real and the harm of Atheism isn’t real.

Examples of religious harm:

– Murder to please a god.

– Bigotry.

– Oppression of women and gays.

– Anti-science.

– Atrocities and human rights violations to please a god.

– People are slaves to a lie.

– Child marriages.

– Terrorism.

– Insane cults.

– Human sacrifices.

– Brainwashing.

– Ridiculous blasphemy executions.

– Genocides.

– Slavery justified by religions.

– Child indoctrination.

– Suicide martyrs.

– Honor killings.

c) Religion’s purpose is to get people not to think about how religions makes no sense.

d) Atheism’s purpose is for people to think about how Atheism DOES make sense.

e) Religion’s purpose is to get people to ignore evidence.

f) Atheism’s purpose is to get people to look at the evidence.

g) Religion’s purpose completely involves imaginary problems.

h) Atheism’s purpose only involves real problems.

– Because they see reality.

– They know there is nothing else to worry about other than what affects reality.

11) Without religion someone has a PURPOSE.

a) They just have to realize they do.

b) Anyone who tells you Atheism has no purpose is either lying to you, or giving you the wrong information.

c) It’s much better to have a PURPOSE of making the world a better place than the PURPOSE of going to a fictional one.



If you think that there’s no PURPOSE without religion then you’re just not thinking.

If you can’t find a purpose to life because your life isn’t going to be infinite lounging around doing nothing, standing around in your underwear, forever and ever….

….Well I just don’t know what to say, because here really just is no greater purpose in life than standing around doing nothing in your underwear for all eternity.