I often see that headline in the title of many blog entry titles. “Why I’m a christian”.

1) The headline is because of one of two reasons, or possibilities.

a) To convince themselves.

– They, we can only assume are already convinced though, but they might be having doubts.

b) To lie to other people.

– Most likely the reason, since they themselves are convinced, but they need to convince other people in order to reassure their own delusion.

– Since there is no evidence all they can do is lie.

2) They were child indoctrinated.

a) They were raised and mentally conditioned to deny facts and evidence.

b) The child is raised to believe the unbelievable.

c) The child grows up mentally conditioned to believe that having no evidence is somehow evidence.

d) The child is raised by people it trusted and believes there is no chance these people could be wrong.

3) Brainwashed as an adult through a weakness and being caught being emotionally, or mentally vulnerable in one form, or another.

a) Self defense mechanism for the mind because they can’t mentally deal
with reality.

– When someone loses a loved one and can’t mentally deal with the reality that they’ll never see them again.

– They can’t mentally cope with the reality of their own finite existence.

b) Brainwashed through fear.

– Fearing the fictional “hell” through the “better safe than sorry attitude” through all the rambling from christians about it.

– Fearing their own mortality, they lie to themselves to believe in an afterlife.

4) Brainwashed through trickery.

a) Lying about there being verified history, or evidence when there isn’t.

b) That pretty much is it about the trickery part, but what people don’t realize is how much lying apologists actually do.

– If apologists don’t lie they realize that there is no truth to the bibles stories, or evidence and they become Atheists.

5) Christians for some reason think that because they convince themselves there was a creator, or designer of the universe, that somehow their god is the right one out of thousands of gods throughout history.

a) That their religion is the right one out of over 33,000 sects of christianity currently going on right now.

b) That all the other religions and sects that they don’t believe in throughout history are wrong.

6) They blindly believe that the old testament and new testament are real and that there is somehow evidence for divine things in the bible to be real and not fiction.

a) There is no evidence of anything in the bible being true.

b) There is evidence the bible isn’t true.

c) Just ask for links.

– I have lots that show the bible history to be nothing but fiction.

– Feel free to ask.

7) They believe people who try and use the bible to prove the bible.

a) The bible can’t prove the bible when nothing in the bible is true in the first place.

b) Anybody who tries to use the bible to prove the bible knows they are lying, but expect people to be stupid enough to believe them.

– Unfortunately people often do believe the false evidence of the bible proving the bible.

8) They don’t do the proper research and then they get their information from biased, inaccurrate, or lying sources.

a) No evidence of the entire bible being anything more than fairytales and fiction.

b) ALL apologists are misleading dishonest liars and if you think you know one who isn’t, then by all means, please send me a video link and I’ll gladly show you.

– They lie.

– They say they will show you evidence, but then they never do, but pretend they did.

– They tell you that evidence is not important.

– They tell you that all you need is faith.

9) Cognitive dissonance. Which is basically a fancy way of saying that they can’t handle the truth.

a) They are too mentally weak to deal with the reality that they have been living a lie their whole life.

b) It’s too painful to realize they have wasted their time on a complete waste of time.

c) Unbearable to facing the truth that you are so gullible and having been nothing but a sucker and a puppet.

d) Agony for them to comprehend that all their rear end kissing was for no reason other than to make rich people in the church even richer.

e) Too Excruciatingly painful to realize that the people they trusted, really are just as gullible and brainwashed as them.

f) Inconceivably uncomfortable to even consider that billions of people throughout history could not only believe something that is such complete idiocy, but to devote their life to it!

g) Incomprehensibly unreal that there is no afterlife and all the empty promises they were promised were nothing but meaningless, made-up gibberish.

h) Completely mind-blowing that the bigotry and hatred for various people and silly little rules called “sins” that they were forced to feel were wrong and were as meaningless as wearing bug repellent to repel bears.

– All the above here in 9 are just too far fetched and unacceptable for them to even consider.

– Years of being conditioned to being addicted to a lie make accepting the truth extremely difficult.

– Similar to a chronic alcoholic being suddenly told they will never drink alcohol again and being unable to accept it.

10) They are christians because the church is the oldest and biggest criminal organization in the world and their entire existence depends on people being gullible, brainwashed, scammed, conned and bamboozled!

a) They are.

b) The christians worship Jesus, but the church worships money.

c) The church and christianity needs believers.

– Atheists just need their friends and family.

– Atheists just need their inner strength they develop.

– Atheists just need reality.



Everything listed above is the downright truth!

Any religious person who can’t accept the truth of what I’ve said above:

a) Is in denial.

b) Is a coward who is too afraid to accept the reality of how things REALLY ARE!

c) Is welcome to go do research as I’ve said from unbiased sources.

– Feel free to ask me for links on @buybulljournal and I’ll gladly send them to you.

– I encourage you to send me unbiased evidence also.

Thank you for reading and I hope you now see the real reasons of WHY YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN.