1) God had to come from something if it did exist.

2) If religious people say that nothing comes from nothing, then how could God come from nothing? That makes no sense. God is supposed to be a something.

3) How is it okay for God to come from nothing, but the universe can’t? That makes no sense. Fair is fair.

4) If God can come from nothing, then the universe can come from nothing too, since God AND the universe are both “somethings”.

5) The universe coming from nothing proves itself. We see the universe. We have proof of it.

6) There is no proof of God, ever. Nothing. No proof that it exists that is credible, or solid. There are no scientific theories for, or OF God, such as the “Big Bang” has.

7) All religions are proven fraud and lies by ANYONE who actually does research and looks for proof, so that means that no holy books are credible and are just simple stories.

(Yes I mean those “experts” like WL Craig and those other nitwits who have nothing but stories, brainwashing and hearsay like the rest of you religious apologist liars).

8) The concept of God merely debunks itself and proves itself irrelevant! Since God can be created from nothing according to religious people, then the universe can come from nothing.

9) The only proof religious people always get stuck with for god is “that everything had to have a “designer”. Then they are saying that god designed itself. Since god had no designer, then that proves the universe doesn’t need one either.

10) The reality and unfortunate truth is that religious people try to delude themselves by saying that god created everything and is responsible for everything.

11) Not only is there no proof of god, but it can only be deduced that the scientifically sound “Big Bang” created all matter by creating hydrogen and helium, creating suns, which then created elements FROM them when they went super nova.

– This process is called fusion.

12) So in conclusion…..

That means all evidence of the old religious concept “God created everything from nothing” is irrelevant and has no logic, but simply proves again that the ONLY reason people believe in a God is because of brainwashing in one form or another.

– The same reason that children believe in Santa Claus.

– Santa Claus is a delusion inserted into children’s minds.

– God is a delusion inserted into religious people’s minds.

– If there were a colony of Atheists & nobody introduced the concept of God, or religions, the mere concept of God would not exist either.

Richard Carrier says it best

Why the universe isn’t fine tuned