So I realized that since I did an article recently on “Why you’re a christian” I thought I would write a piece on why I’m an Atheist.

Maybe some religious people will write a response piece to it. That should be interesting.

First off though I’ll do a part on what MADE me an Atheist, or more to the point “an agnostic” then an Atheist later on.

Part One:

First off let me say that I’m from a highly religious family and studied the bible constantly and went to church quite often and willingly and even gave religious speeches in my church. I became agnostic at 14 and have been a non-believer for over 30 years.

1) One day at 14 I broke out in this long speech out of nowhere to my younger cousin about how amazing, loving and wonderful God was and how you could always turn to God for answers.

2) My cousin who is a highly religious person today and was back then aswell, I think he kinda was weirded out by what I said, at least that’s how I felt.

3) The next day I thought about how nuts I sounded and couldn’t really get it outta my head how creepy and weird I sounded also. So for the first time I actually thought about things and really put things into perspective.

4) Let’s go over a few things and by the way, at this point in my life I did not know a single non-religious person, or wasn’t aware of any.

a) There was no evidence of anything in the bible being true.

b) It seemed like everyone who was religious was brainwashed and sounded just as kooky as I noticed I had sounded in my speech to my cousin.

c) My mother had told me when I was 8 that dinosaur fossils were put there by Satan to fool us. (I swear that’s what she said to me, although I might have been 9, or 10).

– I was shocked that there were so many people I encountered who believed the same thing as my mother.

– No I’m not ripping this off from the Lewis Black joke I post on Twitter so often, I’m being 100% serious.

d) All religions were just as ridiculous and silly and had just as much evidence.

e) I realized that heaven was just something to make people feel better because they couldn’t deal with the fact that when they died, they really were dead.

f) I realized that the only reason I believed MY religion was because my parents had raised me to that religion.

g) I realized how meaningless religion and belief in gods was when I seen how religion and believing really meant nothing with how crappy the world was.

h) I realized how much happier I was not feeling like I was being watched by gods and demons and was no longer a slave.

i) I realized I was actually seeing the real world for the first time and not an imaginary fantasy land.

j) Just basic, good old evolution and dinosaurs and the fact that Earth and humans were older than 10,000 years old.

5) At some point before September 11, 2001 I realized that I had become an Atheist.

– I didn’t know when, or how many years before 911 happened that I went from agnostic to an Atheist.

– I could have been an Atheist from maybe 1992-2001 roughly, I didn’t really know, but I knew then and there that there was 100% no possibility that there was a God.

– I knew that that is what I had thought of for quite a while.

Part Two:

As an adult in his 40s who has asked a lot of questions, debated many people about religion, did a lot of research and seen quite a lot of things in their life, this is what I have gathered.

Yes I will repeat some things from above.

1) Religion is nothing but brainwashing.

2) There is no truth to any religion being true.

3) Anybody who tells you there is evidence to a religion being true is either lying, or misinformed.

4) Preachers will tell you that you don’t need evidence and all you need is faith.

a) This is so you will feel guilty about doubting.

b) This is so you won’t realize how there is no evidence of any religion being true.

c) This is so you don’t actually give credit to real science and real evidence about how nothing is real in any religion.

d) This is so you don’t realize the fact that science actually shows that the universe didn’t need a designer and is quite independent.


5) Evolution is real with more evidence for it than could ever disprove it.

– There is no evidence to disprove it by the way.

6) Life has been on Earth even in just it’s most basic forms for over a billion years.

7) The age of the Earth is measured and the age of the universe is measured.

8) The big bang was real and we have scientific evidence for it.

9) The explanation of where matter comes from by fusion is real.

a) Suns go supernova and create matter.

b) The big bang created hydrogen and helium with one electron and 2 electrons.

c) Suns are made from hydrogen and helium.

d) Suns go supernova.

e) Fusion is created in supernovas.

f) Supernovas have been observed.

g) Elements made in fusion from super novas is sound science.

10) Panspermia is real and proven.

a) Life is found on rocks from meteors and also building blocks of life.

b) Also in space dust just floating in space, building blocks of different ammino acids exist have been examined and found to be real.

11) There is no logical reason for anyone to believe any religion with no evidence, but there is strong evidence to believe the religions aren’t real and just simply believing there was a creator wasn’t good enough.

12) People are emotionally pathetic weaklings mentally because of religion and religion conditions people to be pathetic weaklings mentally.

a) This is what causes people to believe and be dependent to the lie of religion and belief in God.

b) If nobody believed in God people would be forced to be mentally stronger and far less frequently need a mental crutch.

13) If children weren’t indoctrinated and religion weren’t pushed on people then religion would just disappear.

14) Non-religious countries are more successful, happier, peaceful and economically stable than religious countries.

a) Proving the harm of religion.

b) Proving the uselessness of religion.

c) Proving that religion really is the problem.


Those are my reasons of how I became Atheist and why I am even more of an Atheist from the agnostic I was at one time.

To sum it.

1) Evidence against religion and God.

2) No evidence of religion and God.

3) Belief in both gods and religions is nothing but brainwashing.

4) Religion is nothing but evil and harmful.

5) Belief is useless, pointless and irrelevant.

6) Religion and belief are nothing but a scam used to make money and control people.

7) The world is far better off without religion and belief.

8) Nothing I have said in this article is faith based, but instead is logic based, fact based and science based.

I look forward to counter articles to this from religious people, but if I don’t get any, well that won’t surprise me either, but I look forward to mounds and mounds of religious evidence.

That was a joke by the way about waiting for evidence. I know you religious people have none. Do wake up!