Let’s create a hypothetical situation to show a point. Purely hypothetical. Just making a point because I want to show what the real problem is.

This is a purely hypothetical point where we’re also saying there are no Atheists, or agnostics, but no religions either.

A “deist” as we all know is someone who believes in God, thinks God created everything, but that’s it.

– There are no messiahs, no fairy tale stories of myth that are not only ridiculous, but have no evidence.

– Just plain old intelligent design belief and nothing else and everyone believed that.

– That includes no afterlifes.


1) No human sacrifices to gods.

2) No holy wars.

3) No religious laws saying gays should be put to death.

4) No religious laws oppressing gays and women.

5) No torturing people for breaking ridiculous religious laws.

6) There would be priority of human rights over religious law.

a) Because religion would not exist.

b) Religious rights would not take power over human rights because all there would be is human rights.

c) This would mean that human rights would be all that would be left and equality where religious laws would have been.

7) No hatred of races of people because gods say to hate that race of people.

a) Muslims and jews

b) Mormons and blacks

c) Different sects of christianity versus different sects of christianity

d) Different sects of islam versus different sects of islam

e) All races versus Atheists and agnostics

8) No superstitions and belief in ghosts, demons and spirits wouldn’t exist without an afterlife and without a religion to base it on.

9) Gays could be happily married and be happy.

10) Mixed races anywhere could be married and happy.

11) Muslims wouldn’t be planning and plotting to kill everyone who isn’t muslim, because there would be no muslims, there would only be PEOPLE.


The down sides now because even this has flaws.

1) Slightly less science then if everyone were just Atheists which is inevitable if people still think that God did everything, then they would be slightly less curious.

– Still a lot more science than today’s real world and definitely a lot more science than a world if everybody were religious.

– Note that Einstein was most likely a deist who claimed no religious affiliation, but called the wonderment and beauty of the universe “God”.

a) Creationism would still not exist though since there would be no ridiculous fairy tale story involved to believe.

b) The world wouldn’t be hindered in progress from the anti-science of religion.

2) The world would be too overpopulated from so many people.

a) People would be looked after better and fed better because there wouldn’t be religious tension between countries interfering with distribution of aid.

b) Without people focusing on religion then more people would actually solve the world’s problems and become engineers and scientists.

– People would be more educated.

– If people were more educated they would be able to support themselves better and live decent lives.

c) Birth control would be provided and though the poor would be able to prevent unwanted children from being born the higher numbers of educated, employed and happy people would cause the population to skyrocket.

– Which would mean more scientists and engineers.

– Which would mean greater advancements in technology and science.

– Which would cause humankind to expand into space and colonize the galaxy.

Ok, I take it back about anything in PART TWO being a downside to anything.

I thought that there might be a slight downside at least to the fact of everyone being deists if they were, but I really don’t see how in anyway it wouldn’t be a complete 99% improvement from religion.

Ok, I’m being dishonest here. I’m lying.

– I totally knew before writing PART TWO that there really is no downside if everybody were deists. I cannot tell a lie.

As for the 1% I mentioned that wasn’t an improvement from deism…. that is Deepak Chopra.

Of course PART THREE if I wrote it would be “Atheism world” and would be all the good qualites that the “deism world would have, but be slightly more scientific and NOT HAVE DEEPAK CHOPRA!

I believe though that I have isolated religion to be what is truly wrong with this world. It really is.