Unfortunately I know I will get attacked by Atheists for both this article itself, but probably just for the title. Maybe both.

Please read what I say though before you judge me harshly. Either way it doesn’t matter because I’m still speaking the truth.

A few days ago I said on Twitter:

“Religion is a disease
The faith virus spreads
The virus is spread thru brainwashing”

Someone then added a tweet:

“Religion is a form of mental illness
It should be treated as such”

Now apparently that is an offensive thing to say to some Atheists, which I found quite fascinating.

1) I didn’t say it for shock value, trolling, or to be offensive.

a) I simply spoke the truth.

b) If Atheists are offended by me saying that “religion is a virus” then obviously they are part of the problem.

c) I write things not for shock value but for bringing religious people to a realization that will make them self reflect and examine themselves.

d) The mental illness aspect I didn’t say, however I will have to agree.

2) How is religion a virus, or disease?

a) It’s contagious like a virus.

b) You might even call it a social parasite.

c) The brainwashing is what makes it contagious,

d) Some people are immune to the religion faith virus (Atheists).

e) Some people develop a resistance to the religion faith virus (people who become Atheists).

f) Religion causes mental brain damage like a disease.

– Making people accept other things without evidence in their lives because religion causes them to do so.

– Causing people to behave and act irrationally and do harmful destructive things that no sane Atheist person would do unless they actually had a medical mental illness like schizophrenia, or maybe just happened to be diagnosed with psychopathy.

3) What harmful, destructive things happen to your mind if you have the faith virus, besides just believing other things without evidence?

Well for starters:

> Human sacrifices to imaginary beings.

> Animal sacrifices to imaginary beings.

> Hating people because they think an imaginary being tells them.

> Murdering people because they think an imaginary being told them to.

> Refusing to take blood in order to save their own lives because they think an imaginary being would be mad at them.

> Refusing to give blood to save someone else’s life because an imaginary being would be mad at them.

> Giving away massive amounts of money to your imaginary slave master.

> Refusing medical treatment for your children and getting them killed because of it.

> Believing you are an inferior sex gender and must be completely covered from head to foot because an imaginary being says so.

> Believing an imaginary being cares what kind of bread, or meat you eat.

> Believing that the one life you have isn’t important because there is an imaginary life waiting for you where you live forever.

> Believing that you have the right religion out of thousands of different religions and sects, but that billions of other people do not.

> Believing that imaginary beings are watching you, judging you and making you do bad things.

> Blowing yourself up because you think that an imaginary being wants you to hurt innocent people and will reward you by letting you have sex with 72 virgins for all eternity.

> Thinking an imaginary being doesn’t want you to use condoms, or other birth control.

> Thinking that burning a defenseless person alive for not believing in an imaginary friend isn’t important, but that burning a book is.

> Wanting people killed for making fun of someone who died over a thousand years ago and rioting in a city.

> Being told to never believe something is a lie and to never doubt, or listen, or do research and then actually doing as told, even though what they have told you not to doubt is completely ridiculous and has no evidence.

> To mutilate a child’s sexual body parts because they think an imaginary being demands it and won’t allow them to somehow enter an imaginary Disneyland Utopian interdimensional themepark after they die.

> Licking the blood off a baby boy’s newly circumcised penis.

> Tying a woman up and stoning her to death for being sexual somehow, because they think that an imaginary being demands it.

> Caning a 14 year old girl, or any girl much older, or much younger because they don’t want to marry you and thinking this is perfectly normal.

> Protesting someone’s funeral, or wedding because they think that an imaginary being insists that you do so because of someone’s sexual preference.

> Killing yourself to go see a loved one who died “in heaven”.

> Believing you are talking to an omnipotent imaginary being telepathically and that it is listening (praying).

> Believing you have magic thinking powers (also called praying).

> Believing imaginary beings will look after you and stop you from going to prison if you don’t pay your taxes.

4) I think what Atheist people who are not agreeing with the whole faith virus/mental illness comparison are getting wrong are the following:

a) Religion REALLY IS a harmful disease and mental illness.

b) It might not look like a biological virus, but it acts like a biological virus and functions the same way as a mental biological virus, or disease.

c) The same as an artificial intelligence life form in the shape of an android human lookalike.

– Has intelligence in the form of artificial intelligence.

– Artificial intelligence is still “intelligence”.

d) A computer virus is still a “virus”.

– Yet I don’t hear people arguing against the classification of a computer virus.

e) Religion is something created to “infect” the mind and corrupt thought processes and cause the brain to not function normally in many different ways.

– The way a biological virus, or organic disease corrupts the body, or mind.

f) A virus is still a virus with just a different type, whether we want to accept it, or not.

g) A disease is still a disease.

– A toe fungus is a disease.

– Cancer is a disease.

– Birth defects are a disease.

– Lead poisoning is a disease.

– Colds and flus are diseases.

– Any different multiple things that infect and spread to certain isolated parts, or to all parts of the body, causing harm (my definition of a disease).

Let’s define these terms from actual online dictionary definitions.

“Mental illness”
and “Virus”

Dictionary definition:

a) “Disease”

disease [di zēz′]noun
The definition of a disease is an illness or sickness with specific, well-defined symptoms that affects a person, plant or animal.


– Well the “symptoms” would be everything I listed in sections 2 and 3.

– Affects people.

– Is an illness.
b) “Mental illness”

mental illness [mĕnˈtl]
Any of various conditions characterized by impairment of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning, and caused by social, psychological, biochemical, genetic, or other factors, such as infection or head trauma. Also called emotional illness, mental disease, mental disorder.


– {1} Definitely impairs peoples cognitive functions as shown in the examples in 2) and 3).

– {2} Definitely affects peoples emotional functions.

-[a] Specifically hating people for delusional reasons.

-[b] Causing fear from imaginary beings.

-[c] Loving imaginary beings and placing value over real beings.

-[d] Loving people who (for rational reasons) shouldn’t be loved (cult leaders, psychopathic terrorists, etc)

-[e] Hating people for illogical reasons because of how they were born (being Jewish, being black, being gay, other non-sensical made up bigotry)

-[f] Treating people sociopathically like they are not even important, or even people.

-{3} Definitely affects peoples behavioral functions.

-[a] See section “3)” about the harmful things religion does to people’s minds.

-[b] People are not in control of their own actions when they are infected with religion because… morality is doing what’s right, regardless of what you are told, while religion is DOING WHAT YOU ARE TOLD REGARDLESS OF IF IT’S RIGHT!

-{4} Caused by social factors.

-[a] Child indoctrination to religion.

-[b] Being brainwashed when older to religion because of being caught in a state of emotional vulnerability.

-[c] The geographical influence and pressure of people of overwhelming population percentages of religious groups, that make knowing and thinking anything else but their religion inconceivable.

-[d] Friend circles and acceptance.

-{5} Caused by psychological factors.

-[a] Child indoctrination again.

-[b] Brainwashing again from emotional vulnerabilities being preyed upon.

> Fear of death and dealing with a finite existence.

> Unable to mentally deal with the loss of a loved one.

> A “higher power” through substance addiction rehabilitation.

-[c] Denial of the fact that they have wasted their entire life believing a complete lie.
c) “Virus”

OBSOLETE venom, as of a snake
any of a kingdom (Virus) of prokaryotes, usually ultramicroscopic, that consist of nucleic acid, either RNA or DNA, within a case of protein: they infect animals, plants, and bacteria and reproduce only within living cells: viruses are considered as being either living organisms or inert chemicals.

a disease caused by a virus
anything that corrupts or poisons the mind or character; evil or harmful influence

an unauthorized, disruptive set of instructions placed in a computer program, that leaves copies of itself in other programs and disks

Origin: Classical Latin a slimy liquid, poison ; from Indo-European base an unverified form weis-, to flow (used of foul or malodorous fluids) from source ooze, weasel, Classical Greek ios, poison


-{1} A disease caused by a virus.

-[a] We already seen that religion fit the description of “disease”.

-[b] A disease caused by “the faith virus”.

-{2} Religion corrupts and poisons the minds and characters of people.

-{3} Religion is evil.

-{4} Religion causes harmful influence.

-{5} A disruptive set of instructions placed in a computer program (the human mind).
So as you see with all the examples provided directly from an online dictionary above, that religion fits the defintions of all three terms.

“Disease” and “Mental illness” and “Virus”

Do check the dictionary links provided if you think I altered anything that was defined. I assure you I didn’t.

Here is an expert agreeing on all 3 points:




All I did was show what was there and didn’t expose anything that people aren’t aware of in general already.

It seems that certain Atheists would prefer not to publicly define religion as I have done for unknown reasons that I can only GUESS and nothing else.

1) Possibly they just think it sounds mean.

a) They don’t like to be seen as mean maybe.

b) They think they can make themselves sound like really nice atheists, or just nice people by making me sound mean.

c) They are too scared to confront religious people with the truth because they think that religious people are unable to mentally deal with reality.

d) They’re afraid to speak the truth.

I really can only guess what their reasoning is for not telling them and for sounding offended that myself and others have defined religion by those 3 terms.

2) The only other alternative is that they really don’t think that religion fits my 3 terms, but I honestly have a hard time not giving them the credit of knowing and am in denial and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

3) The bottom line is that a term, or definition might be slightly different than one might realize, but that the definitions and terms of the 3 things used for classifying religion, do in fact fit the same criteria of what I said.

As I have shown CLEARLY:

Religion is a DISEASE
Religion is a MENTAL ILLNESS
Religion is a VIRUS