If you are a christian and think these are wrong, then please send me evidence links stating otherwise on @buybulljournal .

If not, then please just submit and give up and realize that you’ve been living a lie.

1) There is no proof the Exodus ever happened and no proof that Moses existed. In fact there is lots of proof the Exodus never happened.

2) Genetic inbreeding as the Adam and Eve story says, is impossible.

3) You were indoctrinated, as a child, or brainwashed to christianity when older by being caught while you were emotionally vulnerable.

4) There is nothing historical about the bible and there is no evidence about anything in the bible being true.

5) The Gaawd of the old testament can be classified as very evil and psychopathic and not at all loving.

6) The authors of the gospels are unknown.

7) Matthew and Luke are known to be copied from Mark itself, John is copied from all three.

8) There are multiple contradictions about the new testament that makes none of it credible.

9) There is nothing of Jesus being resurrected other than the new testament from the entire 1st century.

10) There is no evidence of Jesus outside of the bible in the entire 1st century.

11) The whole story of Jesus is based on nothing but hearsay and only hearsay.

12) Since everything about the gospels contradicts itself, nobody knows what really happened.

13) You mentally can’t deal with the possibility that Jesus wasn’t real, was just a man, or he was just a hyped up fabrication based on dishonest hearsay!

14) Christians can’t accept the fact that they are brainwashed and refuse to even consider it.

15) Christianity replaced and almost erased Judaism by almost destroying it, by using a prophet of God (Jesus) to cancel out the words of another prophet of God (Moses).

16) Christianity is what influenced the Jewish holocaust by demonizing the Jews for 1900 years and making the world hate Jews.

17) There is no reason how it isn’t completely possible that everything in the bible is a lie and all christians are brainwashed.

Please tell me how any of these statements are not true? I expect there to be links sent to me.

Since all of these statements are true, I really don’t understand how anyone can say that christianity is true and not a complete delusion.