So it occured to me that there were a few sites that show how the “evidence” for Jesus in the 1st century were meaningless, but not as many of the ridiculous pieces as christians present.

So I thought it would be useful and helpful to expose the meaninglessness and dishonesty all together, since christians will often throw these ridiculous little time wasters at us.

Do send them the attached answers and links to confirm. Afterward do remind them that there really is no evidence for Jesus in the entire 1st century, that the bible is still hearsay and nothing else and that the only reason they believe their religion is because they were indoctrinated as children, or brainwashed when caught being mentally, or emotionally vulnerable when older.

So let’s go through a list of claimed “evidence” of Jesus then and expose the meaninglessness.

1) SUETONIUS 69-122 AD

In “I Claudius” it is written:

“Since the Jews constantly made disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, he expelled them from Rome.”

Also another from Nero 16 which is supposed to be talking about 64 AD (remember that Suetonius wasn’t born til 69 AD) only mentions christians.

As D.M. Murdock says:

a) “Chresto” not “Christo” which is what it should have been.

b) I Claudius wasn’t written until 110 AD.

c) Nero 16 in The Twelve Caesars wasn’t published until 121 AD.

d) These are still written in 2nd century only and not the 1st.

e) Still based entirely on hearsay.

f) Claudius reigned from 41-54 AD

– Wasn’t around when Jesus was supposedly crucified either then.

– 64 years later this was written about and about a meaningless verse

2) THALLUS in 52 AD was said to have written a reference to the blackout eclipse that happened when Jesus was killed.

a) This blackening of the sky is the same as the dead walking into town and rising from the grave, they never happened.

b) Mark, Luke and John don’t mention the dead rising.

c) This record of the work of Thallus is nothing but a retelling done almost 200 years later of Sextus Julius Africanus.

d) This makes the work completely non-credible.

e) Also, even if there was an eclipse of some kind within a few years of 33 AD is only evidence that there was an eclipse.

f) This is supposed to be like Joshua 10 where the sun stands still (which is impossible) however a solar eclipse if it did happen would just mean that there was a solar eclipse. So what?

g) As it stands this is a meaningless reference and the ONLY reference.

h) Sextus, who claimed this reference of Thalius, was a christian who’s life was dedicated to christianity full time (motive of lying and fabrication).

3) PHLEGON who was claimed to have written several works mentioning Jesus in the 2nd century.

a) Phlegon’s works were written over a 100 years after Jesus’s supposed death.

b) There is no evidence of any of Pheglon’s work and it’s only mention is something that is only referred to by the folllowing devout and also non-credible christians:

[1]- Sextus Juilius Africanus (200 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[2]- Origen (200 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[3]- Eusebius (300 years after Jesus supposedly died)

Probably one of the biggest reasons christianity even exists at all because he is said to be christianity’s master forger.

[4]- Saint. Jerome (300 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[5]- Philipon (500 years after Jesus supposedly died)

c) Again the same thing as with Tallus, Phlegon’s work is only supported by christians who’s life consisted of being brainwashed and worshipping Jesus.

– This is no different than this era’s gigantic biblical fraud Ron Wyatt.

d) 200-500 years later and being nothing more than a claim of someone else’s claim makes this claim completely meaningless, untrustworthy, unreliable, biased, unproven.

e) This is of course just another example of the church CLAIMING something absurd and lying for it’s self serving purposes.

f) Typical misleading dishonesty often shown by today’s apologists.

– They try to pass their OPINION off as fact.

– They know people will only hear what they want.

– They know people will convince themselves over the most ridiculous things that make no logical sense.

4) MARA BAR-SERAPION in (claimed time) around 73 AD apparently wrote a letter from prison to his son and apologists attempt to claim that Jesus was mentioned in it.

This is completely ridiculous and absolutely misleading why anyone would use this as evidence.

a) Doesn’t mention Jesus by name.

b) Mentions Socrates and Pythagoras, but not Jesus (Yehoshuah, then Iesous since he didn’t get the name Jesus until the 16th century by the church).

c) Was 40 years later from when Jesus was supposedly killed.

d) How would Jesus even be considered a king?

– Kings are documented.

– Jesus was only documented in the new testament which is a political tool that is completely non-historical.

– Jesus was only documented in a book that is based on nothing but hearsay, by people who never knew him, couldn’t have known him and never claimed to know him.

– Since when are cult leaders kings?

– How if someone is a “king” do they get put to death like a mosquito?

As Bart Ehrman himself explains:

e) The fact of the time frame of Socrates and Pythagoras are 5th century and 6th century B.C (which are in the same paragraph as the “wise jewish king” reference.

– So Mara Bar-Seropian could easily have been referring to someone else in the past 600 years.

– Again, no name was mentioned.

f) There hadn’t been a Jewish king in over 600 years since Mara Bar-Seropian had supposedly wrote that letter to his son and mentioned “the wise king”.

g) Since he was making reference to people who were already in that time area, then he must of been refering to someone who was actually a Jewish king.

– This would in no way be Jesus.

h) In Mara Bar-Serapion’s letter he says that the Jews executed their wise King.

– Isn’t it funny then that the Romans executed Jesus and NOT the Jews?

5) LUCIAN OF SAMOSATA 125-200 AD wrote a satire which he basically calls the christians “morons” in different words.

a) Was written over a 100 years after Jesus’s supposed death.

b) Was talking about brainwashed christians, not Jesus.

c) Lucian wasn’t even born til 125 AD.

d) Proves there were brainwashed christians 100 years after Jesus’s supposed death.

– Duh.

– There was proof of people who were brainwashed to believe in Zeus, Odin, Allah and Charles Manson being God.

– What christians believe in Zeus, Odin, Allah and Charles Manson being God?

– These people believe these guys are Jesus:

And yes Charles Manson:

6) TACITUS 56-117 AD was a Roman historian and in 115 AD wrote a document which mentions how stupid and crazy he thought christians were, mentions “Christus” and talks about Pontius Pilot killing Jesus.

a) This only has Tacitus talking about the superstition that christians believed, NOTHING ELSE.

b) When speaks of Pontius Pilot, Tacitus is simply repeating THE CLAIM that christians made, nothing else.

c) If he actually had documented verification of the execution then he would have also verified Jesus NAME, whatever that was.

d) Tacitus merely repeats that they followed “Christus” from what Tacitus was told.

– “Christus” means “messiah”, or “anointed one”.

– This just means that “they followed some guy”.

– It’s still a 2nd century claim that is based on hearsay 82 years later from the time of Jesus’s supposed death, by someone simply repeating a people’s delusion and nothing else.

– This is no different than simply restating what Mormons believed over 150 years ago.

– Do christians believe any of the claims that mormons made about Joseph Smith?

Tell me what u think:

e) Said to be a forgery anyway since it wasn’t even discovered til the 14th century anyway and a multiple number of reasons.

7) PLINY THE YOUNGER 61-113 AD wrote a letter to the Emperor and mentioned christians.

Look under XCVI, XCVII and XCVIII for the specific letter:

This really is mind-blowing that anybody would use this as evidence, but being dishonestly misleading really is what apologetics is all about isn’t it?

Again, people just want to hear what they want to hear and the people who use these evidences have been told for years why these claims are meaningless, but they insist on using them anyways. Surprise surprise. Shame.

Okay back to Pliny The Younger….

a) He never wrote this letter til 110-112 AD.

– This is 79 years later.

– Not even in the 1st century.

b) He wasn’t born til almost 30 years AFTER Jesus’s supposed death!

c) He’s talking about CHRISTIANS!

d) He’s not talking about Jesus.

– Pliny doesn’t mention Jesus.

– Duhr! Derp derp!

– So we have proof that there were brainwashed people, who think that Jesus killed himself, to save us from himself, because he was going to kill us, unless we killed him first, because he loved us so much that he wanted to kill us.

And people wonder why I wrote this story about how apologists are all deceiving liars:

e) As explained here about why Pliny’s letter is suspicious:

– Is possible that the letter is a forgery anyways.

– Could even have been written in the 15 century.

8) CELSUS 177 AD Explained simply what he had believed that Jesus was a bastard child and that he learned magic from the Egyptians and tried to pass himself off as a god.

Mind-blowing that people would use this as evidence, it really is.

a) He’s only talking about the religion of christianity and how he didn’t believe it and that he was offering what to him was a plausible and actual truth of what he thought REALLY happened, not what the religion claimed.

b) This was over 130 years after Jesus’s supposed death was claimed to have happened.

c) This is not an eyewitness account of anything.

d) 130 years later only AGAIN proves that there were crazy brainwashed people named “christians” but nothing else.

e) This says Jesus was a bastard child, not verifying anything about being born a virgin.

– The virgin birth story was just something inserted into The Book Of Matthew and made up when copied from The Book Of Mark, which it has been confirmed to have been copied by.

As already shown…

f) Celsus was a christianity critic and thought it was ridiculous.

9) TITUS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS 37-101 AD was said to have written about Jewish history in 93-94 AD in Antiquities of the Jews” and makes references to Jesus in a section of it now called “The Testimonium Flavium”.

This ridiculous claim of evidence of Jesus is one that probably is the one most referenced to by christians.

a) Josephus didn’t believe in Jesus, or christianity and was simply referencing the religion and Hebrew scriptures.

– Josephus was an orthodox Jew.

b) This wasn’t written til 94 BC which was 61 years after Jesus supposedly died.

c) Also that scholars have confirmed the Josephus Jesus references to have been forgeries that were inserted over 250 years later.

– Assumed to be Eusebius who did the forgeries.

d) There have been many copies of Josephus’s work discovered WITHOUT the Jesus references also throughout the centuries.

The evidence of Josephus’s work regarding Jesus being forged is overwhelming, with countless reasons why it IS FORGED!

Shown again here:

e) Christianity’s greatest piece of evidence of Jesus is actually christianity’s greatest evidence how it is nothing but, fraud, lying, deception and brainwashing.


10) JEWISH TALMUD 400-1200 AD

a) Is written hundreds of years later than when Jesus supposedly died.

b) The entire history of Jesus is completely inaccurate than the NT version.

– Was sentenced to be stoned to death.

– Was hung instead.

– Was sentenced for sorcery, not blasphemy.

– Was executed by Jews, not Romans.

– Wasn’t even written about depicted in the same century as the NT.

– Many many other reasons.


So there you have it.

– Links.

– Reasons why the “evidence” is not evidence.

– Reasons why all the sources are completely meaningless.

Reminding people that if any apologist submits these “pieces of evidence of Jesus” to you, that THEY KNOW they are lying and are aware of all these points I have brought up.

If someone isn’t an apologist and presents these to you then they probably just haven’t researched them and are simply victims of deception and brainwashing.

– Do make them aware.

– If you don’t then they will keep on spreading the lies and brainwash others.

– Show them the truth by showing the lies.

Reminding everyone again how meaningless the evidence of the gospels really is.