Look, christians. This is all I want from you…

1) Prove to me that you are not brainwashed.

a) Nothing else matters but:

– Brainwashing

– Evidence of your religion

b) I don’t care in this argument about:

– Cosmology

– Evolution

– Abiogenesis

– Intelligent design

c) I care about truth

As I repeatedly have said time and time again.

a) Philosophy is irrelevant in the fight against religion.

b) Brainwashing and evidence are all that matter and all that should be addressed.

c) If you have no evidence for your faith, then you are brainwashed.

d) It’s not up to Atheists to prove God exists, it’s up to religious people to prove they aren’t brainwashed to their religion.

e) If evidence is shown to be wrong, they need to admit they are wrong and admit they are brainwashed.

f) If they admit they were wrong and are brainwashed, then they have to admit that their religion is false and a lie.

– They then can choose to be deist.

– They can choose to be agnostic.

– They can choose to be Atheist.

– They can choose another religion if they think it has evidence.

– They CAN’T choose theism to their religion anymore.
I really can’t make things any simpler than this.