So I wrote this article regarding why christians are christians:

I’d sent it to a christian and they said that none of the reasons applied to them because:

a) Jesus was real

b) Jesus came back from the dead

c) Jesus is God
1) Well let’s start off that there really is no evidence Jesus was a real person at all, or even historical.

a) The bible is not proof of the bible.

b) The new testament is historically inaccurate.

c) The new testament is completely contradictory.

d) The new testament is full of proven forgeries.

e) All outside sources confirming Jesus have been thoroughly debunked as fraudulent, or irrelevant.

As I show here:

f) All the BIBLICAL evidence for Jesus coming back from the dead I have throughly debunked also.

– Which is completely ridiculous that someone would even bother trying to use the bible as evidence of the bible in the first place.
2) The fact that there are endless scenerios that are plausible and really could have happened that contain no supernatural conditions whatsoever regarding Jesus and everything about Jesus.

As I explain here:
3) So they are basically saying:

a) That it’s absolutely impossible that there is a plausible and not supernatural reason that Jesus being resurrected and had stories saying he was God, or the son of God ended up in the pages of the bible.

b) That people are not capable of creating such a scam and conspiracy.

c) That it’s impossible that hearsay, miscommunication, exaggeration, pathelogical lying and psychological delusion are not what created the entire christian myth.

– Though I wonder how they believe other religions were created.

d) That a small lie cannot grow into a gigantic lie.

e) That fear, delusional, superstition and brainwashing do not exist and could not have been what was behind a story that was said when the ENTIRE WORLD was covered in religions based on:

– Fear
– Delusion
– Superstition
– Brainwashing

f) That out of the 1000s of religions and gods fabricated throughout history, with religions plagarizing, adopting and replacing other religions, that at some point as populations grew that there would ententually only be a few and eventually only be possibly only one religion.

g) That if they weren’t born somewhere else on the planet that they wouldn’t be believing a completely different religion right now.

If this isn’t closed minded then I don’t know what is.
4) So let’s now see what evidence there is of the possibility that christianity is true because Jesus was God and he came back from the dead.

a) None.

b) Every thing that has shown to be tried to be passed off as evidence has been exposed as meaningless, or deliberate fraud.
5) What are the possibilities of Jesus being God and coming back from the dead?

a) Zero.

– There’s no evidence of anything supernatural being true ever.

– There is too much evidence that the entire religion of christianity isn’t true.

– Not one single thing about christianity makes any sense except that the only reason it exists is because of greed and brainwashing.
6) All the apologists are liars and smooth talking deception artists who know exactly what to say and do.

I show that here:



I hope you now see how christianity being believed entirely on Jesus rising from the dead is:

– A waste of time

– Baseless

– Nonsensical

– Proven false

– Nothing but an evolved scam

Please for the sake of children and the world in general, please wake up!