The Comment That “I Don’t Want There To Be A God”

I was told the other day that I am an Atheist because I don’t want there to be a God because I want to “sin”.

Now of course my first reaction is to think this is ridiculous, but let’s dissect this. Without carefully thinking things through let’s see if this argument might actually have some credibility.

1) Without the christian gods (Yahweh and Jesus) or the islamic god (Allah) existing there really is no such thing as sin.

2) There is no evidence that either the christian gods, or islamic god are real.

3) There is strong evidence that neither are real.

a) They’re historically false.

b) It makes no sense whatsoever about what the holy books say.

c) Scientifically illogical and goes against science.

d) Religions are all shown to be recycled myths and lies used to manipulate people for money and control.

e) For centuries and even today, anybody attempting to expose these truths were killed, or tortured for blasphemy.

f) Evangelists and apologists are caught lying repeatedly and shown to be nothing, but greedy and deceiving people.

4) There is no reason that a God if it did exist would even care about what anybody did.

a) Why would it care? It’s God.

b) There is no logical reason that the supreme master of the universe would care about anything anybody did.

5) If a God of any sort wanted me to believe in it, then it knows exactly what it would have to do to convince me of it’s existence.

As Richard Carrier explains:


This is all I have to say about this:

a) I might be a 100% certain Atheist that gods don’t exist, but I couldn’t care less if people believe in gods, or not.

– Deism is pretty harmless.

– Deism, or just simply believing in intelligent design has no rules, or ridiculous claims about what a god wants.

– Religion is what causes problems and has crazy rules and ridiculous claims

b) Even if a hypothetical god existed I know for certain it couldn’t care less what anybody did, or not.

c) Christianity and all religions are completely made up and fictious.

d) So NO I am not an Atheist just for the purpose of sinning, or wanting to sin.

e) I am an Atheist because there is no alternative way of thinking!

f) I am an Atheist because I don’t believe in gods and I don’t have, or believe in any religions.

g) As an Atheist I see great harm being done to the world and I want people to wake up and stop doing it.

h) Religion is what is harmful!