When I came onto Twitter over 4 years ago, things on Twitter for Atheism and speaking out were a lot different.

Things were pretty simple back then. There were delusional religious people and there were Atheists, or agnostics and of course some deists. It also seemed pretty basic (delusional brainwashed people and non-delusional people ). I mean there really isn’t a simpler way to say it.

Well it seems suddenly that there is a big outbreak of Atheist “philosphers” out on Twitter who have come out of nowhere and have taken the simple little “know what is sane and not sane concept” and thrown it for a big loop. A very annoying loop.

You would think that things would be simple, but they’re not NOW. This new “plague” of philosopher Atheists has made reasoning and showing evidence extremely difficult.

What they disguise themselves as are:

a) Atheists who wish to combat religion and unite the Atheist community.

b) Atheists who wish to help other Atheists become better philosophers when talking to religous people.

c) Atheists who want to make podcasting and debating philosophy against religious people a popular thing and exchange views and opinions.

d) Atheists who make peace between Atheists and religious people like they’re 2 different types of species, or something.

This is what they want you to THINK they are doing.

We’ve all seen the philosophers on Twitter (both Atheists and religious fanatics). You’ve seen them in action.  You’ve seen what they do that has put a big wedge in the Atheist Twitter community and wasted everyones time.

1) Butting into other Atheists conversations that Atheists are having with religious loons and attacking the Atheist who’s merely trying to get simple little answers from the religious person and get them to face simple little facts.

2) Sticking their noses into everyones business about “how an Atheist should behave and conduct themselves” and thinking they are the “Atheism morality police”.

3) Bragging about philosophy and using words that nobody has any idea what they mean and attempting to make non-philosophers feel like idiots in multiple different pointless terms.

4) Trying to turn religious philosophy debating into an olympic sport, or something.

– Like this is a game.

– Like this is supposed to be taken lightly.

– Like religion isn’t a big deal and not that important and not that harmful.

5) Going on and on about “how they might be Atheists, but they aren’t on any particular side regarding their belief, but are merely on the side of ‘the philosophers'”.

6) Rambling on about how they’re against all the memes and tweets that are insulting and demeaning towards religious people and how they say that “they are disgusted that some Atheists have so many followers because they post hateful things”.

7) The ones who have become palsey walsies with a few of the biggest time wasting, lying and deflecting apologists who ever wasted anyones time on Twitter and then encouraging other people to follow these time wasting religious people because of how “good they are at philosophy”.

8) The ones who talk behind Atheists backs to religious people about the NON-philosopher Atheists, about their “poor philosophy skills”.

– Meanwhile all the Atheist was trying to do was ask and get simple little answers, to simple little questions and get some simple little evidence, from what should be very simple.

9) The ones who group together and pile on to other Atheists who get angry and annoyed when religious people deflect, deceitfully belittle, lie and do nothing but waste their time.

10) The ones who stick together in “gangs”, talking down to NON-philosophers and people who state simple truths and just ask for simple little things.

– Evidence

– Truth about not being brainwashed

So what do the new philosopher Atheists REALLY do that people don’t seem to realize?

1) They discourage people from seeing the big picture:

a) Religion is a horrible disease that infects minds and destroys the world.

b) That religion should not be viewed as, or thought of as “sane, or normal”.

c) Religion, religious behavior and religious thinking should not be encouraged.

2) They discourage speaking out against religion negatively.

a) Which really is no different than Jews in 1925 Germany saying that “people shouldn’t be speaking out against Hitler and they should leave the guy alone”.

b) They really aren’t doing the world any favors.

3) They attempt to blind other Atheists from the truth.

a) Religious people need to be shown there is no evidence that their religion is real.

b) Religious people need to be shown evidence that their religion is false.

c) Religious people need to be shown they are brainwashed.

4) They waste everyone’s time.

a) Often nobody has any idea what the philosophers are talking about, using words that nobody ever uses and terms nobody has ever heard of before.

b) Philosophy when debating religion does nothing and solves nothing.

c) They interfere with getting REAL evidence and getting to the source of the religious person’s brainwashing.

– Indoctrination

– Emotional vulnerabilities at the time of being “born again” that play a factor

– No evidence of their religion

d) They never address the brainwashing issues.

5) They just get in the way of Atheists who are actually doing something.

a) Interfering and interrupting of convos with their time wasting philosophy nonsense.

b) They argue philosophy with the Atheists instead about things that are irrelevant.

c) They do their best to make the NON-philosophers look bad, which encourages the religious person to not take them seriously.

6) They make people not want to speakout against religion because they think some philosopher Atheist douchbag is going to butt into their convo and ramble on about philosophy nonsense.

– Condescending know-it-all philosophers are very annoying and having to argue their meaningless stupidity is painful to put up with.

So maybe you haven’t noticed all these things that I’ve mentioned. How might that be?

1) You don’t engage, or argue religion with people, so you stay off their radar.

2) You blindly listen to the Atheist philosophers and just agree with everything they say.

3) You’re WOWED by their fancy little philosophy “skills” and actually think that they might be intelligent enough to know what they’re talking about.

4) You’re a brainwashed religious philosopher apologist and all you see is how the Atheist philosophers can be very useful to you as pawns.

a) Why stop an Atheist from doing your job for you against other Atheists?

b) I remember establishing a great friendship with a christian on Twitter who spent most of their time attacking muslims on Twitter and this is the same thing.

– We would happily exchange islam bashing info.

c) The difference in the above in b is that I would not help him attack Atheists who they were debating.

5) You really don’t pay attention and aren’t that vocal about your Atheism.

a) You let the world pass you by.

b) You just see Atheists fighting over ridiculous philosophy and never really grasp what anybody’s problem is.

c) You don’t bother to find out.

d) You just assume that since they’re philosophers who constantly brag about how smart they are, that they must be right whenever they’re confronted about some of the things I mentioned.

e) You just avoid conflict and don’t want to be involved in it with anyone.

Why do I bring this up? Well despite EVERYTHING that I mentioned above.

a) I find these new self proclaimed philosophers harmful to Atheism in the Twitterverse and counter productive.

b) I’m sick of the Atheist morality police.

c) I’m furious at them defending religious people and their non-answers, deflection and lying.

d) I’m sick of them promoting completely dishonest and time-wasting apologists who won’t answer simple little questions and lie constantly and KNOW they’re lying.

e) I’m angry that they discourage addressing brain washing and that “delusion” is such a bad word to them.

f) I’m irritated that they get used and manipulated by religious people as “defense and deflection” for themselves and for their own purposes and the Atheist philosophers have no idea.


1) Through the Atheist philosophers attempts to promote philosophy to people, all they’ve done is show how irrelevant philosophy is in the fight against religion.

2) Philosophy can’t prove, or disprove God, so what is the point?

3) The religious philosophers will keep up their lying, deflecting and dishonesty and don’t need help doing it by Atheists who are oblivious that they’re being used.

4) Religion is brainwashing and lies and the only way to fight it is to expose that fact to religious people.

5) If Atheists are not against religion and too stupid to speakout against the harm it causes, or too blind to see it, then THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

6) If they condone a religious person’s thinking and aren’t honest with them about how harmful and ridiculous it is, then they are no different than someone who doesn’t tell an alcoholic they have a drinking problem.

7) The greatest liars and deceivers in the world are philosophers and if they think that isn’t true then they haven’t been listening to apologists like William Lame Craig.

8) Atheist philosophers who:

a) Attack other Atheists debating methods of demanding facts and evidence…

b) Defend religion…

c) Fail to see the harm in religion…

d) Let religious people use them and manipulate them…

e) Think brainwashing is a ridiculous concept to bring up, or even talk about…

….Really are what’s wrong with this world and really should start noticing how meaningless and pointless everything they say and do really is!