#1) Religion causes people to kill to appease a god & millions die every year in gods names. Billions have died to appease a god throughout history and just this millenium alone.

#2) I fear religion as should you, because radicals, fanatics and psychotically bigotted people are out to kill YOU & EVERYBODY you know all FOR their god.

#3) People waste their lives for nothing. They could have reached their potential, but never will. So sad.

#4) Religion causes people to hate & to cause suffering to others & encourages it.

#5) Religion causes people to just be weak & pathetic. Not find inner strength, causing more brainwashing to themselves.

#6) Religion hinders progress in society. Such as discouraging science & stem cell research. This causes millions to die because religion won’t allow many sciences to function.

#7) Religion is slavery and addictive. People are slaves to a non-existent master. Doing ridiculous guidelines.

#8) Religion takes away peoples rights. Examples: Gays everywhere and woman in muslim countries and simply being an Atheist!

Reading the above….

Does that help you understand now why I would like to stop speaking out against religion BUT CAN’T?!!

Well let’s go over some things then again if you don’t seem to quite get it yet:

– Murder because of religion.

– Bigotry because of religion.

– Oppression of woman and gays.

– Anti-science.

– Wars, jihads, inquisitions, crusades.

– Atrocities and human rights violations.

– People are slaves to a lie.

– People are being scammed.

– People waste their lives for nothing.

– Religion weakens people and causes them to NOT have inner strength.

– Child marriages.

– Terrorism.

– Insane cults.

– Human sacrifices.

– Brainwashing.

– Ridiculous blasphemy executions.

– Genocides.

– Slavery justified by religions.

– Child indoctrination.

– Suicide martyrs.

– Honor killings.

– Faith healing neglect.

– The stopping of blood donations.

– The refusal to take blood to save their life.

– The fact that I am hated all over the world and mistrusted because I am an Atheist.

– The fact that in so many places in the world it is illegal to be an Atheist, or another religion.

– The fact that in so many places in the world if I am an Atheist, or another religion I can be put to death.


And people expect me to be silent?

Not while I live and know that religion is the cause of everything above.