I often tell religious believers they are brainwashed and it unfortunately doesn’t give the results that it is supposed to. Which is really part deflection on the religious person’s part since a rational person would respond with defending the claims and proving the accuser wrong, which never happens.

The desired result is that the religious believer will self reflect and consider the facts and evidence. Afterall, if I was brainwashed I would want to know if I was brainwashed (wouldn’t you?). Unfortunately for the religious believers they cannot handle the truth, or mentally deal with reality it seems, which they will do nothing but deflect, so as to not entertain the possibility whatsoever.

Brainwashing however is reality and is of course the only reason anyone is religious in the first place. If people weren’t brainwashed, then they wouldn’t be religious. Very simple really. Brainwashing is a bipassing of being able to grasp and contemplate reality. Brainwashing is what makes thoughts that aren’t real become disguised as thoughts that are.

It’s not a conspiracy theory though when people like myself say that religious believers are “brainwashed” but simple common knowledge. Brainwashing has been around for as long as religion has been around and ever since people have been able to indoctrinate children and deceive people.

Let’s give some examples of the undeniably brainwashed shall we…

1) The Charles Manson Family:

They believed Charlie was Jesus and were completely brainwashed to do so. They had complete faith in Charlie and gave their everything to him. They killed for him and went to prison for him and there’s nothing they wouldn’t have done for him.

Many years later they were deprogrammed in prison and realized they were brainwashed and realized that they were manipulated victims of Charlie’s who revealed that he secretly hated the women and simply wanted to make them incarcerated victims because they reminded him of his mother.

They sincerley wish they had never been brainwashed. They wish more than anything someone had of gotten through to them and made them listen before they did such unspeakable things and spent over 40 years in prison, regardless of being model inmates.



Which proves again that people who are brainwashed aren’t brainwashed by choice, but because they had no idea they are brainwashed. Like christians, like muslims, like any religion, like any cult. Who wants to be the slave of a lie? It isn’t a choice, it’s a violation.

Cult members are the same as religious members. They are victims and nothing else.


2) Jim Jones and Jonestown and over 700 people dead:


You could never have convinced them that they were brainwashed. Were they brainwashed? Of course they were. Would it have been wrong to tell them they were and try to save them before the mass suicide happened? OF COURSE NOT!

3) Waco Texas, The Branch Dividian and David Koresh:

I don’t hear anyone saying that Koresh and people from the Branch Dividian shouldn’t have been told that Koresh was crazy and that following his cult was a bad idea.

4) People who have a cult leader who say they are Jesus.




What other reason is there that people follow these men besides brainwashing? There isn’t.

A cult is no different than a religion and just like cults are brainwashed, so are religions. Every religion started out as a cult.

5) Tricking people into being brainwashed to a religion, or cult really isn’t that hard. It just takes a person who knows what to say and do and people who are vulnerable and want to be brainwashed. They’re everywhere.

As shown here how easy it is:


6) Also we know for a fact that child indoctrination is brainwashing and nothing else.




This is completely undeniable that this is brainwashing and completely unavoidable that this is true that this is evil and a complete violation.

7) How are muslim suicide bombers who blow themselves up to please Allah and have sex with 72 virgins, not brainwashing again?


So there you have it. When someone says religion is brainwashing, IT IS BRAINWASHING!

It’s no conspiracy, it’s the truth! There’s no other reason that someone is religious other than BRAINWASHING!

There is no rational reason to belong to any religion for several reasons:

a) There’s no evidence for any religion being true.

b) Strong evidence no religion is true.

c) Believing the universe had an intelligent design connects nothing to any religion.

d) No religion makes any sense.

e) Science explains how the universe works and functions and has nothing to do with any religion.

f) Strong evidence religions are just recycled from other religions that make no sense.

g) Without child indoctrination and dececeptively brainwashing people religion would just disappear.

h) That if religions were simply TRUE they would be obviously true and not in need of apologists LYING about everything to make people believe them.

– Saying things over and over again about there being overwhelming evidence when they know that not to be true.

– They know that there’s no reason to believe any religion whatsoever and have to lie and say there is.

Like this apologist:


Says 13 times give, or take that there is evidence, but then of course provides nothing.


If you are religious YOU ARE BRAINWASHED!

If you make someone else religious YOU ARE BRAINWASHING THEM!

That’s all religion is IS BRAINWASHING and nothing else!