Just a few short words…

Ok I can’t believe I actually have to explain WHY Adam and Eve are nonsense, but it appears I do.

Let’s quickly and briefly sum this up because I can’t believe I actually am wasting my time on this.

1) The biblical story of Adam and Eve which was hijacked by islam after christianity hijacked it from the Hebrew bible and exists merely as a story of fiction and nothing else.

2) EVOLUTION is documented and shows humans evolving from a common ancestor slowly over hundreds of millions of years, NOT MERE THOUSANDS!

3) The evidence of slow evolution is so unbelievably real and extremely plentiful that it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to be wrong.

4) The genetic inbreeding from the same two people and ONLY those two people, would have been impossible and would have degraded to extinction.

5) There are records of civilizations existing 12,000 years and beyond, which is way before both Adam and Eve and the flood were said to have happened.

6) There were 5 cataclysms throughout the existence of life on Earth having been EVOLVED, that destroyed 99% (give or take) of all life each time they happened.

– Humans only exist because after over a billion years of life actually existing on Earth and climates changing because of them, humans evolved from the ancestors of tiny mammals that survived that last cataclysm that again killed 99% of all life on Earth.

7) There is nothing proving otherwise that Adam and Eve were just fictional characters created when people didn’t know anything and made things up a lot.

8) History, archeology, anthropology, geology and paleontology all say that Adam and Eve never happened and that evolution DID.

– From simplicity to complexity

– Whatever life needed to do to survive


Get it yet?