So I just decided one day to come up with a list of what I personally feel are the better reasons of why people should be Atheists instead of religious and I feel that there are more than enough reasons why this is the case.

I posted this story a while ago about why I personally became an agnostic and then later on an Atheist:

These reasons below though are more for everyone.

Everyone’s BORN an Atheist until corrupted with lies by their parents, or society because they needed a crutch to get through life so they created an imaginary friend/sponsor/life coach!

Who wants to live a lie?

a) People can argue that this isn’t true based on the work of this man Dr. Justin Barrett, but let’s examine the content and the source.

and from a science website:

b) The author and presenter of this “research” is both a biased christian believer and also someone who works for religious organization that tries to disguise itself as a science organization, well at least they have been strongly accused of having an agenda by others.

c) The John Templeton Foundation:

Barrett is extremely biased and christian with an obvious agenda.

– The fact that he has an agenda makes his work non-credible, unreliable, worthless and about as misleading and untrustworthy as could possibly be.

– The fact that Barrett got all his funding for the project from a religious organization that masquerades as a science organization says it all.

– The John Templeton Foundation is nothing but an organization with a biased agenda of deceiving people into believing that religion and science actually have anything to do with each other.

d) Since religion is the exact opposite of science, the fact that anybody would take anything this organization said seriously about anything remotely to do with God, or gods, is absolutely mindblowing.

– This is no different than meat farmers being on the chairman of the board for PETA, or BP Oil organizing Green Peace.

As broken down by AC Grayling:

There are over 3000 gods worshipped on Earth right now. All these gods are completely different, but they all swear their god and religion is the right god and religion and the others are not.

– Everyone is an Atheist to all other religions but their own.

– No religion has any evidence and all of the religions are based on nonsense.

All religion has been entirely disproven by science, with evidence of evolution, panspermia, historical research, astronomy, paleontology, chemistry and physics. These things were missing when religion was made.

Earth has been proven to be 4.5 billion years old. Gradual change not instantaneous magic, are what created Earth.

– Science through observation is real and makes sense.

Man is approx 100,000 years old, or older, much older maybe. This disproves many religions Adam and Eve.

– Anyone who doesn’t agree hasn’t done their research.

So many religions have predated other religions and some faded to non-existence having been made up and societies have died with those religions as well.

– The religions of today only exist because they just happened to kill off all the other religions by brutal force.

– Constantine and Muhammed played a strong role in showing the power of religious dictatorship and killing both non-believers, people of other religions and people wanting to leave a certain religion.

Back 1000′s of years ago people made gods and religions up to explain the world around them and the stories stuck and they evolved also. Jesus being divine was nothing but “hearsay”.

– Now with modern science we know things that we didn’t know 3000 years ago.

People are brainwashed as children by families and their thinking in their brains is rewired to have a co-dependence to a “god”, where they’re unable to find any fault with their religion, or god and blind to any of their god’s faults.

– It’s the only reason religions exist at all and anyone who says any different is just deflecting from what they know to be the truth.

People can’t deal with the reality of the end of their existence and religion causes people to be in denial because they can’t mentally deal with death, so they believe in fairy tales as a mental self defense.

– Religion preys on people’s weaknesses and fears and creates imaginary fears and encourages fears.

People, who ARE religious, are religious to whatever religion is geographical to them, or what they’re brainwashed to. This just proves that they will believe in whatever they are presented to and will believe THAT religion and deny all others because that was the one they were presented with geographically.

The beginning of the universe is irrelevant because there is no proof of a god even existing other than TRYING to say god was there in the beginning. So what? No one has ever seen a god.

– There is nothing that connects the creation of the universe to a religion, or proof, or that a god would care about anything anybody did.

People don’t need religion to be good, or moral and in fact religion makes people do some very immoral things.

People should enjoy not being the slave of a lie.

– I know I’m glad.

What kind of god would allow human sacrifices or insufferable punishment by the BILLIONS unnecessarily of innocent people? There’s no evidence of gods doing anything for man, EVER. There still isn’t.

The bible cannot prove the bible and the quran cannot prove the quran either.

The bible and quran are just something put together by whomever to control and brainwash people to their bidding. You can’t say that that hasn’t been very successful.

I hope that helps put a better perspective on things for people.