Okay let’s get something straight here.

0 + 0 = 0

2 x 0 = 0

This equation above represents 2 non-credible and completely non-reliable pieces of evidence of Jesus added together.

Let’s list the reasons again that something about Jesus would be non-credible.

a) There isn’t any evidence of Jesus outside of the bible.


I then further explain:


– The bible is non-credible because of all the contradictions and lack of any evidence in both old and new testament.


– The gospels are written 30-80 years later from anonymous authors.

– The bible and the existence of Jesus and Jesus being God, has an agenda for political control, power, manipulation and financial gain.

– The old and new testament are historically unreliable with multiple forgeries.


b) There is nothing in the entire 1st century that is “evidence” of Jesus.

– There isn’t.

c) Any outside “documentation” of Jesus are from christian writers centuries later.

d) The writers weren’t alive when reporting events and was actually a witness.

Michael Sherlock sums it up best:


Now this ridiculous “defense” that I keep hearing about how evidence of Jesus is more credible than Alexander the great because we only have evidence 300 years later from the life of Alexander the great, but history accepts the stories of Alexander the great as FACT, is NOT A DEFENSE OF JESUS!

Let’s go through why this makes no sense and doesn’t hold up:

1) The difference between Jesus and Alexander the great is that belief in Alexander the great does not have an AGENDA but belief in Jesus DOES!

– Political power to believe in Jesus

– Financial gain for people to believe in Jesus

– Control by brainwashing people to believe in Jesus and be mentally enslaved

2) The difference whether or not Alexander the great is true, or is completely fictious, or totally historically inaccurate does not impact anyones life whatsoever.

– Alexander the great doesn’t promise an afterlife

– Alexander the great’s history never TOLD anyone who to hate, or who to not sleep with

– Belief in Alexander the great is not a RELIGION

– No wars were started from believing, or disbelieving in Alexander the great

– There’s no name for people who don’t believe in Alexander the great and don’t believe his history is accurate

3) Alexander the great could be false and just might be inaccurate, but since there is no agenda, or supernatural happenings, or divine happenings, we are simply using what we have and trusting it for reliable, but it could be wrong.

4) I have personally named this “the big brother fallacy” til a better name for this can be invented.

– Like an 8 year old boy saying to his mother how unfair it is that his 14 year old brother gets to stay up late playing video games.

– Because christians are saying to treat the 2 people the same when they are nothing alike.

– The mother has no reason to discriminate against the 8 year old, he simply is not physically and mentally able to be up that late and the 14 year old has demonstrated he is capable and mature enough.

5) Who cares if maybe the history of Alexander the great was discovered to be completely false, inaccurate, or maybe greatly exaggerated?

– It wouldn’t change anyone’s life whatsoever except for the historians, but they would simply document the discovery

– If religion is shown to be false, or inaccurate, there is simply denial and or complete devastation

So there you have it. For the above reasons we cannot even begin to compare Jesus and evidence for Jesus, with Alexander the great and evidence of Alexander the great.

When a christian, or anyone who calls themself a historian dares waste anyones time with this argument, remind them of these points…

But let’s tighten it up a little:

– No proof of the divine, is still no proof of the divine

– How right they are that maybe Alexander the great could have been a lie, or inaccurate and that there still is no proof of Jesus outside of the bible.

– How little anyone could care if Alexander the great didn’t exist, or was inaccurate.

– Why they don’t believe the supernatural stories of other religions such as Mohammed flying to heaven on a winged horse and splitting the moon?



Just more examples of how ALL religions are nothing but brainwashing and ALL religions make no sense whatsoever except to the people that were brainwashed to a specific delusional religion, which has ZERO evidence!

Like Jesus has no evidence and makes no sense and simply has an agenda and motive to be lied about and nothing else.