Excellent. I have a blog/tumbler response to my article for “Please Convince Me” which is a self reflecting checklist to self elvaluate someones brainwashing and rational judgement, or as I say “if they’re being stupid, or not. Not that they ARE stupid, but that they are BEING stupid to be religious”.

So I have copied and pasted the response and will simply point out the deflection, lack of honesty, non-addressed issues from my post and evidence of how RDFRS is contradicting themselves. I will do my best to be respectful as RDFRS seems to be a very friendly and respectful person coming into this and will of course do my best to treat them as such.
1) RDFRS says…

“Really Dangerous Fostering of Religious Sterotypes
a response to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Please convince me you aren’t Brainwashed and Stupid…
@BuybullJournal posted a blog saying “Please convince me you aren’t BRAINWASHED and STUPID” – [here’s the blog if you’d like to read it – : https://thebuybulljournal.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/please-convince-me/ – I’ll post all the questions below anyway]
So here’s a reply. I’m not sure it’s convincing, because if I am brainwashed or stupid then my answers will be stupid or out of my mental control…”
I Respond to the above:

RDFRS does have a point and I appreciate the fact that they’ve at least put a little thought into that, whether, or not it was a joke. If someone IS being stupid, they will not know and if they ARE brainwashed then they won’t know that either.
So here is their pasting of my blog and response…

“Please convince me you aren’t brainwashed!
1) Please tell me your reasons for being in your religion.
a) Were you born into your religion and raised with it?
My mother is Christian and my dad is a devout atheist. So I was born into both atheism and Christianity. I was given free choice as to what I wanted to believe or not.”

Ok, so there must have been a rational reason then for becoming a christian. This is the part that RDFRS must prove. If they cannot do so then they have not proved their point.

I see that they skipped “b” which asked the question “Did you become religious later on” but RDFRS is of course implying that they actually had a reason to become a christian. They do however not mention what that is.

2) RDFRS continues….

c) Did you ever do any research into your religion, or did you just believe every word that you were told?
I listened to what I was told but not without questioning it.. When young of course one accepts what one is told with less questioning than when older. But as I grew up I looked into things myself and made my own discoveries

I respond to the above:

Ok, so what discoveries did RDFRS find?

– There is no evidence of Jesus outside of the bible that is credible and especially not in the entire 1st century where it should have been.

– The entire bible is completely non-historical with no evidence whatsoever

– The entire bible and especially the first few chapters of genesis are completely disproved (Adam and Eve, Noah)

– The Exodus never happened, nor anything else, so if RDFRS actually found something, then they must have been from fraudulent christian sources such as from Ron Wyatt.

– In my over 30 years of being an agnostic, then an Atheist I have not found anything that can even be remotely considered anything of the bible being true and especially not historical
3) RDFRS continues….

“d) Did you ever think that the people who told you your religion might be wrong?

Ok RDFRS please tell me what it is that they were right about. I want to know.

– I want to know what you thought they were wrong about?

– What they ended up being right about?

– And how you came to that conclusion?
4) RDFRS continues….

“e) Did you ever research other religions?
Yes. I studied many different religions at school and in my own time”

Wonderful. So let me now ask you….

– Which ones?

– What evidence was were there for christianity that made it more believable than the others?

– Why did the muslims, hindus, mormons and buddhists believe theirs and not yours?
5) RDFRS continues….

f) Did you simply choose what was convenient and popular?
I followed what I had experience of and connected with.

So you do realize that you just contradicted yourself and admitted that you simply succumed to your child indoctrination right?

– It never crossed your mind that you would have simply become a muslim like 1.5 billion other people if THAT is what you were “FAMILIAR” with?

– You just said you researched other religions so you must have been really familiar with them right?

– Again. Evidence, conclusions based on evidence of other religions and how it isn’t a conincidence you chose the religion of your parents and not Allah, Zeus, or Odin?
6) RDFRS continues….

“g) Did you become religious because you couldn’t mentally deal with the concept of death?
No. I’m fine with that.”
Ok, then please explain?

– Please expand and tell me what you think happens when you die? Love to hear it.

– Please then explain that you are ok with simply blinking out of existence.

– Please then tell me you don’t fears eternal damnation in a fiery pit forever? Love to hear your take on that and your evidence regarding anything about that.?
7) RDFRS continues….

“h) Did you become religious because you used religion as a mental self defense mechanism to deal with loss of loved ones?
So, this never crosses your mind at funerals, or losing loved ones to comfort yourself? That is interesting. That’s pretty standard brainwashing right there.
7) RDFRS continues….

“i) Did you become religious because you couldn’t possibly conceive the fact that all the people you trusted who are religious are wrong?
No. I’m sure some of them are wrong in some of the things they believe. But other people’s beliefs are not the basis for my own.”
That’s fascinating when you consider that there are over 33,000 very different sects of christianity currently practiced. All very different.

– How is your sect of christianity correct over all the other over 33,000 sects of christianity?

– Please tell me how they are wrong and yours is right and what justification you have?

– Please tell me what parts of the bible you chose to ignore and what parts you didn’t?
8) RDFRS continues….

j) Do you have any reason whatsoever that is logically a good reason that you choose your religion and are a believer in that religion?
My belief is that there is something ‘outside of ourselves’ – let’s call that God. My understanding of God in simplest terms is that God is the source of love (ok, i sound like a hippy now). The closest example of demonstrating how to live I’ve seen is in the accounts of the life of Jesus (who was anti-religion and all about loving everyone). So by following his example that makes me a Christian.

So you have a belief eh? So did the Manson family and the people of Jonestown.

So you BELIEVE there is a god and a creator? Ok, I see no evidence of this, or how this would be Jesus, or Yahweh.

– What justification do you have that the god you believe in is the the god of Exodus, Leviticus, or the gospels?

– What justification do you have that a god actually cares about what anyone does?

– Do you not see that “faith” is nothing more than wanting something to be true?
9) RDFRS continues…

“k) Did you become religious because in your mind it is “the popular thing”?
It’s possibly one of the least popular things (at least in the UK) to say you are a Christian.”
Alright, but who then was it popular with that you became a christian? Family? Friends? People you were indoctrinated with?
10) RDFRS continues….

“l) If you ever researched did you ever check non-biased sources and go as far as you could go with it?
I do a lot of reading around the subject. “Non-biased” is tricky – for example, ‘The God Delusion’ is one of the most biased pieces of writing I’ve looked at recently.”

Ok, so how about these then?

– Evolution?

– The big bang and fusion?

– Historical research of the bible?

– Evidence of anything supernatural ever?

– How the supernatural claims made by other religions aren’t true?
11) RDFRS continues….

“Now have you ever considered any of these questions, or issues?
a) Your religion is not factually true and has been shown repeatedly that your religion is a lie
Yes, I’ve considered this. There is plenty of evidence for the life of Jesus as a historical figure. Whether you believe what he says or choose to follow that is another matter, but in terms of historical evidence there is plenty there. As for the Old Testament – I’m not an adherent of the ‘infallibility’ of the bible. The 39 books in the Old Testament span a whole range of writing styles from poetry, to allegory, to proverbs and ‘history’. As any historian might tell you, ancient historical texts are not factual in the sense that modern history is (and even modern history is still written by the victors in wartime and so on) – Clearly nobody was an eye witness to the beginning of life on earth so the early stories are allegorical. What the ‘truth’ of the stories is, is what can we learn from them, not are they scientific documents.

WOW! Well now I know that you never did any research, that you are lying and have proven both your dishonesty AND brainwashing.

– There is no evidence of Jesus outside of the bible and not within the 1st century and not from non-christian sources hundreds of years later.

– There is multiple evidence to suggest that Jesus never existed at all, simply ask and I will send you multiple links of why

– Even if Jesus happened to exist by chance there is no reason to believe he was god

– In my 30 years of giving up being a fanatical christian I have seen no evidence of Jesus, or the gospels being true, so I am going to have to call BS on that

– Thank you for admitting that you don’t believe in the old testament, even though Jesus spoke of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses and Jonah and others.
12) RDFRS continues…..

“b) If the entire basis for your being in your religion is that you believe God exists, then why aren’t you just a deist?
I probably am a Deist. But as I said earlier, the teachings of Jesus make a lot of sense to me, so that’s what I follow.”

– Wonderful, please tell me what Jesus teaches you that you couldn’t figure out on your own?

– Please share what crimes you would commit because you needed to read the bible and have it tell you not to?

– Please tell me what it is that makes you not rape and murder people because Jesus exists?

– Please tell me what it is that you need to believe that a magical godman exists, in order to be a good human being and make the world a better place?
13) RDFRS continues…,

“c) Have you ever thought that the only reason you are a follower of your religion is because you are brainwashed?
Well, that’s a Catch 22 isn’t it. If I was brainwashed I wouldn’t think I was. So how can anyone know? If you say you’re not brainwashed it might be because you are… etc. As I’ve said, I was never forced into believing anything. I was free to leave / question / debate / disagree with whatever I chose, and I still am. I disagree with a lot of things done in the name of religion – but I don’t blame those things on the God I believe in.”

Well if you really want to know there is this thing called “self analysis” which is a matter of sitting down and basically dissecting your beliefs. I did it and you can too:


– Do you believe things without evidence? Yes because there is no evidence

– Do you deny all the evidence that disproves christianity?

– Do you ever wonder why people say to ignore evidence and all you need is faith?

– Do you ever wonder why if you disagree with religion that you still believe, or follow the religion that you do follow?

– You don’t have to be forced into religion. In fact it’s much better to NOT force someone into religion in order to brainwash and mislead them. Which of course you were.

– Why wouldn’t you blame your religion?

> Your religion spreads bigotry

> Your religion spreads hatred

> Your religion starts wars

> Religions cause people to be tortured

> Religions cause human sacrifice

> Religion causes death from faith healing neglect

> Religion supresses technology and medicine

> Religion seperates and distances people in society

Here is an article I did on the reasons I hate religion:


– Since you believe your god to be omnipotent and all powerful (except if something is iron like the chariot wheels in Judges) then it is ultimately responsible isn’t it?

– Unless god doesn’t exist then there is simply no one responsible
14) RDFRS continues….

“d) Do you believe that other people’s religions are brainwashing?
No. Though some cults and religions do have very strong powers of indoctrination. As does culture.”

Uh, I have news for you RDFRS:

– Indoctrination IS brainwashing (so you agree)

– All religions started out as cults

– They grew

– The only difference between a cult and religion is that the leader of a cult is still alive but in a religion the leader is dead.

It isn’t a conspiracy that religion is brainwashing:


Religion IS brainwashing afterall


Child indoctrination is harmful:


And religion fits the definition of brainwashing:

15) RDFRS continues….

e) Is it impossible that your entire reason you are a devout follower, or borderline ready to leave follower of your religion is because of brainwashing?
I’m not sure what this question means – isn’t it the same as c) above? I think “brainwashing” is a term worth avoiding – I would say indoctrination is a more useful and realistic term. Brainwashing is a specific deliberate manipulation, whereas what I think you’re describing is more of a blind following of what others around you believe… Correct me if I’m wrong here.”

It’s very easy. Is it impossible that you are brainwashed, or not?

– No, child indoctrination is what is done to kids and it’s when they’re raised to not know any different

– “Brainwashing” is what is simply done to adults, or older children and teenagers by having them being caught in a state of vulnerability, or a weakness exploited by the religion.
16) RDFRS continues…..

“f) Is it also impossible that the people who are convincing you are giving you the wrong information?
It is entirely possible that people around me are wrong. I would expect to challenge and explore anything I’m told. Though nobody I know is “trying to convince me”. Except perhaps the atheists.”

Ok so you just contradicted yourself again.

– You said you already researched your religion thoroughly

– If you researched your religion and other religions thoroughly then you would be challenging them wouldn’t you?

– You obviously haven’t researched anything, but just let me know and we’ll go exploring through your religion and dissect and debunk it.
17) RDFRS continues….

“g) Is it impossible that your religion is wrong?
No. But I follow the teachings of Jesus. So I could be wrong (or he could be wrong) in his remarks about his relationship to God. But I don’t think the basics of his teachings about how we should treat each other are wrong. Though if you would like to argue against what he says then I’ll happily listen to your views.”

Ok well here are my views:

– Being a good person is simple common sense and I would like you to please share something that Jesus supposedly said that you learned that you didn’t know before Jesus told you.

– How come I’m an Atheist but treat people nicely, am a good person who doesn’t murder, rape, or steal?

– The gospels were written 30-80 years later by anonymous authors who weren’t there and wrote everything completely on hearsay.


18) RDFRS continues…

“h) Do you ever find things in your religion that don’t make any sense?
Yes. But I would say a lot of what doesn’t make sense is religion / tradition, as opposed to the actual foundations of the faith (i.e. Jesus)”

Sorry RDFRS but that is the part that doesn’t make any sense.

– Please explain how Jesus killing himself to save us from himself because of what Jesus himself was going to do to us himself if he didn’t have himself painfully tortured by us because he loves us, makes ANY sense?

– Please explain what makes any sense about christianity, or how it functions and operates?
19) RDFRS continues…..

“i) Do you ever find it odd that you will always try and defend those things that don’t make any sense, when Atheists confront you with them, even if you don’t have an answer?
I don’t. I freely admit that I don’t have all the answers. And I’d be wary of anyone who claimed that they did. Theist or Atheist.”

Ok then please defend these things that make no sense:

– The bible promotes bigotry and murder

– Why would God, or Jesus care about if our penises are circumcised or not?

– Why are there other religions who never even heard of christianity?

– Why are there thousands of religions that predate christianity that are very similar but completely different?

– Why is it that the only reason christianity exists today as the most popular religion is because of a homicidal lunatic that used christianity as a political tool and wasn’t even a christian?


– How If there is no evidence for the old testament and new testament (please present evidence) then why do people believe it including yourself when it really isn’t that hard to know what is right, or wrong?
20) RDFRS continues….

“j) If every single thing in your religion were exposed as a lie and aliens proved to us that they were responsible for mankind and that Earth just formed naturally…. would you still believe your religion to be real?
No. I’d be with the aliens. I hope they’re friendly.”

Ok, so would your life be any different?
21) RDFRS continues….

“k) If every single thing in your religion were exposed as a lie and aliens proved to us that they were responsible for mankind and that Earth just formed naturally…. would your life be any different?
That depends on what the aliens want with us… I would still live my life based on the fundamentals of what I believe as I think they make the planet a better place. Yes, I can do that without a belief in God. But I do believe in God.”

Ok so you just admitted you could simply be a deist and that your religion is unnecessary…. congradulations.

– People don’t need religion, they just need to believe in themselves.

– There really isn’t any big deal in being a deist since a god just existing doesn’t affect the world, or anyones lives at all.


Unless you are of course that shister Deepak Chopra.
22) RDFRS continues….

“l) If every single thing in your religion were exposed as a lie and aliens proved to us that they were responsible for mankind and that Earth just formed naturally…. would life be over?
Not unless the aliens kill us. I hope they don’t.”

Ok so this is either deflection, or RDFRS is not getting the point and meaning of the question.

– How would your life be any different?

– Would having Jesus and the bible exposed as complete fraud and fiction make your life unbearable to even exist?

– How would things be any different?

– Would you simply just kill yourself if you discovered it’s fraud?
23) RDFRS continues…..

“m) If every single thing in your religion were exposed as a lie and aliens proved to us that they were responsible for mankind and that Earth just formed naturally…. would you love your family and friends any less?
No. But I might not have loved them or my friends as much if I hadn’t followed the faith I have followed. Times when I’ve been selfish or jealous or whatever else are times when I’ve found the faith I have to be useful at getting me back focussed on what is more important. I know, I could find that without a belief.”

Ok then please explain this then.

– What difference did the bible and belief in Jesus existing do?

– Please share how then that you only pretend to love your family but don’t really want to, but pretend to do so because you think Jesus might convict you of thought crime?

– Please explain how believing in a god makes you any more loving by choice?

I know I’m glad I simply love my family because I want to and dislike whomever I choose.
24) RDFRS…..

“n) Is the fact that you can’t mentally deal with your finite existence and can’t mentally accept that when you die, you really do die, have any influence on your religion?
I can mentally deal with my finite existence (so that’s not a fact) and I can mentally accept that I’m going to die. Nothing I do is based on an assumption of an after-life or an attempt to get “into heaven”. If there is such a thing as heaven I think it’s our responsibility to try to create that here on earth among the living – by looking after each other. So I’m not clinging onto a belief because of a medieval fear of death and Hades.”

You just contradicted yourself by saying it didn’t matter. Well if it doesn’t matter then why are you following Jesus in the first place?

– If it doesn’t matter then why are you “following” Jesus when there is nothing that Jesus is implying that you don’t know about from common sense anyway?
25) RDFRS continues…..

“Now this part:
3) Please convince me that you aren’t stupid for believing in your religion.
a) Do you doubt every possibility that you’re wrong and not delusional?
I don’t doubt that I am wrong quite a lot of the time. I’m pretty sure I’m not delusional – if we’re taking “Delusion” to mean holding on to a belief despite being presented with evidence to the contrary? I believe in the evidence presented to me by Science (I have a degree in Medical Sciences) and I believe in natural processes of evolution and the origins of the universe. I also don’t see them as being in opposition to a belief in a god, or against the teachings of Jesus. But just as science evolves, and one centuries ‘truth’ is another centuries ‘wrong’ I’m happy to be convinced by the truth of an argument and not solidly glued to a doctrine of any kind.”

Ok RDFRS this answer above you gave makes no sense and doesn’t address what I’m saying.

– Science disproves the old testament

– There’s no evidence of god existing

– There is no evidence that the new testament is true

– The new testament is historically false and contradicts itself completely

– They’re also not historical, or reliable as Bart Ehrman explains….


– The fact that you believe your religion based on no evidence and there being no logical, or convincing evidence to believe means that you are brainwashed since there is no logical way to believe any religion ever unless you are brainwashed to do so.
26) RDFRS continues….

“b) Do you not see the thousands of different religions, sects and denominations from yours that show the exact same feelings, expression and belief about something that is completely different?
I’m not sure what this questions is asking… Do you mean ‘there are thousands of religions – how can they all be right?” (or how can yours be right and theirs wrong?). I’d say this: IF there is a God then it makes sense that we strive to find / explore / express / discover / explain what that means. Different people have taken different routes in exploring that, from worshipping nature to worshipping statues…They’re all perhaps searching for the same thing. But there are also many cultural, historical and personal things involved in the different religions. There’s not enough time here to look at what the differences are, but I don’t find the presence of other beliefs to be a problem for my own.”

Then you are simply demonstrating exactly what I was saying about how you alter and shape reality in your mind to justify every single thing that doesn’t make any sense about your religion.

– You are using nonsense to justify nonsense

– You just justified racism

– You just justified human sacrifice

– You just justified suicide bombings

– You just justified stoning people

– You just justified Jehovah’s witnesses not donating, or accepting blood

– You just justified faith healing

– You just justified every single despicable thing that is the result of religion

All according to you because you and every other religious person couldn’t get through life unless they believed a religion.

Funny how Atheists like myself, agnostics and deists adjust, simply because we have to.
27) RDFRS continues….

“c) Do you not see that your refusal to accept that nothing happens after death is simply because you can’t mentally deal with that reality of your own mortality?
I think we covered this a few moments ago. I don’t know what happens when we die. I don’t live based on an idea of that either.”

Then you have said no reason whatsoever to even bother following Jesus, or what it is that simply believing in Jesus does that causes you to do things that you know about from common sense anyways.
28) RDFRS continues….

“d) Do you not see that nothing in your entire bible makes any sense, or has any logical relevence?
Plenty of it does make sense and has relevance (e.g. some of the things I’ve mentioned already about Jesus teachings – you may find some of what he says elsewhere too, but that doesn’t take away from its relevance in the Bible). So no, I don’t see that. I’m happy to agree that some of it doesn’t make sense – I’ll refer you to the earlier answer on that subject.”

Ok please do tell me what makes any sense and isn’t completely contradicted to be nonsense?

You never told me any of Jesus teachings that weren’t completely common sense that you would know already.

– Please share what they are?
29) RDFRS continues…..

“e) Do you not see that religion is what is wrong with this world and is what is destroying it?
No. That is what is dangerous about a lot of ‘new atheism’ – making religion the skapegoat for all the wrong in the world. A lot of wrong is perpetrated in the name of religion of course and that should be stopped and is destructive. But many ‘acts of terror’ done in the name of a religion only require a cursory glance at world history to see what they are really about and that religion is not to blame. Again, this is a subject for another whole discussion, but just for starters why not research the US and UK interference in Iran in the 50s and see whether you think that led to pretty much all the middle east/west conflict which followed or whether the anti-west sentiment is purely derived from religion.”

Please tell me the following then….

– Atheism causing human sacrifices to the god of Atheism?

– Wars because the god of Atheism demanded Atheists attack other countries because they believed religions?

– Atheist suicide bombers to the gods of atheism?

– Hatred or oppression of women and gay people because the gods of Atheism insisted on it?

– Being anti-science because Atheism is anti-medicine, anti-technology and anti-science?

– Atheism bilking billions of dollars from people and making Atheists feel obligated to pay Atheist churches or else the gods of Atheism will punish them forever?

– Atheists rioting and murdering because someone drew a bad picture of Charles Darwin.

Well there is this Atheist vs agnostic war going on, but that’s it:

30) RDFRS continues….

“f) Do you not see that the countries with higher non-religious populations are the happiest, most peaceful, most economically successful countries in the world?
China, for example?”

No like these:


– Denmark
– Norway
– Switzerland
– Netherlands
– Sweden
– Canada
– Finland
– Austria
– Iceland
– Australia

All mostly non-religiouly populated with 30-85% non-religious populations.



This is not a coincidence.
31) RSFRS continues….

“g) Do you ever research your religions stories from non-biased sources and see that they make no sense, have no truth and are based on other religions stories and are just recycled?
I do research them yes. We’ve covered this ground a bit already, but yes some of them are based on other sources (As are other books, other histories and so on) – again the ‘truth’ of the writing is in what they might teach, not necessarily in ‘what happened’. Also you say they make ‘no sense’ – they may make no sense to you, but organic chemistry always confused me too. There is sense in there. There’s also confusion.”

– Please do provide this “making sense” information?

– Please do provide this “evidence” you speak of?

– Please do provide this “teaching of Jesus” that I seem to have missed when reading the new testament, that wasn’t simple common sense?
32) RDFRS continues….

“h) Do you ever read, or listen to any information that Atheists provide to you, or do you just ignore it?
I do read and listen and I don’t ignore it.”

Such as how there is no evidence of Jesus and how harmful and destructive ALL religion is?

– Please provide evidence of Jesus

– Please provide what Jesus says that benefits you so much that you didn’t know about it already?
33) RDFRS continues…..

“i) Do you believe everything anyone tells you without any evidence, or proof about anything?

Then why are you a christian if there is no evidence?

– Please provide evidence of your religion being true?

– Please provide evidence evidence of Jesus?

– Please provide anything that Jesus taught you that you didn’t know already?
34) RDFRS continues….

“j) If someone tries to show you that your religion is a lie, do you immediately tune them out and not listen?

So you researched and seen that there is no evidence of Jesus and that there is no truth to the bible at all and that christianity is nothing but a tool to control people and make money?
35) RDFRS continues….

“k) Do you ever think about how your life would be better if you weren’t religious?
Yes. I don’t think it would be. Or I wouldn’t be.”

Please explain this.

– How would your life be any different?

– What difference did being religious make that you couldn’t accomplish on your own?

– Are you telling us that you simply don’t have any idea what right and wrong are?

– Why do you listen to Jesus if you don’t fear him?
36) RDFRS continues….

“m) Did you ever wonder why over 93% of the entire scientific world believes in science that DISPROVES that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, when 30% of the world’s population is non-religious?
I believe the earth is millions of years old. Not sure what the percentages mean in relation to that. I’d disagree with anyone who said the earth was 10,000 years old – whether they were atheist or theist.”

The Earth is 4.54 BILLION years, not millions. I thought you said you knew science?

– I was demonstrating how religion is anti-science and harmful for realistic, modern, scientific thinking.

– Unfortunately the majority of the population of the United States believes the Earth to be from 6000-10,000 years old and highly encourages thinking otherwise in many areas.

– There are actually class rooms in schools in the US that teach that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old.

How is this normal again?


37) RDFRS continues….

“n) Did you ever wonder why over 95% of the entire scientific population of the world ACKNOWLEDGES the evidence of evolution?
No. I’m with them. I agree.”

Ok, but my point was that they are brainwashed to believe that and are “conditioned” to ignore science and not listen to facts and evidence.

– They are victims

– You are a victim to religion also, but just not to a young Earth

– I was a young Earth creationist too once whose mother told him fossils were put there by Satan to fool us
38) RDRFS continues….

“o) Did you ever wonder how thousands of religions predated yours throughout history?
No. We’ve covered this earlier.”

Well the relevance is that they were just other made up and ridiculous religions, just like christianity, except you don’t believe in them.

– You do believe the one that you coincidentally were brought up believing.

> You never explained what evidence you found?

> You never explained what critical thinking you used that suggests that Jesus and christianity are genuinely divine based?
39) RDFRS continues…..

“p) Did you ever wonder how the bible is based on an ENTIRE area that is less than .05% of Earth’s entire surface 2000 years ago but is supposed to be relevant to the entire world?
No. The place a story is told from doesn’t define its relevance – this is true of history as much as poetry, fiction or science. Louis Pasteur made his discoveries in France. That doesn’t mean vaccination and pasteruisation are only relevant to the French.”

These things you mentioned have nothing to do with anything. My point about the size of the area tells you how little relevance the bible actually has to the Earth. That was my point.
40) RDFRS continues…..

“q) Did you ever wonder how if your religion is supposed to be about love, or peace, why there is so much bigotry and war done in Jesus name, and God’s name?
As you say, done “in his name” – not by him. As I mentioned earlier, with Bush invoking the name of God. Clearly in that example that was not a war of religion. But it’s pretty clear that most wars even going back to the crusades, though done under a banner of religion, are in fact wars of greed, power and control – clearly not based on the teachings of Jesus. The things people to “in the name of” something don’t necessarily detract from the orignal source. For example, if I decide to wage war on all Christians because I believe that’s what Richard Dawkins wants me to do, is that Dawkins fault or mine?”

You fail to see that I am showing you how insignificant people’s belief actually is and how non-existent the world is of any divine power, or influence.

I have no idea why you’re babbling about Dawkins for, sorry.
41) RDFRS continues….

“r) Do you not think it stupid that people try to prove the bible with the bible when there is no factually true thing in the bible?
I think trying to prove a book using that book is pretty stupid. Yes.”

Well since you just admitted to doing just that since there is no evidence of Jesus outside of the bible then I hope you realize that.
42) RDFRS continues….

“4) Please answer All the above questions on a blog and send me the link.
Here it is.
a) Don’t waste my time if you are not going to be honest.

You weren’t honest about a lot of things you said and you proved your brainwashing and blind faith quite a lot.

– Research was a blank

– Why you believe Jesus was God, or existed.

– What Jesus said that you couldn’t function on your own common sense.
43) RDFRS continues….

“b) If you are simply going to say “rhetoric” over and over like that actually is an answer for anything, then again don’t waste my time.
Hopefully this is not all rhetorical.”

I merely said this because of certain christian that responds to my blog who has the most painful overuse of the word rhetoric that I’ve ever seen.
44) RDFRS continues….

“c) If you simply deflect any question, or don’t answer, then you are demonstrating you are too cowardly and weak to defend your own religion AND YOU ARE BOTH STUPID AND BRAINWASHED!
Do let me know if I am stupid and / or brainwashed. That would be handy.
Any comments best directed to twitter @RDFRS_ (i’m too stupid to know how this blog works in terms of commenting. Maybe if someone from Tumblr could brainwash me I would understand it better. I would then also know that Tumblr was the only blog site worth using in the world…)
May 11th, 2014”

Well you did deflect quite a lot, but in all honesty it was only because your answers were meaningless and dishonest.

– You contradicted yourself quite a bit by saying you researched, when obviously you didn’t

– You never provided any evidence, but in all honesty I didn’t ask and they were just “yes”, or “no”, but many of those questions were answered dishonestly by saying you researched and based your religion on evidence and deductive reasoning, when obviously you didn’t.

– Some questions I couldn’t understand why you deflected & didn’t answer, but I think you just might not have understood the point, or the questions, such as a few of the “advanced peaceful aliens scenerio” questions.

– You proved you were brainwashed, by being very vague about things and admitting to a psychological codependency to things that have no evidence, or make any sense.

– You also failed to say how belief was even necessary or what things you learned from Jesus that common sense didn’t contain.