Eusebius and Constantine are why christianity exists and didn’t die

This is the thing that brainwashed christians don’t realize, or aren’t willing to accept….

1) Christianity is no different than any other religion throughout history as Richard Carrier explains:

For many many reasons.

2) Christianity, like ALL religions is brainwashing and nothing else and there’s no reason people could believe such insane nonsense unless they are brainwashed from one form of brainwashing, or another.

3) If it wasn’t for Eusebius and Constantine then christianity would have simply died out and would have been replaced by another religion a long time ago.

Constantine who wasn’t even a christian, but used christianity for his own insane purposes.

While at the same time worshipping other gods aswell and quite openly.

While Eusebius made it all happen through lying forging and being christianity’s greatest source of propaganda that ever lived.