This is easily one of the best books on christianity and faith that I’ve ever read. EASILY. This is my very first book review, but after having read it thoroughly I knew I had to write a review on it.

If a christian truly doesn’t completely want their faith shattered then they definitely shouldn’t read it, but that would simply mean that they are too cowardly to face the truth.

I knew I had to write a review on it because of how I think it really should be a mandatory read and read by EVERYONE! For any who might be familiar with my blog and what I say, then they know how I feel about religions such as christianity.

The book explains everything you need to know about christianity and so much more. When I say “much more” I mean what mental dependency religion causes that allow it to still exist in this day and age and other factors that allow religion to still exist aswell.

Michael Sherlock does a superb job of taking christianity and going directly to it’s roots and exposing it’s histories and evidence thoroughly and what makes it tick.

As someone myself who attempts to dig deep into thought and expose the right questions to ask religious people, I really admire Sherlock’s gift of exposing the right questions that people need to ask religious people and what religious people need to ask themselves.

I Am Christ exposes the true harm of religious belief and makes it so that nobody can deny what Is shown to be undeniable about belief and the harm of belief.

The book really does have it all. As I myself discovered when reading the book. This being the fact that as an Atheist myself who is completely aware that there is no evidence supporting christianity, I had no idea so much evidence existed that so thoroughly exposed christianity as untrue and how this knowledge has slipped through society’s cognitive fingers.

Michael Sherlock cuts no corners here and takes christianity as far as it can go with science, facts and figures. The science is there. The history is there and the undeniable facts are there.

For any Athest who truly wants to challenge a christian believer, or for any christian believer who wants to challenge Sherlock’s book and give themself bragging rights for debunking his book, then they know what they have to do…. unless they are afraid.

So thorough is I Am Christ that there really is a lot to take in. Once you start reading you really can’t stop and you just get mentally overloaded with amazing thought after amazing thought and fascinating history and science after even more fascinating history and science.

Cheers Mr. Sherlock 👍