I mention this a lot in several of my writings but let’s make this specific to get the point across here:

Mormonism, Islam and the over 40,000 different sects of christianity all really demonstrate how each other are all not real.

How do we do this? Well we hold each of them to the same standards as the ones we don’t believe. (Yes I know I’m not saying anything new and that there are videos such as the ones made by Richard Carrier that talk about this).

Let’s start off with MORMONISM:

1) The angel Moroni gives the golden plates to Joseph Smith (then takes them away after he has successfully translated them and leaves).

2) Joseph Smith takes the golden plates and makes the “book of mormon”.

3) Creates a cult that evolved into a religion with 15 million members.

For more on mormonism:


– Now we all know that this is ridiculous and makes no sense (especially the part about God living on another planet and Jesus and thousands of Israelites living in North America long before Columbus arrived).

– Who would believe this is true?

> Mormons SWEAR that it’s true and the mere possibility to them that it isn’t true is just absurd.
Next up…. Islam:

1) The angel Gabriel writes the koran for Mohammed, or tells Mohammed what to write (yes I forgot which one it is but it doesn’t really matter).

2) After 20 years the koran is written even though it is said that Mohammed was illiterate (even though he came from a wealthy family and should have been able to read).

– Mohammed even flew back and forth to heaven on a winged horse and even split the moon in half.


3) Over a billion people on Earth believe this to be true.

– Who would believe this is true?

– Muslims swear that it’s true and will even kill you in some countries for saying that it isn’t.

1) Jesus appeared to Paul the apostle in outer space shortly after Jesus was supposedly crucified and Jesus told him things and Paul then found verses in the hebrew bible that were supposed to give messages.

– Paul was said to have talked to those who knew Jesus such as Jesus’ brother James.

(Paul was writing about the christian term “brother” meaning “follower of Jesus”).

2) Then 20 years later Paul writes his letters we call Romans, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, 1st Thessolonians, Galatians, Philippians and Philemon.

– Dozens of letters are claimed to have been written by Paul but were shown to be forgeries in the new testament and taken out.

– 11 of Paul’s letters that ARE in the new testament are said to be confirmed forgeries (including Acts).

– The 4 gospels are said by scholars to be based completely off of hearsay 35-65 years later and there is no evidence anything in the gospels ever even happened.

As explained:



– There are even forgeries within the gospels.

3) Who believes this story is true?

– Christians swear that Paul had visions and voices of Jesus and that the whole Jesus story was written about in his letters….

> 20 years later….

> That doesn’t mention countless details of the future written gospels.

As shown here:


– So bottom line is that christians believe Jesus existed because Paul’s imaginary friend who talked to him in outer space told him stuff.

– There is no evidence of Jesus other than the letters of Paul…. none…. nothing.


So people of their particular religion find it unlikely that the creator of their religion could simply be making things up and things escalated.

– However, they don’t believe the other stories and believe them to be fabricated nonsense.

– Clearly if the other religons are fabricated nonsense and have millions of followers then this is evidence that pulling off a huge mass fooling of religion is clearly possible and clearly not hard.

– If the religious believer doesn’t believe the other religions and they have just as much evidence as their religion (which is none) and there is no evidence or record of anything supernatural ever happening EVER, then they can’t tell themselves that they have not been tricked.

Let’s compare:

1) Joseph Smith was the creator of mormonism and everything is based off of what he claimed which was that the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith the golden plates and Joe copied the plates and Moroni took the plates away after and went back to heaven.

– Smith used the plates to create the book of mormon, which are what the mormon religion is based on.

2) Paul was the creator of christianity and everything is based off of what he claimed, which was that Jesus was executed and he told him things in visions and Jesus talked to him from outer space.

– Which Paul wrote 20 years later in his epistles, which are what the new testament is really based on and the christianity religion.

3) Mohammed was the creator of islam and he claimed that the angel Gabriel helped Mohammed write for several years and create a holy book (roughly).

– Mohammed and Gabriel wrote the koran over a 20 year period for which the islamic religion is based on.
Notice anything similar

A) Magical divine being:

Moroni = Gabriel = Jesus

B) Claimed sources:

Golden plates = Magically written koran = Paul’s epistles

C) Creator religious book:

Book of mormon = Koran = New Testament

D) Prophet who claimed things:

Joseph Smith = Mohammed = Paul


Now what is the same:

– All based on hebrew bible backstory

– All indoctrinate children into believing.

– All have no evidence of their divine sources.

– All have no evidence of their divine being existing.

– All have millions of members that believe their religion to absolutely be the right religion.
Yep, same old, same old.

So the bottom line is that in order for religious believers to prove that their religion is true and not delusional, they have to prove the other religions false also.

– Of course evidence of their own religion being true wouldn’t hurt either.
Yes I know I’m not saying anything new and that there are a few vids on this, but more people need to be aware of this comparison and need to put some thought into it.

Here are some that address this:


Richard Carrier talks about it here on the 10 minute mark: