So I know that other Atheists have the same experience I do.

The experience where we get wannabe “God Warriors” who think that they’re actually making a point by keep saying that Atheists have “a belief”.

This is of course a complete NON-POINT and nothing but them wasting our time.

There are of course several reasons they do this:

– They really have no argument.

– They want to make us second guess ourselves and make us think we don’t know why we’re Atheists.

– They actually believe that science and actual facts require “faith”.

– They think that somehow making us second guess ourselves will make us not notice how there is no evidence of their religion being true.


Now the fact is of course that Atheists have no beliefs IN RELIGIONS OR GODS.

“Atheism” isn’t a religion but “the lack of a religion”.

“Atheists” don’t have a “belief” in gods, we have a “lack of belief in gods”.
Now do I have any “beliefs” BECAUSE of my non-belief in a religion?

Let’s see….

– Well I do believe in “humanism”.

> But that is mostly because I’m a good person.

> There could be psychpath Atheists (and psychopath religious people) who aren’t humanists.

– I believe in giving to lots of charities.

> There are a lot of Atheists (and religious people) who don’t give to charities.
So really there is nothing that my Atheism CAUSES me to have in regards to a “belief”.
Now as to what has been said about my “belief” that “I think that all religion is brainwashing”.

– No, because other Atheists attack me constantly for saying that, even though they are wrong and have to start looking at the evidence.


Now there are many things I do believe, but they are not because of faith, they are simply how I feel and I will list a few.

– I believe people should be treated equal.

– I believe homosexuals are no different than anyone else and deserve to be happy.

– I believe that homosexuals are victims of bigotry and targets of religion and victims of horrible abuse and despicable portrayel in society and it must stop.

– I believe that religion is destroying society and the world and needs to be erased by educating people into the knowledge that all religions are lies.

– I believe that child indoctrination of religion is child abuse and they shouldn’t be allowed to subject children to religion til they are 18.

– I believe that evolution is true.

– I believe abiogenesis is true.

– I believe there is no afterlife.

– I believe that we need to spread into outer space and that religion is crippling us from advancing scientifically and mentally.

– I believe that if there were no religions then the world would be a much more peaceful place.

– I believe that millions of people throughout history have died because of human sacrifices to gods and millions have died because they simply had a different religion.

– I believe that millions have died throughout history due to blasphemy laws and still do.

– I believe in helping other people and that people need to focus on making the world a better place.

– I believe that the world would be better off without churches and that all the money given to collection plates would be better of going to charities that actually help the world.

– I believe that if it were not for religion then we would be about 1000 years more advanced than we are now.

– I believe that we would have every disease cured and people would have actually acheived immortality through science.

– I believe that religion lowers people’s intelligence and makes people devolve intellectually because religion makes people believe things without evidence and stop thinking.

– I believe that religion is used to con millions of people and sucker them into giving their money away to make people rich.

– I believe that people would be much happier in the world in general if they gave up their religion and were not co-dependent on a lie.

– I believe that religious apologists are predators who pray on peoples fears.

– I believe that anyone who is actually religious is a victim.

– I believe that religious people can’t face the truth that they have lived a lie and are simply cowards who can’t deal with the reality that they have been fooled and so have many people they looked up to and respected.

– I believe that religion makes good people do bad things because they have been brainwashed to be unable to see reality.

– I believe that religion is a disease and social parasite.

– I believe that most people who are millionaires because of religion don’t even believe their religion, nor is it required that they do.

– I believe that apologists are all misleading, dishonest liars and they know they are.

– I believe that people don’t need religion to be good people they just need certain factors in their life.

– I believe that all religions are corrupt and are the most harmful and evil thing on the planet.


Now let’s go the other route and talk about a few things that religious people believe that are BECAUSE of their religion that are WRONG and some are even despicable.

– They believe that they should give 10% of their money to the church.

– They believe in killing gay people, or at least treating them like scum.

– They believe in child marriage.

– They believe in murder, or public torture for showing women’s hair or face, or body.

– They believe it’s wrong to teach that the Earth is older than 10,000 years.

– They believe that birth control is wrong.

– They believe people who are not their same religion should be killed.

– They believe that doctors and medical treatment are unnecessay and faith healing is all you need.

– They believe that this life they have isn’t important because they have another one coming.

– They believe things without evidence and lie to themselves that they do have evidence.

– They believe all the different thousands of religions are wrong and theirs is the right one.

– They believe that god wants them to blow themselves up in order to kill others who are not their religion.

– They believe men are superior to women and lower forms of life than them.

– They believe masturbating is a sin against god.

– They believe that they are being telepathically judged by god.

– They believe god wants them
to commit mass genoocide.

– They believe god wants them to sacrifice animals.

– They believe god wants them to have a fasting.

– They believe sex is a sin.

– They believe there are such things as sins, rather than simply “right”, or “wrong” created through socially evolved conditions.

– They believe simply not believing in gods is a crime and in some countries it’s a jail sentence, public torture, or a death sentence.

– They believe that people who are Atheists can not be good people.

– They believe god is against blood transfusions or giving blood.

– They believe in magic underwear.

– They believe the Earth is flat.

– They believe in demon possessions.

– Torturous afterlives.
Yeah I think I like my beliefs a lot better