So I have this reputation of being an angry Atheist. Some try to mock me for this and portray this as a bad thing and maybe even a bad person.

This is of course laughable to say “that being an angry Atheist is a bad thing”. I even had someone call me “a hateful prick” once. How silly.

So let’s list some of the things I’m angry about….

1) People are scamming people of billions of dollars a year for a lie in order to make themselves rich.

– This disgusts me and I’m angry about it.

– Why wouldn’t I be when this affects the world, affects friends and family that I know and makes sociopath scumbags rich?

– To say it is wrong to be hateful about this is ridiculous.

– This actually defines me as being a moral and caring human being by saying this and should be how people view this.
2) I am angry that religious apologists attempt to deflect everything that exposes their religion as a lie.

– It’s obvious that that is all they are doing is deflecting.

– They know they are deflecting yet insist on insulting peoples intelligence.

– They know they have no argument and do anything and everything to deflect and pretend that they aren’t.

– This simply means that I am straightforward and tell people that I don’t agree with them jerking me around and why shouldn’t I be angry about this?

– This simply tells people that I don’t like my time wasted and if someone is deliberately wasting your time then why shouldn’t I be angry and annoyed.
3) I don’t like being lied to over and over about obvious lies.

– Who shouldn’t be angry about being lied to over and over and like I mentioned earlier “jerked around”?

– When I repeatedly ask for evidence for example, of Jesus and they say the following:

> “The evidence for Jesus is overwhelming” (Nope, there is nothing).

> “The majority of biblical scholars and historians agree that Jesus existed” (evidence? Other than Paul saying 20 years later that he knew the brother of his imaginary friend in outer space).

> “Jesus died for your sins, what more evidence do you need?” (This of course means nothing).

– Why shouldn’t everybody be angry that there are these religious predators trying to delude people by lying to them?
4) I see the incredible amount of evidence of child indocrination and the fact that it is the parents who are responsible.

– The evidence for this is overwhelming and if you don’t agree then just ask and I will gladly send you many many articles on brainwashing and child indoctrination.

– Religious child indoctrination is child abuse and I feel being angry about child abuse is justified.

> The fact that people don’t realize that this is child abuse makes me even angrier.

> The fact that it’s THE PARENTS who are abusing the children by child indoctrinating them makes me go completely mental and foaming at the mouth with anger.

– Why shouldn’t I be angry that billions of children are being abused and billions of parents are the ones doing it?

– Why shouldn’t I be angry that children are being psychologically scarred and damaged by something that is without a doubt the most evil thing on the planet?
5) People are being brainwashed when older because they were exploited while being caught in a state of being emotionally vulnerable.

– I am angry that people are becoming victims of a lie.

> This lie is what will make people abuse their children by child indoctrinating them.

> This lie is what deludes people into hating people with bigotry.

> This lie starts wars and justifies them.

> This lie divides peoples and families.

> This lie causes people to not fear death because they think they have another life.

> This lie is destroying the planet itself because it is anti-science.

> This lie scams people out of billions.

> This lie is a complete waste of peoples time.

> This lie is what has set back society over a 1000 years technologically.

– I am angry that people are completely blind to this in the same way that I would be angry if people were poisoning other people with small doses of poison and everyone thought it was okay.

> It’s not okay to poison peoples minds with a harmful mental disease that destroys the planet and innocent lives without people even realizing it.
6) This is the 21st century and supernatural delusion and the harmful effects of supernatural delusion are everywhere.

– There are still human sacrifices.

– Woman are treated like inferior beings and willingly agreeing and doing so.

– Homosexuals are oppressed and killed.

– Atheists are oppressed and killed.

– People believe in ghosts, demons, possessions and curses.

– People are deluded into fearing things that don’t exist.

– People actually would kill other people because they think that a god wants them to and there are billions of people throughout existence who would do so.

– This all makes me very angry.
7) Atheists who defend religion and religious belief.

– This is unacceptable and Atheists are supposed to be the smart ones.

– To say that religion benefits people and is harmless simply shows a lack of intelligence and reality.

> There are multiple ways to help people and help the world without being religious.

> People don’t need religion to be good and don’t need to have a religious community of friends as a social circle.

– To give religious people such as apologists credibility in any way is truly maddening.

> Apologists are misleading, manipulative, deceiving liars and they know they are.

> Apologists have an agenda to mislead, manipulate and deceive and by giving them credibility Atheists are simply helping them do so.

– Atheists who defend religion are as much of a problem as religion itself.

> They blind other Atheists into not thinking religion is a problem.

> They blind other Atheists into thinking that religion is harmless.

> They convince other Atheists that the Atheists who speakout against religion should be ignored and don’t know what they’re talking about.

– Tigers telling tigers that it’s okay to let hunters shoot them and to destroy the jungle makes no sense.

– I am justified in being angry when I see people who are supposed to know better, telling other people who know better, not to know better.

So yes I am an angry Atheist and yes I get a little out of control sometimes.

Being angry aswell as passionate, simply because you care about other people and the world itself, is never a bad thing, nor should it ever be.

Passionate angry people who care are bound to get out of control sometimes.

Excuse me for caring.