What really drives me crazy is that when I see Atheists debating religious believers, they are wasting time on the wrong issues.

The brainwashing issues are simply not addressed.

I’m saying that because without the brainwashing there is no belief in Jesus, or christianity in the first place.

– I can’t help it if Atheist philosophers are too stupid to see that I’m attacking the source of the religious disease, which is the brainwashing.

Attack the source (the right source)

– Apologists and philosophers are expecting me to simply just attack the symptoms (Jesus, or intelligent design) but whether they like it, or not I’m going to attack the SOURCE.

– Compare christianity and all religion to AIDS.

> Would you rather attack the symptoms of AIDS, or attack the disease itself? Exactly.

-Since religious believers are the brainwashed ones I can’t expect them to behave rationally, or say anything trustworthy either. (Not presupposing and I explain more as you read more)

– Afterall, if apologists didn’t lie and mislead then they wouldn’t be able to do apologetics.

This is the simple reality:

– There is no evidence of any religion, especially christianity.

– Religious believers will say there is evidence but when you ask to see it, then it isn’t evidence of anything.

– Religion only exists because of brainwashing.

– Brainwashing to religion consists of the following 2 reasons:

1) Child indoctrination

Which consists of some or more of the following:

> Parents religion

> Country

> Household

> Majority religion

> Media of that country

> Teachers and social influences

2) Being expoited by a religion when being caught in a state of emotional vulnerability while as an adult, to various types of circumstances.

> Called “being born again”

> This can be caused by repetition abd being forcefed religion that projects and creates a vulnerability in the person.

> Religions prey (not pray) upon the vulnerable people who are lost and confused and they are taken advantage of by the state they are in.

> This is what happens when people create cults from scratch and find emotionally vulnerable and confused people who delude themselves into thinking they see “signs”.

Why is there no reason other than brainwashing?

Here’s why:

– The argument of intelligent design has nothing to do with any religion and only an argument for “deism”.

– Since a “god” existing cannot be either proven or disproven that does not count as brainwashing, since it’s just a simple belief and nothing more that doesn’t influence their life, nor would they be indoctrinating anyone with that belief.

– When the belief in god is connected to a religion though, then it becomes brainwashing.

> Then it becomes a disease that is pushed onto others.

– Nothing about any religion makes any sense and no religion has any evidence.

– The only way to believe a religion that makes no sense, has no evidence and is no different than any other religion that has no evidence and makes no sense, is because of brainwashing.

– Even if a god did exist (hypothetically) there is nothing that connects, or is evidence of, connecting that god with any religion, or religious figure, or myth.

> There is nothing to say that any god would care, or feel compelled to offer afterlives, or care what anybody did with their sexlives since “the god” would have supposedly created them the way it wanted in the first place.

(I just realized that some of what I mention above is mentioned by Richard Carrier here):




Apologists and philosophers have suggested that saying “religion is brainwashing and the only reason religion exists” is not an argument because it goes both ways (as in Atheists can be brainwashed to religion too).

– If a parent raises their kids with naturalism, science and only what can be seen, heard, or scientifically explained and theorized, then how is that brainwashing if the parent is simply raising the child with things known to be actually real and don’t require faith?

– A religious person cannot say that an Atheist parent is brainwashing their child by not raising the child to the religious person’s religion, when the same reasoning can be said about why the child is not being raised to all the other religions that the religious person doesn’t believe.

> None of the religions have evidence of being true.

> The Atheist parent is simply raising a child without subjecting them to things without evidence.

> The same as teaching a child about Howard Stern (who is real) or the Easter bunny (not real).

So I will finish with these last few notes and points regarding what is important in debating religious believers such as christians:

– Whether or not you believe religion is a problem, or not, the only reason it does exist is because of brainwashing.

– If you don’t think religion is a problem then what are you wasting your time debating and arguing with religious believers for if you aren’t going to expose the source?

> This is the equivalent to keeping the Iraq war going because you want to make money from the war, but could end the war at any time.

– If religious people of any religion cannot give evidence of anything to show that their religion could be believed by anything but brainwashing, then there is no other alternative but that the religious believer has been brainwashed. SIMPLE

– We know people are child indoctrinated and brainwashed as adults to reject and deny evidence and truth from myth and delusion and all religious people fall into that category.

So the bottom line is that if people are debating religious believers and not exposing the brainwashing, then they are just wasting everyone’s time and ARE NOT ATTACKING OR EXPOSING THE TRUTH!