Well in my recent study project of gathering information and trying to get answers and responses, I received a tweet from someone that seemed very full of themselves that felt it was an answer to some of my questions.

Here are the tweets they said word for word:

“Okay. If you think that all religion is brainwashing then surely you think that all false criminal convictions are as well?”


“Because both situations involve a misguided, but not unreasonable, appraisal of evidence, which leads to a false concluson.”

The contributor above is one of the delightful Atheists who defend religion that I write about so often.

He’s also part of a group of “philosophers” as they like to call themselves which consists of both Atheists and religious believers, I have nicknamed “The Philosophy Hall Of Doom” or (PHOD).

My questions were pretty straight forward I thought:

1) Is religion just brainwashing?

2) Why/why not?

3) How can someone become religious other than brainwashing?

4) Explain?
I keep getting horrible response after horrible response that claims they’ve answered and claimed that I’m wrong, but they never show either.

It seems that more effort is put into making it sound like they’ve answered and sound like I’m wrong, but nothing is ever really showed.

The fact is that I am simply asking simple questions which are not being answered and it seems quite obvious that somehow these questions are not being understood.

So let’s go through some of my points since I’m somehow not getting clear to people and then we’ll address the tweet specifically.

1) Children are child indoctrinated to religion.

2) They are programmed and mentally conditioned to deny evidence against their religion.

3) They are programmed and mentally conditioned to believe things without evidence and that makes no sense.

4) These religions that have no evidence, contradict themselves and have evidence against them, but are still believed (which is why they make no sense).

5) The argument of an intelligent designer is not the issue since it has nothing to do with religion and is nothing more than a belief in “deism”.

6) If someone is nothing more than a “deist” then they are NOT brainwashed, but instead are just believing something that is simply a choice which has no evidence, but it is just an OPINION, because that’s all it can ever be.

– It has no evidence for, or against but no belief, or background story.

7) If someone is religious though they are brainwashed, because the religions themselves have nothing that proves or connects them to any intelligent design, or god of reality (if it hypothetically did exist) they are simply nonsensical stories that have no evidence, but do have evidence against them.

8) To believe a religion when older from being an Atheist, the person has to be caught in a state of being emotionally vulnerable, which simply means that the person is willingly reaching out to be exploited and brainwashed.

9) The person can not become religious when older without having an emotional vulnerability to exploit.

10) There is no reason to become religious unless someone has an emotional vulnerability to exploit.

11) There is no rational reason to become religious unless they are brainwashed.

12) Whatever religion is convenient to the religious victim at the time of their emotional vulnerability will be clung on to by the victim.

13) This is nothing more than desperation and an acceptance of a reality that makes no sense, has no evidence and has no rational reason to be believed.

14) Brainwashing exists and it can’t be denied that it exists and there are several examples and documentation of religious brainwashing.

15) My point is that ALL religion is brainwashing and that all I am waiting and asking for is someone to explain how a rational person can become religous unless they are brainwashed?

16) Fear of death is just another example of being emotionally vulnerable to brainwashing.

17) Fear of not seeing someone again who has died is also brainwashing by being emotionally vulnerable.

18) By being child indoctrinated and programmed is undeniable that it’s brainwashing and embracing something due to an emotional vulnerability as a self defense mechanism for the mind is also brainwashing.

19) There are several methods of deception to believe things that have no evidence and make no sense and could not be believed by someone who does not have that vulnerability, or who has not been child indoctrinated.

20) Saying “that just because a religion does not make sense to YOU does not mean it doesn’t make sense” does not say how something with no evidence, contradicts itself and has evidence against it makes any sense.

21) Things make sense when:

– they have evidence

– don’t have hundreds of contradictions that contradict themselves

– don’t have evidence and science against them

– not part of a politically motivated scam that takes advantage of others.


Now to deal with the point regarding false convictions.

“Okay. If you think that all religion is brainwashing then surely you think that all false criminal convictions are as well?”


“Because both situations involve a misguided, but not unreasonable, appraisal of evidence, which leads to a false concluson.”

So let’s address this the best we can….

1) A false conviction is a mistake that was made and this is too vague a statement that could be any number of circumstances and frankly is an irrelevant comparison.

2) It doesn’t say how someone could be religious without being brainwashed and simply changes the subject, but does not say how child indoctrination and being brainwashed when older through having a vulnerability being exploited are not true.

3) A mistake made by a judge, or a jury would simply mean that there was a mistake, or poorly done job, or the defendant was framed.

– If there was nothing but a motive to commit the crime and nothing else, they would simply be following the only evidence they have, which is the motive.

– Is there any evidence of any religion being true? No. No there isn’t.

4) There really is no comparison between laws combined with multiple mistakes and errors that have to do with reality based thinking, when compared to supernatural invisible entities with fake nonsensical stories, that have no evidence and the stories about them are disproven.

5) A false conviction deals with real possibilities that are only wrong simply because they are unfortunately for the defendent “wrong”, but you don’t doubt that they happened because they are plausible.

6) Religions are not plausible and can only be believed if somebody has had their head played with and brainwashed.

7) Any false conviction has the possibility of being true, otherwise it wouldn’t be believed to be true.

8) Take any religion though and any religious person and they will all say the same thing:

“My religion is real and makes sense”

“Every other religion isn’t real and makes no sense”

9) The last I checked, people have never been convicted because of supernatural evidence, unless it is a religion based supernatural believing court which actually would be brainwashing because of the religion involved, like when Allah wants people stoned for adultery.

10) So a wrongful conviction is based on reality based circumstances and believable possibilities, but a religion is not based on reality based circumstances, or any evidence whatsoever.

11) A wrongful conviction is not brainwashing because it deals with the possible and has logical circumstances that made it a conviction, even though it was wrong.

12) If correct evidence came forward to prove the defendent innocent later then it would not be ignored as evidence if the court wasn’t corrupt.

13) Religious brainwashing denies evidence that proves it wrong, while dismissing the fact that there is no evidence that proves it right.

14) Religious believers do not believe the evidence (generally) when it comes forward.

15) A wrongful conviction does not cause people to believe they will be guilty of thought crime if it isn’t believed.

16) Reality and the physics of the universe do not have to be warped in peoples minds to believe a false conviction, but they do in religious brainwashing.


Anyway this is silly. There is no comparison to a wrongful conviction compared to religious brainwashing that either shows how being religious isn’t brainwashing and how you can be brainwashed without being religious.

Still waiting. I suppose I might never get an answer that actually answers, or an answer that says “you’re right” but let’s keep on trying.

Guess I’ll just keep enjoying being depicted as this crazy person who doesn’t know what he’s talking about though by the members of PHOD and just keep laughing as the religious philosophers keep egging the Atheist philosophers on that I don’t have a valid point here and using them as puppets.

All religion is brainwashing.

Without religious brainwashing, religion would not exist.

This is the painful truth.

Yes I’m serious.

No I’m not a troll.