Ok so things in the world have really gone insane. When I say “insane” I mean that I have to take a step back and question my own sanity sometimes.

However I have stepped back and weighed the arguments very carefully in order for them to make sense.

1) No religion is true and we have evidence they are not true.

2) Religion is brainwashing and nothing else.

– Child indoctrination

– People are exploited to a religion of convenience to them when caught in being in an emotionally vulnerable state of mind.

> This mentally and emotionally vulnerable state is what sees everything as a “sign”, or personal experience.

3) Theories about deism are not evidence of theism.

4) There is no evidence to support any religion being real.

5) Faith in deism that are trying to be passed off as “theism” are not evidence for anything other than desperation.

6) A belief in deism is not evidence of anything because it can not be demonstrated to how it can be shown to be true.

7) Belief in deism that is attempted to be passed off as “theism” is no more believable or demonstratable than “we are living in a virtual reality simulator like the Matrix”.

8) Deism beliefs that are attempted to demonstrate “theism” can not be shown how they are anymore true than telling someone that when nobody is looking at them they turn invisible.

9) If it is not demonstratable that something is actually evidence and shown to be true, then it is not evidence for anything.

10) Rainbows are not evidence the great flood happened and that a God created rainbows.

11) Saying “the reason you believe a religion because of the overwhelming evidence” is not evidence if you don’t show the “evidence”.

12) Saying “there is overwhelming evidence” implies that there is “physical evidence” to be shown, observed, or demonstrated.

13) Implying that “you have concluded that your unprovable imaginary friend is more believable than the unprovable imaginary friend of all other religions, because you have ‘weighed the evidence'”, is not evidence.

14) Saying “you have weighed the evidence” but then never tell anyone what the “evidence” is, even though you are constantly asked for evidence for 2 years, is not evidence if you never demonstrate that evidence.

15) If you say there is overwhelming evidence for your religion, but then never show any of that evidence no matter how many times you are asked, then that means you do not have any evidence and you are a liar.

16) If I say I am the world’s greatest magician, but then refuse to show you any magic tricks and nobody else can vouch for my magic, then I have not shown any evidence that I am the world’s greatest magician, or that I am not lying, or that I even know any magic tricks at all.

17) If I tell you that “my evidence for my being an amazing magician is because I am only alive because of my real magic powers that keep me from getting fatal diseases, well that is not evidence if there is no way to show that it’s true.

18) If you say that the reason that you are religious is because “you want a personal relationship with the creator of the universe” does not give us any evidence that the universe has a creator, or that it would want a relationship with anyone.

– Especially if they also think that that god creates people in order to torture them, even though it makes people a certain way and knows everything they are going to do before they are born.

– Especially if the god of your religion is depicted as a narcissistic psychopath in your holy book, which is hardly the behavior of a superior loving being and definitely not something to be worshipped.

19) You are a liar when you say that there is overwhelming evidence of your religion, but then only give an opinion about “deism” which you attempt to say is “theism” which means “your religion”.

– This does not make evidence of your religion being true over any other religion and their ALSO non-existent evidence, which was the whole point.

20) You are a liar if you say “you have compared the evidence of all religions and found your religion to fit your standards of what a religion and the god of that religion should have”.

– If you never show this comparison of your religion with others, even though you said you compared and then don’t tell us what that is, then that is definitely called “lying”.

– You have proven that you made that up.

21) If you repeatedly say that other people “don’t know what evidence is” then you are just wasting time and deflecting the fact there is no evidence and you are just trying to convince others that something exists that doesn’t exist, but you keep telling them it exists anyway.

22) A “personal experience” is meaningless as evidence since they cannot be demonstrated to be true.

– If a person cannot tell us what the personal experience is then it is no different than a fortune teller giving a psychic reading which never comes true, or is vague and was inevitable to happen anyways.

– If the person has a personal experience and they never show us then that is the equivalent of lying if they never show it, when they could if it was true, but they do not.

23) If the person never reveals details about how they became religious and change their story when confronted about presenting details, then the person is lying.

– If there were reasons and details as claimed, but the person won’t say what they are, then obviously the person is lying, or it would be a simple matter of telling what it is.

24) All it comes down to is that there is no evidence and the only way to do apologetics is to lie, manipulate, mislead and convince people of things that aren’t true and that you showed them something that you never showed them.

25) No religion that I am aware of makes any sense, but of course when you try to get religious people to show how their religion makes sense, it will not.

– They will usually deflect and avoid explaining things because they know that their religion makes no sense to anyone.

26) Religious people are lying even if they are brainwashed for the following reasons:

– They have been mentally conditioned to not be able to deal with the truth.

> They can’t handle reality.

> Evidence of their religion is not required.

As William Lane Craig says “how evidence is not important due to his personal experience of the witness of the holy spirit”.


> Says absolutely nothing that counts as evidence.

> His personal experience of witnessing is not demonstratable and he can’t be shown that he isn’t lying.

> He has a lot of motivation to lie.

> Says to ignore evidence that contradicts christianity.

> Says that evidence is not important, which proves that everything Craig says outside of this really is meaningless.

> Says to fear Satan for which there is no evidence of, but evidence against:


– Religious people simply can’t deal with the vulnerability in their thinking that has been conditioned and are aware of the flaws.

> Lying and misleading are simply an effect due to denial, because they can’t even slightly entertain the alternative in their mind.

– Ever hear a religious person ever admit the flaws?

> Ever wonder why not?

– Ever get one that admits the truth that they can’t deal with the alternative?

> Ever wonder why not?


Religion is psychological enslavement.

Religion is manipulation and mindgames.

Religion is about being rewired and conditioned to think a certain way, or not think a certain way.

Religion is about lying and not having any other alternative but lying.

If you don’t see that religion is about lying and deception then you aren’t asking them to expose their lies as not untrue.

If you don’t see that religion is just about lying then you are just letting them deflect and not pushing the issues.

If you don’t see that religion is about lying then you really gotta start opening your eyes.