Now through a long 3 month online exchange I had with a rather psychotic christian that ended last month, a few things that came to my attention about what takes faith in religion.

As I said in my exchange “it takes more faith to believe in the evidence of Jesus, than the faith of Jesus.”

So let’s list a few things and points that come to mind. This is me speaking to the religious believers about their faith and saying that Atheists have faith too.

Here we go….

1) It takes faith to believe in Jesus since there is no evidence of Jesus, or it also takes faith to believe Mohammed was divine in any way shape, or form (riding a winged horse to heaven, splitting the moon).

2) It takes more faith to believe all the multiple bible scholars, archaeologists, historians and scientists who say that the gospels are fiction…. are wrong, or lying.

3) It takes more faith to believe that all the millions upon millions of pieces of evidence that both disprove a young Earth and prove evolution, are all wrong.

4) It takes more faith to not see that there is no difference from anyone else’s religion and the one that they believe in.

5) It takes faith to believe that you have some sort of afterlife and that all the many trillions upon trillions of life forms that ever existed that aren’t human do not.

6) It takes faith to believe that your religion is right and all the others are wrong. (40,000 different sects of christianity alone)

7) It takes faith to believe that there is any sort of god and that it would care about what anyone did in the first place (if they were gay, circumcised, or had lots of wild and crazy sex).

8) It takes faith to think that it isn’t a coincidence that you have the same religion as your parents that they raised you to believe since birth.

9) It takes faith to believe that if you were born in another country and raised by another religion that you wouldn’t believe that religion and not the one that you currently believe now in real life.

10) It takes faith to believe that you haven’t been lied to and brainwashed to believe something that has no evidence and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Now let’s go the other route.

What do Atheists have faith in?

1) The evidence of science?

– No, we have an understanding of things that have been scientfically put together.

– Science can be wrong and can be corrected sometimes, but when that happens we change our views according to the evidence.

2) Faith there is no “God”?

– We simply are aware that there is no evidence of any gods.

– There is no evidence any religion is real.

– There is evidence that no religion is real.

– If no religion is real then that means that the gods of those religions are not real either.

– If there were evidence of gods then we would believe.

3) Faith there is no afterlife.

– There is not a single reason to think that there is.

– This isn’t faith, this is called not deluding yourself believing something that has no evidence or reason to exist other than “we’d like it to”.

So I hope that clears up any time wasting regarding Atheists having FAITH.