So the thing that I am told a lot on Twitter is “that even if religion is nothing more than brainwashing, that telling them they are brainwashed is not how you cure them from being brainwashed”.

Now I find this completely mindblowing for several reasons that are the result of me saying this:

– These are Atheists who are usually saying this to me.

– These people who are saying this to me are usually at the same time saying being religious ISN’T brainwashing.


– They are defending religion by saying that some people can be religious by not being brainwashed.
Now before I get to my main point I will AGAIN repeat these things that I say all the time that apparently have given me this bad reputation.

a) There is no evidence of any religion being true, or having any evidence.

b) Simply implying “that if there were a ‘God’ it would probably be the christian God” does not count as evidence.

c) Anyone who implies that if a ‘God’ existed it would probably be the christian ‘God’ and somehow thinks this is counted as ‘evidence’ really is a complete moron and truly is what is wrong with this world.

d) Believing religions that are based on absurd and outrageous things without evidence that make no sense, can only be counted AS BEING BRAINWASHED!

e) ‘Deism’ or being a ‘deist’ is not being brainwashed since it’s just an opinion (God exists or once existed) and can’t be proven or disproven.

– Being a deist also isn’t based on nonsensical stories that have no evidence and are shown to be untrue.

– Who cares if someone is simply a deist? (unless your name is Deepak Chopra)

f) Being brainwashed to religion, or as I say “being religious” involves one of 2 methods.

– Being child indoctrinated and mentally conditioned to believe nonsense that makes no sense and has no evidence.

– Being caught in a state of being emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

g) A ‘religion’ is a ‘cult’ but has grown in size and has attained it’s ‘being normal statis’ through having enormous membership of those who believe them.

– A religion is just a big cult.

h) There is no way that someone can be religious UNLESS THEY ARE BRAINWASHED! (Yes I’m yelling)

i) ‘Personal experience’ does not count as evidence since they cannot be proven and are only believed because someone was in an emotionally, or mentally vulnerable state.

j) Believing that the universe had intelligent design does not count as evidence of any religion being true.

Having said all of the above, I will now get to my main point about WHY you should tell people they are brainwashed to their religion:

1) If you were brainwashed to something, wouldn’t you like to know about it?

a) Who wants to be living a lie without their knowledge that they are living a lie?

b) If someone was conditioned to believe a lie and conditioned to not listen to evidence, then why wouldn’t you tell them?

2) You aren’t helping anyone by not telling them they are brainwashed.

3) If nobody believes that the only reason people are religious is because of being brainwashed, or that too many people DON’T believe it who are non-believers, then the TRUTH is just being hidden and discouraged.

4) Anything other than showing people they have no evidence and that the only reason they believe their religion is because of brainwashing, is a waste of time.

a) Intelligent design debating is a waste of time.

– This proves no religion, so who cares?

b) Where people magically get their morals from is a waste of time.

– This is just meaningless timewasting deflection that gets people nowhere and proves nothing.

c) Debating pointlessly over whether or not people need to believe in a divine power is completely pointless and meaningless.

– People only believe whatever religion they were child indoctrinated to, or exposed to when emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

– If they weren’t exposed to any religion, they wouldn’t be religious, so again who cares?

5) For anyone who has seen the movie ‘The Matrix’ please try to think of religious believers like people within the Matrix.

a) Without telling people in the Matrix the truth, then what were they supposed to tell them?

– There is nothing else that is the relevant truth to religious believers.

– They are brainwashed to a lie that has no truth.

b) How were the humans supposed to win the war against the machines unless they told people the truth about the Matrix?

– How is rationality and reason supposed to win against religion unless people are woken up to the truth to come to the side of reason and sanity.

– People need to be told the truth, which is that people are only religious because they have been brainwashed to believe things that are nothing but lies, that have no evidence.

c) People in the Matrix deserved to be shown the truth.

– Some people unfortunately can’t handle the truth about religion and unfortunately there is no red pill, or blue pill to take.

– If more people aren’t shown the reality that they are brainwashed to believe in a nonsensical lie though, then the religious numbers will continue to grow.

– If nobody believes the truth, not even the non-religious, then someday there might not be anyone left who isn’t brainwashed and doesn’t believe in religious nonsense.

– Someday all the non-believers will only be left living in secret to their non-belief, and fear the penalties that could exist everywhere, instead of just in the places where we know they exist NOW!

d) Religious brainwashing is no different than the Matrix in the sense that religion is “the prison that you can’t hear, or smell, or touch”.

– A prison for your mind.

e) The religious beliefs are the Matrix.

– Religions are the machines.

– The religious believers are the people hooked up to machines that hide them from reality.

– Without the believers believing religions then the religion machine has no power.

6) Telling people they are brainwashed is not only essential to helping them, but it’s the only way that people are going to be able to bring peace and reason to the world.

– You can’t force anyone to disbelieve, or believe a religion.

– In order for a religion to get someone to believe something that makes no sense and has no evidence you need to brainwash them without them knowing they are brainwashed.

– If someone knew they were brainwashed then they wouldn’t be brainwashed.

– If you want someone to know they are brainwashed, you have to tell them and show them.

I only say all this because I care about the world we live in and future generations to come.

Just because people somehow don’t see the harm of religion and the many truths I’ve said about religious brainwashing, doesn’t mean that I can stop saying the truth about it.

I can never stop shouting out about it and any sane and caring rational Atheist reading this must realize that they can’t let philosophers bully, or discourage them from saying the truth.

They can’t let the philosophers who defend religion while claiming to be the voices of reason, tell you, or convince you otherwise.

– Religion is brainwashing and nothing else.

– There is no logical reason to be religious unless someone is brainwashed.

– People who defend and don’t see that religion is nothing more than brainwashing are as much of a problem as religion itself.

– If they aren’t against religious brainwashing they are WITH religious brainwashing.

As usual, the philosophers will attack this article and somehow not understand it, but the fact that they just don’t get the concept of the harm and the effect of religious brainwashing simply speaks for itself.

– If you are a philosopher and you attack religion and expose it’s brainwashing, then I salut you.

– If you are a philosopher and defend religion and religious brainwashing then you truly are what’s wrong with this world.

And if anyone thinks I am alone on what I have said about the things I say here, you would be wrong: