So I was sent this video by this gentleman named James here on Twitter which contained many of his “arguments” regarding his views on Atheists (he has a very lowly opinion of us it seems).

Now I can’t really look down on James for what he says since he is merely misinformed and socially conditioned to incorrect views and opinions that are so far from the truth that I really can’t put the guy down for what he says, since he is merely a victim of brainwashing and misinformation.

So let’s breakdown his 11 minute clip down here. Hopefully James will read this analysis of what he said and will be more informed. I also hope James does not think I am trying to disrespect him, just educate him.

I also hope that other people watching this video and then reading this article will become a lot more informed on Atheists, Atheism and the true reality of how we think, why we think that way and let’s face it, how things actually are.


James starts off saying “that the purpose of this video is to discourage the practice of Atheism”.

He then adds “and to promote christianity, in favor of the Roman catholic church”.
– Now what James must realize is that the reason that people are Atheists is because of the following reasons:

a) There is no evidence of any gods or “God” existing, so based on Atheists not having any evidence or reason to believe ANY gods, or ANY religion, we simply do not believe because we have no reason to believe.

b) We see evidence that all religions are based on lies, myth and fiction.

c) Because we know all religions are false, because of lack of evidence and we have evidence against them being true.

d) We aren’t “deists” either because we had a choice between just assuming there is a God (which would in no way be the “God” of any religion) which has no evidence it exists, or simply not believing.
As for James promoting the Roman catholic church:

a) What a strange coincidence that he is promoting a christian religion of the overwhelming religious majority of the United States and therefore most likely the same religion as his parents.

b) If James was brought up in a country where the overwhelming religion is islam, then that is what James would believe.

c) If James actually wanted to discourage Atheism and promote people to christianity then all he has to do is show evidence of the bible being true and evidence of Jesus actually being God.

(Jesus even existing as a person would even be a good start)


James then lists some things that inspired him to make this video. (15 sec mark)

– United States president Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his “irreligious presidency”.

– The recent death of Christopher Hitchens (this was made in 2012).

– Sam Harris.

– The Amazing Atheist and Pat Condell and their Youtube videos.
So on this I will say:

a) Obama is a christian I had thought.

b) Even if he is lying about being religious which I can’t prove, or disprove, Obama promoting education. science and learning does not mean he is discouraging religion.

c) James most likely watches too much Fox News which has a license to lie, lies about most of what they say and has an agenda to lie and mislead.

d) The religion or non-religion of a president does not make a religion true.

e) George W. Bush said that God told him to invade Iraq (does James seriously believe God talked to him).

f) Hitchens death really shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

g) Sam Harris telling James and other christians things they don’t want to hear does not make those things untrue.

h) The Amazing Atheist and Pat Condell are merely telling James and other religious people things that need to be said, for the exact reason that James is showing, which is bigotry, hatred and misinformation towards Atheists.


James then asks “why is Atheism a threat to western civilization?” (35 sec mark)
Atheism isn’t a threat to anything and in fact is beneficial and helpful to society.

a) Prison populations are only .21% non-religious. FACT

b) The most peaceful and economically successful countries in the world are mostly non-religious countries. FACT

c) No human sacrifices to gods of Atheism have ever happened. FACT

d) Religious fanatics use guns and violence to promote their religion, but Atheists write books, make videos and promote science, education and critical thinking. FACT

e) There are no terrorist Atheists.


James says “to ask yourself why is Atheism a threat? is the same as saying why is seppiku a threat to health?” (40 sec mark)
a) I had no idea what seppiku is, or how to spell it, but it really doesn’t matter, but here is the definition since probably barely anyone knows what it is, which is a bad way to communicate.

b) What James of course is completely avoiding is the fact that there is no evidence that any religion is true.

c) The statistics and evidence show non-religious people to be happier, more peaceful and more generous overall.

d) Simply because someone does not believe in a religion that has no evidence, makes no sense and has evidence against it being true, does not make someone an immoral person.

e) Other religions do many immoral things that their religion TELLS them to do, but James for some reason has singled out Atheists. (Not deists, agnostics, or other religions).

f) The only “threat” of Atheism in actuality to James or other christians is the fact that we are honest in the fact that there is no evidence any religion is true, that there is no evidence of God and don’t believe, but mostly because we confront you with the reality that there is no afterlife, for which you have been indoctrinated and addicted to believe.

g) That James doesn’t have a clue as to why Atheists do not believe any religions or gods and has never even put an once of thought as to why we don’t kinda just makes you feel sorry for religious brainwashing victims.

– You feel sorry for them because you see that they have been programmed to never doubt their religion and that means never do any research.

– If they actually did research there is a good chance they would see that their religion is a lie, without an ounce of truth.


James then says “that Atheism is a nihilistic suicide cult”. (47 sec mark)

a) Atheism is not a cult, but the simple lack of belief in gods or religions.

b) James is an Atheist to the same 3697 gods that Atheists don’t believe in, but we just go 3 more gods than James that we don’t believe in (Yahweh, Jesus, Satan).

c) He might want to examine what a “nihilist” is to make sure that Atheists fit the description.

Let’s see:

the denial of the existence of any basis for knowledge or truth
the general rejection of customary beliefs in morality, religion, etc.
also ethical nihilism
the belief that there is no meaning or purpose in existence
the doctrine that existing social, political, and economic institutions must be completely destroyed in order to make way for new institutions
a movement in Russia (c. 1860-1917) which advocated such revolutionary reform and attempted to carry it out through the use of terrorism and assassination
LOOSELY any violent revolutionary movement involving the use of terrorism

So let’s break this down and see how this is Atheism:

– The denial of the existence of any basis for knowledge or truth (Uh NO).

– The general rejection of customary beliefs on morality (This is definitely NOT Atheism)

– The belief that there is no meaning, or purpose in existence (Nonsense because we make our own purpose and meaning in life).

As I explain here:

– As for all the rest of what it says that’s complete garbage and in no way whatsoever describes ‘Atheism’.

– Atheism is simply not believing in gods or religions without evidence and nothing else.

d) Atheism is not suicidal, or a cult and definitely not a suicide cult.

– Though religions actually do make people become suicidal according to their religions.

> Suicide bombers.

Even brainwashing children to be martyrs and making them want to kill jews.

> Faith healers refusing medical treatment.

> Jehovah’s witnesses refusing to take blood, or give blood even to save a life.

> Christian snake handlers.

> People commiting suicides thinking they will see loved ones, or simply because they think they will get another life.

e) Christianity and all religions started out as cults until the populations of the cults acheived enormous populations through child indoctrination.


James then adds “Atheism promotes immorality, totalitarianism and death”. (50 sec mark)
WOW! Well let’s break this down:

a) Atheism does not promote immorality and in fact (with rationality) promotes many things that many religions are against (simply because we know what those religions are based on are lies and a self serving fictious history).

b) Religions promote hatred and bigotry while AGAIN Atheism only disbelieves all religions which includes the hateful bigotted ones.

c) All the biggest scientific discoveries in technology and science were created by Atheists.

d) The biggest contributers and helpful causes to charity are Atheists.

e) Atheists do good things because they want to do good things, not because they fear something, or expect a reward.

f) If James means that equal rights for everyone is a bad thing and is “immoral” well that doesn’t speak highly of religions, but speaks highly of Atheists who can think for themselves and have no religions telling them to hate people, or doing immoral things.

g) “Totalitarianism” means:

designating, of, or characteristic of a government or state in which one political party or group maintains complete control under a dictatorship and bans all others
completely authoritarian, autocratic, dictatorial, etc.

– This is not what Atheism means at all.

h) Atheism simply means “not believing in gods”.

i) If James thinks that being a christian or any other religion makes them more righteous, or moral then he is quite mistaken:

j) If religious people are actually doing things that are logically and rationally immoral because their religion makes them do these things then that actually would mean that religious people are at a moral disadvantage.

k) James needs to get it through his head that todays mostly Atheistic countries are the happiest in the world and greatest places to live and this can’t be denied no matter how much he tries to ignore it:


James then says this mindblowing statement “Atheism can be summed up as ‘there is no God and I hate him”. (55 sec mark)

a) We don’t believe there is a God and that is because there is no evidence to believe that there is a God and James does not provide one.

b) We know no religion to be true and James doesn’t provide that either.

c) How can we hate something that doesn’t exist? That makes no sense.


James then says “Yes Atheism is a religion”. (1 min 4 sec mark)
This is of course complete nonsense and untrue.

a) It is the lack of a religion.

b) Atheism is the neutral position since it is believing in no gods or religions.

c) It is the equivalent of saying “not going to the movies is a way of going out to the movies”.

d) Like ‘invisible’ is a colour.


James then claims to be giving what has for it’s definition of religion. (1 min 8 sec mark)
So let’s see what it says:

a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects:
the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
Alrighty then. So let’s dissect this definition and compare it to Atheism:

a) Atheism set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe. (It’s simply not believing in gods or religions and nothing else).

b) Atheists have no beliefs in the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies.

c) Atheists have no specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects (we just don’t believe in gods, or religions and that’s it).

d) It lists christians and buddhists because they ARE religions.


James then says “that it takes more faith to not believe in God than to believe in God”. (2 min 15 sec)
Which brings up some very interesting points and things that James needs to realize:

a) Atheists don’t believe in God, because we have no evidence to believe in any gods, or a God.

b) Atheists know that the gods of all religions don’t exist because the religions are based on nonsensical myth and fiction and if a God did exist it would not be the god of any religion.

c) If a “God” wanted us to know it exists then it would tell us.

As Richard Carrier explains:

d) Nothing about any religion makes any sense, especially christianity.

e) James could maybe try to explain how christianity makes any sense, but he would have to explain the following:

> How the entire old testament has been completely disproven using history and science?

> How there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus even existed?

> How the new testament and Jesus in the gospels refer so often to the old testament, which depicts Yahweh as a complete evil psychopath who isn’t even omnipotent?

> How the original writings of Jesus were from Paul, a man who never even met Jesus and everything about Jesus is the equivalent of Paul talking about his imaginary friend?

> How the idea of Jesus sacrificing himself to save us from himself because of what he was going to do to us himself unless people painfully tortured him, makes absolutely no sense?

> How there is absolutely nothing about the entire “devil” concept that makes any sense?

As shown here:

> How the 10 commandments make no sense and that only 3 are even worthy of writing.

> How there is no difference between how mormonism, islam and christianity were created, but James only believes christianity?

> How 1 billion muslims are wrong and 1.5 billion christians are right even though they both have the same amount of faith?

As shown here:

> How the bible’s greatest heroes and prophets are psycopaths who kill women and children without a second thought?

> How James knows that his religion is right and not someone elses religion, or how the Atheists knowledge and grasp of all religions being false isn’t true? Since none have any evidence.

I list several reasons why religious people are ignorant here:


James then says that Atheism addresses the ’cause’ the nature and ‘purpose’ of the universe especially when considered the creation of a superhuman agency, or agencies. (2 min 23 sec mark)
a) Actually that’s not true at all because Atheism simply means we don’t believe in gods, or religions.

b) Atheists don’t claim to know about all things scientific, but claim that we have an understanding of science, or that an understanding that brilliant scientific minds have well thought out scientific theories and actual evidence.

c) We also have this understanding because there is no evidence for gods and there is strong evidence of no religion being true, or making the slightest bit of sense.

d) Atheists will change their scientific views based on new evidence, while religious people will not change their views based on no evidence.


James continues….

That Atheists believe the cause and purpose of the universe is not due to God, but to no God. A negative God. (2 min 30 sec)
Actually no (whatever a negative god is supposed to be).

a) Atheists simply don’t see evidence of any religion being true.

b) We don’t see any evidence of the universe needing a god.

c) If people simply think that the universe has a god, or an intelligent designer, but don’t believe in any religions for the same reasons that Atheists, then they are just deists.

– Why does James not seem to have a problem with deists for believing in gods but not believing any religions?

– This makes no sense.

d) Not believing in things because you don’t have evidence simply means that you aren’t gullible.


James continues…

If you think that contemplating an infinite God is difficult, try contemplating a negative God. (2 min 43 sec)
a) No idea what a negative god is, but I can just guess James just means ‘no god’.

b) It really isn’t that difficult to explain the universe with no designer or creator.

– Step by step if you think about it, there really is no reason to believe that the universe needed a god in any way.

I explain it here:

c) It just seems that James is uneducated really.


James continues….

Why is religion important? (2 min 49 sec)
a) At least James is saying that Atheism IS NOT a religion now and also implying that belief in a god is what makes a religion.

– Funny that before he was saying that Atheism IS a religion and listed a bunch of reasons (which were all wrong and untrue, but James still listed them).

b) Religion is only important to people because they have been brainwashed and conditioned to think it is.

c) Religions have no truth, so it only means that they think a complete lie that they have been conditioned to believe, is important.

d) So all James is saying is that believing a lie is important.

– This makes no sense.


James continues….

The question of religion is so huge that it reverberates throughout all aspects of our life and influences all of our relationships.
Well let’s just dissect that little thought shall we?

a) No matter how religion affects peoples lives there still is no truth to them.

b) No religion has any evidence.

c) All religions have evidence they aren’t true.

d) Atheists like myself are genuinely good, decent people who care about others and work hard to make the world a better place.

e) The millions of Atheists on the Earth who live happy, moral and productive lives without religion completely disprove what James says about religion being important, essential, necessary, or even making a difference in making the world a better place.

f) I completely agree with what James says in the sense that religion affects our lives and every aspect about it, but I realistically see it as negative to the world in general.

g) Though of course I have many close, highly religious friends who live very happy lives, here are some factors that say why that is irrelevant:

– Religion spreads hatred and bigotry and many other negative effects on the world and James is a perfect example of this, especially when you see how absurd, delusional and completely inaccurate what he says really is.

– James needs to see what exactly it is that makes me hate religion and these are actual reasons, not like his reasons that are not even remotely true in any way shape, or form:

– And why being an Atheist is better than being religious:

h) Just because a drunk person is happier doesn’t mean that their being drunk is a good thing.


James continues….

Culture describes collectively how we as a people express ourselves and how we relate to each other.
a) Religion might be a part of some countries cultures, but some countries have over 80% Atheist populations and James can’t deny that Atheism is part of culture.

b) Atheism means that people aren’t influenced by delusional supernatural religions and omnipotent deities that aren’t true because they have no evidence and make no sense and that is all.

c) Religion affects cultures negatively.


James continues….

The word comes from the word cult, which means religion.

a) Well cults are religions, so I will agree on that since all religions are cults, except Atheism like James says, because Atheism isn’t a religion. but the neutral position.

b) If we look up James great source for definitions on, we see what it says about “culture” and it doesn’t say anything about religion.

“culture Translate Button
the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.”

– So James is completely off base with that source.

b) Now as for christianity being a cult though, well that is obvious.


James continues….

Islam describes a slavemaster relationship when discussing God and humanity.
a) Yes, this is true, but it still has no truth to it, just like christianity has no truth to it.

b) Christians are still slaves of their religion, just like muslims are slaves.

c) Being the slave of a lie is what being religious is all about.

d) Atheists are free and not because we don’t want there to be a God but because there simply is no evidence to any religion being true and no evidence of gods.

As I explain here:


James continues….

Christianity invites humanity into the divine family by adoption, but what about Atheists?
a) James confuses ‘adoption’ with child indoctrination to lies that could only be believed because of brainwashing.

b) Atheists simply accept reality for what it is, from things that have evidence, because of things that make sense.

c) A lie is still a lie if everybody believes it and the truth is still the truth if nobody does.


James continues….

They relate to the divine through materialism, cynicism, nihilism, amnesty and confusion.

No, no, no, no and NO.

a) We have no relation to any fictional, mythical, non-existent beings that have no evidence and make no sense with materialism.

b) We don’t distrust mythical beings that don’t exist and have no evidence because why would we?

– Is James cynical of the lochness monster because he thinks it is evil and simply hiding because it’s sneaky and likes messing with people?

c) James just loves that word nihilism even though it has nothing to do with Atheism.

d) Atheists don’t have amnesty towards God, because we don’t think God exists and have no reason to think so.

– Does James have amnesty towards smurfs, or leprechauns? Same thing.

– Is James in denial about smurfs and leprechauns being real? No and neither are Atheists about God.

e) There is nothing that Atheists are confused about which makes us Atheists, everything is pretty clear but I will repeat things again.

– There is no evidence of any religion being true.

– There is evidence against all religions being true.

– There is no evidence whatsoever of gods, or a god existing.

– No religion makes any sense.

– If a god wanted us to know about it and worship it, then it wouldn’t have given humans 3700 differentngods throughout history with different sects for many of them.

Christianity alone has 30,000-40,000 different sects in the world and many are very very different:


James continues….

The human condition is such that it must worship something.
a) No it isn’t and Atheists, agnostics, deists and scientologists are evidence of this.

b) James is saying this with no evidence and simply saying his false, bigotted and non fact based opinion.

c) Animals get along just fine without worshipping anything, so why not humans?

d) James and other religious people have been conditioned to be dependent on believing a lie.

– They’ve also been conditioned to not be able to have the strength to overcome the lie.


James continues…..

Something is always bigger than a human being whose froth with insecurity, subject to aging, disease and death. Man…must… worship something.
a) No we don’t.

b) The millions of successful and happy Atheists completely disagree with this.

c) Atheists only need the following:

– Reality
– Friends
– Family
– Inner strength
– Good life choices
– To make the most with what they have
– To not be brainwashed, child indoctrinated, or socially conditioned to be mentally addicted and dependent on believing in a lie in order to be happy, or fulfilled.


James continues….

So what is a follower in no God to do?
a) How about make the world a better place?

b) How about acheive the best they can before they die?

c) How about enjoy as much of life as they can?

d) How about realizing that this one life we have is all there is and we need to not waste it with ridiculous nonsense religions?


James continues…..

Where is he to draw upon his inner strength?
a) An Atheist gets his inner strength from developing it and not having a religious placebo.

b) An Atheist develops their strength where it’s needed.

c) An atheist makes the most out of what they have and aren’t co-dependent on a lie.


James continues….

Where is he to find his inner man? In a world that lacks connection, where solipsistic technologies encourage him to build a prison of self?
a) Answer is of course ‘by living in reality’.

b) ‘Solipsistic’ means the following:

– Like seriously, who uses this word when the average person has no idea what it means?

Function: adjective
Meaning: overly concerned with one’s own desires, needs, or interests

c) This description fits perfectly with millions of preachers and other entrepreneurs who make a living off of religious contributions.

– For people to give contributions they need to be afraid and ve convinced somehow that God needs money.


James continues….
How does the modern man define his happiness in a world that’s increasingly hostile to him? (4 min 14 sec)

a) Easily.

b) Take all the things that make you happy that don’t involve an invisible being that does nothing and affects your life only because you fear it and enjoy kissing it’s ass.

c) This is how I have compared christianity with it’s exact equivalent:

and this truly AWESOME comparison:

d) For example myself. I will list several things that make me happy:

– Sex
– Video games
– Writing things
– Movies
– Sleeping (I have severe insomnia)
– Pets
– Friends
– Jogging
– The gym
– Shopping
– Teaching people things
– Volunteer work
– Giving to charities
– Helping a friend, or someone in need
– Swimming
– Vacations
– Learning new things
– Several more, but I haven’t got all day, but it wasn’t that hard
– I guess to be brutally honest what makes me the most happy is just knowing I’m not religious and not the slave of a lie

e) How do I deal with the fact that the world is hostile towards Atheists?

– Well for one I can be happy I live in a country where I don’t have to hide the fact that I’m an Atheist, or I could be imprisoned, or put to death. (Canada)

– I can be happy knowing that I am rational and intelligent enough to not be brainwashed to religion anymore, while countless billions are. (I was once fanatically religious and had planned to be a priest til I became agnostic as a teenager, then Atheist sometime before 9-11)

– Just because billions of other people believe lies that have no evidence does not mean that I have to, especially if I am aware of the evidence against them all.


James continues….

The answer. He worships false gods to augment, by definition the unknowable “no god” with health, science, the state, art, some false messiah like some charasmatic politician, or musician. Something to fill that void. (4 min 19 sec mark)

a) Atheists don’t worship false gods, or any gods. (This is what makes us Atheists).

b) We worship nothing.

– Not health, but it is good to be healthy and physically active.(James sure looks like he could exercise some more, instead of going to church, or preaching)

– Not science (Why would we? That’s just stupid)

– Since when do Atheists have messiahs? (We’re Atheists and don’t believe in messiahs)

– We don’t worship politicians. (I know he’s just attacking Obama again for some silly reason)

– I am a big fan of Howard Stern, but he is a real person, but I don’t worship him and know he is not a supernatural being, just a funny one who makes me laugh.

– If Howard goes off the air I will be sad, but I will find something else to make me happy and why wouldn’t I?


James continues his bigotted verbal assault of hate….

Atheism is nasty because it does not define what our relationship should be to our fellow man. (4 min 43 sec)
a) This makes no sense.

b) This is a total lie.

c) There is no truth to this and nothing that indicate there is in any way shape? or form.

d) Atheism is the lack of belief in gods and religions and doesn’t negatively impact how we interact with other people whatsoever, unless it is because we are against bigotry, blasphemy laws and horrific human rights violations maybe.

– Also because we feel sorry and embarrased for other people who dedicate themselves to both a lie and a scam.

– We are in complete awe and disbelief that people could believe things that have no evidence, yet have evidence against them and they also make absolutely no sense.

– We find religion strange and completely unreasonable, but we do our best to be tolerant.

Unlike the rest of the world:

and you gotta love the Fox news scum:

e) I am an active, angry and outspoken Atheist, but some of my best friends are religious nuts.

– When shots are taken against my Atheism I laugh and shrug it off.

– When I make shots at their religion though for some reason I am being offensive and hateful to them.

– Religion is set at a hypocritical double standard simply because religious people can not mentally deal with reality and the real facts and that’s the cold hard truth.


James continues….

Where as christianity holds that man is corrupt and in need of salvation and moral instruction. (4 min 53 sec mark)
a) Christianity also is:

“The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.”

b) Also christianity is something that is supposed to make people feel like they are sick, worthless, broken and in need of fixing.

– It is an imaginary cure to the imaginary disease called “sin”.

c) Christianity is what makes people act like sociopaths because they think they are morally unaccountable as long as they ask their imaginary being for forgiveness.

d) Knowing right from wrong isn’t that hard and just takes common sense.

e) Religious priests know raping kids is wrong, but every year there are hundreds of reports of child abusing priests in multiple different religions of the world.

f) If God wanted to save people then why would it save people by having other people who are corrupt, take advantage of them?

– This makes no sense.

– Obviously there is no god, or god is a psychopath who doesn’t care.

– All indications point to not existing due to the absolute absense of interaction and impact on the world.

– Also the fact that all religions are false.


James says….

Atheism does not extol such principles in fact it impeaches all principles because it holds the temporal life as ‘all there is,’ so it lends itself to an indulgence of hedonism and moral relativity. (4 min 57 sec mark)
This is of course more complete and utter nonsense without a shred of the slightest truth.

a) Just because we see life as what it is (the here and now) does not impact how we shouldn’t make the world a better place, because we do want to make the world a better place.

b) Atheists want the world to progress and improve yet religions such as christianity want nothing more than the destruction of the world thinking it is the foretold ‘apocalypse’.

c) Atheists are among the most productive generous people in society.

d) I personally count myself as an extremely caring and helpful person, who can always be counted on and always someone to put others first before myself.

– I know many Atheists who are just as kind and caring as me and truly do what they can to be good people and make the world a better place.


James insults us with ancient references:

Even the pagans recognized this Marcus Tullius of Cicero, a republican senator of Rome, said that a man of courage, is also a man of faith. If Cicero is right, can an Atheist ever be brave? (5 min 12 sec)
a) Marcus Tullius Cicero Minor was born 40 years before Jesus supposedly was, so whatever he believed, it wasn’t christianity.

b) This is such a bigotted hateful insult but again I really can’t be mad at James because he is only saying these things because he has been brainwashed and mentally conditioned to hate us and feel this way.

– James is of course just supporting my points about how religion causes people to not think clearly, to think things that are not only ridiculous in regards to bigotry and hatred, but also promotes thinking that is infectious and borderline psychotic.

c) You could also say that it takes real courage to come out as an Atheist with so much hatred in the world of them and James again is such a great example of that hate.

d) James obviously forgot Atheist Pat Tillman the ex football player and his whole story.


More hate and nonsense from James….

One of the more sinister and dishonest natures of Atheism is that it procedes a moral decline, violence and national suicide. (5 min 29 sec mark)
a) No it doesn’t show a moral decline and I already showed that to be a lie.

b) Atheists are not anymore violent than anyone else in general, but in this article I list several things that comes from religion as opposed to Atheism:

c) A study found that Atheists are more likely to be peaceful and religion to be more harmful in a 2006 survey study in England where 82% agreed the religion does more harm than good.

d) A 2010 Poll shows that Atheist countries are the most peace and the religious countries are the most violent:

e) As for suicide, if you look on pages 9-10 here you’ll see that through intense studies and observation there was no evidence that Atheism, or no religious affiliation contributed to suicides.


James then gives a distorted and inaccurate argument for how Atheism is so horrible….

For the consequences of such a diabolical adoption, let us walk through a brief history of time. In the examination of ancient Atheists one has to examine the historical proximity to the person of Jesus Christ, whether or not their religious beliefs stem from a skepticism of the given orthodoxy, or a hatred of God? (5 min 40 sec)
Let’s seriously get some things straight here:

a) There is no evidence Jesus even existed.

I show that here:

b) The entire bible is shown to be nothing but fake and scientifically impossible, aswell as historically false:

c) AGAIN with ‘the hatred of God nonsense’ that James keeps saying.

– This makes no sense and makes as much sense as James saying “he hates gay, rodeo-clown smurfs with rabies.”

c) You CAN’T hate things that don’t actually exist.


James then wastes our time with pointless nonsense which means nothing and makes no point….

The presoctratic philosophers fall on to the first category. Epicurius and Esophus fall into the second. Esophus dominated the Ethenian government in the 5th century. Consider the playright Euripodies who wrote in his play ‘Belorofon’, “does someone say that there are gods above? There are not. No there are not. Let no fool be lead by an old false fable, thus deceive you. (6 min 3 sec mark)

a) I have no comment on this irrelevant point.

b) The only point being made is to not waste peoples time with irrevelevent quotes from 2000 year old people who really had no idea what was going on in reality.

c) As Brilliant scientist, physicist and loud vocal Atheist Sean M. Carroll said in his debate with William Lane Craig, “200 years ago he himself would be a theist because back then that’s all anybody knew” and this is one of the biggest a greatest voices for Atheism and science there is.


James wastes more of our time with irrelevant quotes of ancient people, but provides us with nothing in the lines of evidence, or anything that would convince us to believe his religion….
Aristiphanies a satirist wrote Shrines? Shrines? Surely you do not believe in the gods? What’s your argument? Where’s your proof? (6 min 33 sec mark)


James waste more time though…..

Arostophanies and Euripodies supported an Athenian politician named Alsobidies. Alsobidies lead his cities to war. His city he would later betray because he was immoral (6 min 46 sec mark)
How about more modern stories?

a) George W. Bush said he talked to God every day through pastor Ted Haggart on the phone and God apparently told him to invade Iraq.

– Ted Haggart was head of the mega church.

– Ted was a big anti-gay crusader.

– Ted got caught doing crystal meth and having sex with men in public bathrooms.

b) Here’s an article that says Atheists are more intelligent than religious people:



Now James attempts to demonize Atheists as psychopaths, even though Atheists simply just don’t believe in gods, or religions because there’s no evidence….

Consider the Atheism of Denis Diarow, one of the fathers of the french enlightenment. Who influenced the french revolution, whereby deists Maximillan Roguespiere killed 55,000 of his own country men before he himself was shot in the mouth and decapitated. (7 min mark)
Well since we’re playing this game now:

a) How about how 80 popes tortured and murdered over 50 million people?

b) How about the countless millions throughout history who died as human sacrifices to gods all over the world.

– The Aztecs alone killed 150,000 people a year as human sacrifices, for at least a century.

– The last I checked no Atheist ever did a human sacrifice to a god.


More irrelevant bigotted history from James….

The french revolution brought about the napoleonic wars. So much for the age of enlightenment. (7 min 20 sec mark)
a) Here are the 10 most evil popes who just might have also been some of the most evil men who ever lived:

b) In 9-11 there were 19 islamic fanatics who killed over 3000 people.

c) In pakistan last year a 100 muslims rioted and burnt down a christian neighbourhood.


Here James really does delude himself and unfortunately others who might be watching and listening…..

And let us not forget the greatest Atheists of the modern era, Carl Marx and ‘The Communist Manifesto’ who influenced the regimes of those who killed over 200 million people. The great majority of those deaths, their own citizens. (7 min 25 sec mark)
a) Sure didn’t stop the christian based cult from The People’s Temple in Jonestown, who drank the kool-aid, from embracing communism.

b) Communist does not mean Atheist, they are completely different things.

c) George W. Bush (a christian) started a fake war in Iraq that in the end will have killed far over 200 million people.

– A great majority of those deaths will
be Bush’s own people since more and more american soldiers are dying every day.

– The war will never end and the war is now fueled by religion.


More figures from James where he attempts to try to say that politics and communism are the same as Atheism….

Lenin 9 million. Stalin 60 million. Mao sao song 78 million. Adolph Hitler who though was a pagan, rejected christianity in favor of a national socialism 75 million. Pol pot 1.6 million. Kim Il Jung 1.6 million. Fidel Castro 300,000. Ho chi men 200,000. Letorquo Elias Kias in the Christero war 90,000. 6833 clerics were killed in Spain’s Red Terror during the Spanish civil war, which itself killed 365,000. (7 min 42 sec mark)
This figures are political and are about communism and has several mistakes

a) Atheism is NOT communism.

b) Hitler was a christian who used christianity as a tool to kill millions of jews and was following his hero Martin Luthor and Hitler hated Atheists.

Do read up on that:

c) Hitler used christianity as his tool to power and used christianity and his love for God to unite the german people.

Just read his quotes:

d) Now if you wanted to go into the figures of what christianity has done, well we can do that sure:

e) Now just religion itself all over would be far above if you counted all the blasphemy and human sacrifices such as the Aztecs who killed 150,000 a year by ripping their hearts out.

But here are some more figures on religious massacres:

f) Also reminding James of these little undeniable facts:

g) Nobody here sacrificed anyone to the god of Atheism.


More of James confusing politics, war and communism with Atheism…..

These men and those that follow them, rejected christianity and professed communism and Atheism. (8 min 33 sec mark)
a) What James needs to realize is that all he is really saying is that people should believe a lie, even if it isn’t true, because James thinks that you need to believe a lie in order to be a good person.

b) All James is saying is that the only reason he does what he knows to be “good” is because he fears God and Satan in hell.

c) He is telling us that he isn’t intelligent enough to know that rape, murder and stealing are wrong.

d) James is telling us that he doesn’t do good things because he wants to, but because he feels he has no choice.

e) So basically James has just exposed the complete irrelevancy of religion for the following reasons:

– Religion makes make people do immoral things such as murder, child marriages, bigotry, suicide, child genital mutilation and scam people of trillions.

– No religion is based on any truth, or has any truth about them and all religions are lies. (I await the evidence that I’ve yet to debunk)

– Religious people are only being good because they fear punishment and also want a reward.

– They do bad things anyway even though they are religious.

The above 4 points will make a great Twitter meme and short article.


James continues….

Let us look at the united kingdom. Whose separation from the catholic church gave away to a slow asphyxiation and toward a working Atheism, now dominant in british society. (8 min 33 sec mark)
Well let’s consider a few things:

a) Being a modern Atheist country is not a bad thing as I showed everyone earlier in this article that the happiest most peaceful countries in the world are mostly Atheist countries.

Do notice that the above CNN article isn’t about religion, but simply about the happiest countries in the world, which happen to be non-religious.

b) The United Kingdom is being invaded by islam with a huge population boom of muslims and sharia law is being attempted to be put in place.

– James should think this is ok since they are all people of faith in their religion and therefore must be so much better than Atheists

James should watch these 2 short clips and tell me what he agrees with since the muslims are all devout people of faith: (had to post this again)

c) Atheism being dominant is a good thing, since living a lie that is hateful, anti-science and causes wars is never a good thing and the last I looked that clearly is christianity and islam.

– I know James would like to think that christianity is peaceful and that christianity can do no wrong, but history clearly dictates that that is not the case.

– James’ brainwashing and most likely child indoctrination doesn’t allow him to find any fault in his religion, which should be the first sign.

d) The catholic church is a scam, a crime organization that is full of scandal, abuse and hatred, but above all else a complete waste of everyones time.

e) The fact that people are waking up
and losing their religion and families are not child indoctrinating their kids to religious lies is a good thing for society.

This is progress:


James continues…..

Not only is Atheistic socialism abolishing Britain as Peter Hitchens has documented, but England itself is vulnerable to co-option for the muslim brotherhood inside the realms, it seeks to establish sharia rule from within. (8 min 56 sec mark)

So as we just talked about:

a) This should be a good thing according to James since the muslims are not Atheists and the muslims are all devout people of faith.

b) If James is not happy about the booming muslim population then he completely contradicts what he says in this whole point of this video.

– He is merely against every religion that he wasn’t child indoctrinated to really, is what he’s saying now.

– All the same reasons he does not believe all the multiple religions he wasn’t child indoctrinated to believe, coincidentally happen to be the same reasons I don’t believe them.

– Those same reasons are the reasons why I go one further and don’t believe James religion he was mentally conditioned since birth not to believe.


James continues his Atheist hate bashing…..

So if you are an Atheist. Consider that your faith does not encourage you to hope. Mine does. (9 min 17 sec mark)
a) Atheists don’t have a religion, we have a lack of religion.

– Like if someone isn’t sick and they are healthy, they have a lack of sickness.

b) Atheists have lots of hope and what James is saying is a complete lie.

Like myself for example:

– I hope religion doesn’t destroy the Earth.

– I hope James goes and does his research and sees that his religion is a complete lie and a waste of time.

– I hope James realizes that he has been doing nothing but harm society and the world in general by speaking out against Atheism.

– I hope I can make a difference and change the world for the better.

– I hope that we can successfully go into outerspace and leave religion in the past.


More lies from James….

Your faith doesn’t encourage you to forgive. Mine does. (9 min 25 sec mark)
More of the same from him.

a) Atheists have no faith.

– We have knowledge
– We have a need for evidence
– We have don’t base our lies around things that make no sense and have no evidence to back them up
– We have an understanding of facts
– We have a reality based on those facts

b) I forgive people if they deserve it.

– Forgiveness has to be earned.

– If I choose to not forgive someone well that is my choice.

– If I don’t forgive someone then odds are they probably didn’t deserve it.

c) Whether I forgive people or not does not make any religion real and does not make gods real.

d) Whether I forgive people or not, James is still living a lie.


James continues his hatemongering…..

Your faith does not encourage you to be merciful. To be generous (9 min 31 sec mark)

a) I don’t have faith, but a hope that people will just do the right things and be generous.

– I’m not disappointed because people are generous.

– I’m very generous and give a lot to charity and often help people in need and do what I can. (just sayin)

– I rescue stray animals and find them homes. (just sayin again)

b) Atheists actually are more generous than religious people:

c) And if James thinks that there aren’t Atheist charities then he would be quite wrong:

He would be surprised to know that Unicef and the Red Cross are secular, non-religious charities.

d) Religion is afterall a scam and just used to make people rich who take advantage of them.

Such as Pat Robertson:


More of James bigotry….

To use your imagination. To sacrifice. (9 min 37 sec mark)
More lies from James supported by nothing.

a) As Atheist Pat Tillman showed leaving his football career to protect America.

b) As this article shows about how Atheists are more compassionate:

c) James is only showing how nothing he says is of any validity and that everything he says he merely hate based, bigotted and not true and should therefore just be ignored.


James just goes on and on with his lies and hatred….

To limit yourself to protect and defend others. My faith does. (9 min 40 sec mark)
Nonsense based on nothing and there still is no truth to any religion.


More hateful, bigotted lies from James….

Your faith does not encourage you to love. My faith does. (9 min 47 sec mark)
James needs to seriously wake up.

a) If I didn’t love other people I wouldn’t be trying to wake people up to reality in order to help them.

b) James needs to start talking to more Atheists.

c) Love is natural, but religions which cause people to hate and murder are not.

d) I have thousands of people and animals I truly love and I love my country and I love myself.

– How could I not love myself when I spend 90% of my time every day thinking about ways to help other people and actually trying to make the world a better place? 😉


James continues…..

If there is a god worth worshipping, surely his name is ‘love’ and is love. (9 min 51 sec mark)
James seriously needs a reality check.

a) James must not have read Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua and Judges then.

– God is nothing but a psychopathic douche bag in those books and now that you mention it, in every book in the bible.

– I see no love from God ANYWHERE in the bible.

– I see only ‘Obey Yahweh and Jesus, or else’.

b) If James needs a book and a religion to tell him how and why to be a decent human being then I truly feel sorry for him.

– I mean that’s just sad.

– So glad I can figure things out for myself.


James continues….

If you are a believer you must be witness to your faith. These Atheists are getting bolder and bolder and what does it say about you who says nothing as these small encroachments water down and strangle the faith of our fathers? (9 min 58 sec mark)
Well we really can’t help it because if we don’t speak up then religion will destroy the world and everyone in it.

a) James needs to realize that Atheists aren’t the problem, but that religions are the problem.

– If he would simply start doing his research he would realize.

– If he realizes the truth then he will be able to look from the outside and look in and see the reality of what the harms and the problems of religion are.

– James would realize that he is doing more harm than good.

b) The only reason that Atheists are becoming bolder and bolder is because of people like James who make ridiculous videos like this and say such insane things.

c) The things James says in this video he truly believes and to be honest it’s quite terrifying.

d) All James has really done is motivate people to speak out more and in fact all he’s done is exactly what he sought out to do the opposite of.

– I know I felt motivated to dissect this video and believe me it was a lot of time I rather would have been doing somethong else, but what James says in this video truly blew my mind.

e) It’s called ‘faith’ because it’s not knowledge.

f) Faith is useless.

g) The sooner James wakes up to reality the better.

Like these inspirational people who all were once christian evangelists:

h) Part of the reality that people like James need to realize is that Atheists like myself see horrible things going on around us and we feel desperately helpless to stop it, but we really want to.

– We don’t know how, but we’re trying our best.

I explain more about that here:



Ok so this is where James seems to have gone completely off the deepend….

If you will not say something for fear of offending someone, will you say something when the baonets are drawn? When the sham trials commence? When the executions start? (10 min 16 sec mark)
There are things James needs to seriously wake up to.

a) James needs to realize something about his wonderful country (yes I love the United States).

– The US has a constituition which protects people’s freedom of religion.

– This is what protects people like me from people like James.

– He should also be relieved that it also protects people like him from people like the imaginary Atheists, who James believes are out to throw him into an oven and eat his babies.

James should watch this clip to seriously realize about the constituition and why you have it:

b) So it’s quite obvious that James is very sheltered in his thinking and you can’t help but wonder about some things:

– Does he even know any Atheists?

– Does he treat them this badly in real life like they are monsters and sociopaths. (When I was religious I never knew anyone who wasn’t a believer, so maybe he just doesn’t know any)

– Is he this bigotted against other different people?

– Is he bigotted against black people and gay people? (you have to wonder how far this goes)

c) James needs to stop watching Fox news and be more open minded and stop being so bigotted and hateful.

d) For anyone reading this and thinks I’m making up what he said you can easily watch the link provided at the top.

e) I hope that anyone who watches his video sees what the effects of watching too much Fox news does to people and the effect of religion on people and how it makes people act like hateful, bigotted, paranoid schizophrenics, who think Atheists are plotting against them to throw them in prisons.


Now this is James attempt at spreading wisdom….

If you will not show moral courage, you will not show physical courage and you can not teach which you do not have. (10 min 29 sec mark)

a) Courage is when Atheists actually are able to speak openly about them being Atheists in the first place in a society full of people like James.

b) Moral courage is doing what’s right simply because it’s right and you want to help and be a good person.

– Not because you feel you have to or you will be punished, or because you are only being good so you can get a reward.

c) James really needs to wake up and realize he is living in a hateful fantasy world.

d) If James actually wanted to show that HE has courage, then he should be brave enough to challenge his beliefs, do his research and test the possibility that he might be wrong.


James finishes off with THE WORST case for christianity I have ever heard….

I’ve made the case against Atheism, but what about the case for christianity? I would like to echo the words of Saint Peter who no doubt was befuddled by Christ’s teachings. So Christ asked Saint Peter “do you want to leave?” To which Saint Peter replied “master, where else should we go? Who else has the words of eternal life? (10 min 40 sec mark)
Again, I await James’ evidence of Jesus and anything in the bible being true and also his evidence that the only reason he believes his absurd religion that has no evidence and not another absurd religion that has no evidence, isn’t because he was child indoctrinated.


Finally James finishes with this..,.

God bless you and God bless America (11 min 9 sec mark)
No comment other than the statement that I only hope America wakes up and science and reason eventually do win over delusion and irrationality.

I also hope James wakes up and learns the ways of reality a bit better.